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World Championship
P DriverCPts
1.D Alessandro Driver from ITA133
2.Simoncic Driver from SLO99
3.Patel Driver from GBR81
4.Brljak Driver from CRO67
5.Hoyer Driver from GER58

P DriverCPts
1.valeriano Driver from ITA106
2.Chiappini Driver from ITA93
3.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI82
4.van der Niet Driver from NED67
5.Ivanov Driver from BUL66

P DriverCPts
1.D Amelio Driver from ITA88
2.Oldenmenger Driver from NED81
3.Leonov Driver from BUL77
4.Rodger Driver from SCO71
5.White Driver from IRE70

P DriverCPts
1.Spoljaric Driver from CRO349
2.Fields Driver from NEZ244
3.Niza Driver from SPA169
4.Gray Driver from ENG150
5.Bubicic Driver from CRO133

P DriverCPts
1.Veselý Driver from CZE25
2.Vicentijevic Driver from SER20
3.illetwolo Driver from KUR17
4.Galati Driver from ITA15
5.dfgwrrgdjt Driver from SOL13

P DriverCPts
.Tuson Driver from GBR0
.Simoncic Driver from SLO0
.Leonov Driver from BUL0
.Manousakis Driver from GRI0
.Cobb Driver from USA0

Winter Series
P DriverCPts
1.Hoyer Driver from GER138
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI125
3.Puschke Driver from GER102
4.Maguire Driver from IRE78
5.Leonov Driver from BUL75

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Classic Series
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Date: 2018-06-03 18:46:17
League: World Championship
Track: Round 06: Hockenheimring

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Event Information
Track:Circuit de Spa-FrancorchampsTrack map Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - No track picture yet
Country:Grand Prix of  
Event league:PRO
Event season:2017
Point system:2016 PRO
Final result:Yes (confirmed)
Official event:Yes
Separate classes:No (all drivers in one class)
Event date:2017-08-20 14:05:19
Qualifying minutes:20 minutes
Event laps:33
Event distance:231.132 km
Pole-Position:Michael Eyres
Race winner:Haaris Parvez

  1. Line-up   5. Comments
  2. Results   6. Server Log
  3. Road to the Grid   7. Verification Results
  4. Race Lapchart   8. Report & Replay

