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World Championship
P DriverCPts
1.Patel Driver from ENG276
2.Simoncic Driver from SLO242
3.Gosbee Driver from GBR195
4.Hoyer Driver from GER143
5.Kiss Driver from HUN127

P DriverCPts
1.Kallas Driver from EST295
2.Heras Driver from SPA199
3.van Delft Driver from NED170
4.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI166
5.Schgör Driver from ITA133

P DriverCPts
1.Parvez Driver from ENG259
2.Eyres Driver from GBR253
3.Lukaszek Driver from POL208
4.Hutchinson Driver from IRE190
5.Pansar Driver from SWE130

P DriverCPts
1.Spoljaric Driver from CRO349
2.Fields Driver from NEZ244
3.Niza Driver from SPA169
4.Gray Driver from ENG150
5.Bubicic Driver from CRO133

P DriverCPts
1.Torrus Driver from SPA54
2.Cobb Driver from USA40
3.Andriamiharisoa Driver from MAD30
4