3. Qualifying - Road to the Grid
Qualifying - Road to the Grid
DateDriverCountryTimeDiff PBDiff PolePosition
2017-08-20 14:38:48Wojciech LukaszekDriver originates from POL1m46.314+1.611+1.619P1
2017-08-20 14:38:51Eugene van LoggerenbergDriver originates from SAF1m45.823+0.401+1.128P1
2017-08-20 14:38:53FabioricDriver originates from GUT1m46.560+1m46.560+1.865P3
2017-08-20 14:39:00Matt TusonDriver originates from GBR1m45.829+0.696+1.134P2
2017-08-20 14:39:04JasonfugDriver originates from SYR1m46.290+1m46.290+1.595P3
2017-08-20 14:39:13KostyasmuffDriver originates from RUS1m46.182+1m46.182+1.487P3
2017-08-20 14:39:18KostyasmuffDriver originates from RUS1m45.774+1m45.774+1.079P1
2017-08-20 14:39:22DavidEstarDriver originates from MOG1m47.808+1m47.808+3.113P8
2017-08-20 14:39:25Dave PalingDriver originates from ENG1m45.559+0.682+0.864P1
2017-08-20 14:39:27Balazs GalyarDriver originates from HUN1m47.639+1.573+2.944P9
2017-08-20 14:39:35Harley HamnettDriver originates from AUS1m46.049+0.328+1.354P5
2017-08-20 14:39:37Mirko LupiniDriver originates from ITA1m45.801+0.945+1.106P3
2017-08-20 14:39:39Jan VeselýDriver originates from CZE1m49.061+1.640+4.366P14
2017-08-20 14:39:40Ton van EgmondDriver originates from NED1m45.345Driver PB+0.650P1
2017-08-20 14:39:43RobertstoopDriver originates from MAU1m46.970+1m46.970+2.275P12
2017-08-20 14:39:48Cameron RodgerDriver originates from SCO1m45.615Driver PB+0.920P3
2017-08-20 14:39:52BeatatallDriver originates from LAT1m45.582+1m45.582+0.887P3
2017-08-20 14:39:59Geoffrey FournierDriver originates from FRA1m45.227+0.480+0.532P1
2017-08-20 14:40:05MikiqvDriver originates from VIR1m47.572+1m47.572+2.877P16
2017-08-20 14:40:11LarrylieloDriver originates from AZE1m46.665+1m46.665+1.970P15
2017-08-20 14:40:17JamesVemDriver originates from SRI1m45.071+1m45.071+0.376P1
2017-08-20 14:40:48BigBonusCobDriver originates from THA1m46.271+1m46.271+1.576P13
2017-08-20 14:41:18David OReillyDriver originates from AUS1m46.422+0.413+1.727P16
2017-08-20 14:41:55MariahopDriver originates from CAY1m48.193+1m48.193+3.498P23
2017-08-20 14:42:27Mihajlo VicentijevicDriver originates from SER1m46.655Driver PB+1.960P18
2017-08-20 14:42:41ShepetivkPICDriver originates from LIB1m45.723+1m45.723+1.028P7
2017-08-20 14:43:01Eugene van LoggerenbergDriver originates from SAF1m45.422Driver PB+0.727P4
2017-08-20 14:43:08JasonfugDriver originates from SYR1m46.234+1m46.234+1.539P14
2017-08-20 14:43:10FabioricDriver originates from GUT1m46.419+1m46.419+1.724P17
2017-08-20 14:43:22KostyasmuffDriver originates from RUS1m45.518+1m45.518+0.823P5
2017-08-20 14:43:39Balazs GalyarDriver originates from HUN1m46.775+0.709+2.080P21
2017-08-20 14:43:41Ivan LeonovDriver originates from BUL1m45.623Driver PB+0.928P9
2017-08-20 14:43:43MariahopDriver originates from CAY1m47.759+1m47.759+3.064P25
2017-08-20 14:43:50KostyasmuffDriver originates from RUS1m45.177+1m45.177+0.482P2
2017-08-20 14:43:56DavidEstarDriver originates from MOG1m46.700+1m46.700+2.005P22
2017-08-20 14:44:05Mirko LupiniDriver originates from ITA1m45.435+0.579+0.740P6
2017-08-20 14:44:08beverlyol1Driver originates from GER1m45.028+1m45.028+0.333P1
2017-08-20 14:44:20Jan VeselýDriver originates from CZE1m47.725+0.304+3.030P27
2017-08-20 14:44:49BigBonusCobDriver originates from THA1m46.174+1m46.174+1.479P16
2017-08-20 14:45:05LarrylieloDriver originates from AZE1m46.445+1m46.445+1.750P21
2017-08-20 14:45:09Harley HamnettDriver originates from AUS1m45.933+0.212+1.238P15
2017-08-20 14:45:17Wojciech LukaszekDriver originates from POL1m44.703Driver PB+0.008P1
2017-08-20 14:45:22RobertstoopDriver originates from MAU1m46.768+1m46.768+2.073P24
2017-08-20 14:45:49Geoffrey FournierDriver originates from FRA1m44.963+0.216+0.268P2
2017-08-20 14:46:00JamesVemDriver originates from SRI1m44.921+1m44.921+0.226P2
2017-08-20 14:46:04Matt TusonDriver originates from GBR1m45.343+0.210+0.648P6
2017-08-20 14:46:26ShepetivkPICDriver originates from LIB1m46.188+1m46.188+1.493P15
2017-08-20 14:47:06JasonfugDriver originates from SYR1m46.295+1m46.295+1.600P18
2017-08-20 14:47:09RobertstoopDriver originates from MAU1m46.965+1m46.965+2.270P24
2017-08-20 14:47:14Mihajlo VicentijevicDriver originates from SER1m46.726+0.071+2.031P22
2017-08-20 14:47:29David OReillyDriver originates from AUS1m46.488+0.479+1.793P20
2017-08-20 14:47:58BeatatallDriver originates from LAT1m45.456+1m45.456+0.761P10
2017-08-20 14:48:02Ivan LeonovDriver originates from BUL1m45.650+0.027+0.955P14
2017-08-20 14:48:26Balazs GalyarDriver originates from HUN1m46.329+0.263+1.634P19
2017-08-20 14:48:36DavidEstarDriver originates from MOG1m46.326+1m46.326+1.631P19
2017-08-20 14:49:06Jan VeselýDriver originates from CZE1m47.421Driver PB+2.726P26
2017-08-20 14:49:10Eugene van LoggerenbergDriver originates from SAF1m45.583+0.161+0.888P8
2017-08-20 14:49:20Dave PalingDriver originates from ENG1m45.244+0.367+0.549P6
2017-08-20 14:49:34Cameron RodgerDriver originates from SCO1m45.650+0.035+0.955P13
2017-08-20 14:49:41Mirko LupiniDriver originates from ITA1m45.189+0.333+0.494P6
2017-08-20 14:49:54LarrylieloDriver originates from AZE1m45.866+1m45.866+1.171P16
2017-08-20 14:49:58KostyasmuffDriver originates from RUS1m44.871+1m44.871+0.176P2
2017-08-20 14:50:02beverlyol1Driver originates from GER1m45.066+1m45.066+0.371P5
2017-08-20 14:50:10Harley HamnettDriver originates from AUS1m45.721Driver PB+1.026P15
2017-08-20 14:50:27ShepetivkPICDriver originates from LIB1m45.675+1m45.675+0.980P15
2017-08-20 14:50:47KostyasmuffDriver originates from RUS1m45.488+1m45.488+0.793P12
2017-08-20 14:51:09JasonfugDriver originates from SYR1m46.281+1m46.281+1.586P19
2017-08-20 14:51:12RobertstoopDriver originates from MAU1m46.453+1m46.453+1.758P24
2017-08-20 14:51:53Mihajlo VicentijevicDriver originates from SER1m46.662+0.007+1.967P25
2017-08-20 14:52:03David OReillyDriver originates from AUS1m46.359+0.350+1.664P22
2017-08-20 14:52:06JamesVemDriver originates from SRI1m44.695+1m44.695PolelapP1
2017-08-20 14:52:11Geoffrey FournierDriver originates from FRA1m44.838+0.091+0.143P3
2017-08-20 14:52:17BeatatallDriver originates from LAT1m45.463+1m45.463+0.768P11
2017-08-20 14:52:46Ivan LeonovDriver originates from BUL1m45.646+0.023+0.951P14
2017-08-20 14:53:04BigBonusCobDriver originates from THA1m46.331+1m46.331+1.636P18
2017-08-20 14:53:15Balazs GalyarDriver originates from HUN1m46.066Driver PB+1.371P18
2017-08-20 14:53:18MikiqvDriver originates from VIR1m48.478+1m48.478+3.783P27
2017-08-20 14:53:31Matt TusonDriver originates from GBR1m45.133Driver PB+0.438P6
2017-08-20 14:53:49David OReillyDriver originates from AUS1m46.009Driver PB+1.314P18
2017-08-20 14:54:32Ivan LeonovDriver originates from BUL1m45.637+0.014+0.942P14
2017-08-20 14:55:00Eugene van LoggerenbergDriver originates from SAF1m45.616+0.194+0.921P10
2017-08-20 14:55:10Mirko LupiniDriver originates from ITA1m44.856Driver PB+0.161P4
2017-08-20 14:55:24Dave PalingDriver originates from ENG1m44.877Driver PB+0.182P6
2017-08-20 14:55:42beverlyol1Driver originates from GER1m44.796+1m44.796+0.101P3
2017-08-20 14:55:59KostyasmuffDriver originates from RUS1m44.909+1m44.909+0.214P6
2017-08-20 14:56:05LarrylieloDriver originates from AZE1m46.007+1m46.007+1.312P17
2017-08-20 14:56:39Harley HamnettDriver originates from AUS1m45.932+0.211+1.237P16
2017-08-20 14:56:49Geoffrey FournierDriver originates from FRA1m44.747Driver PB+0.052P3

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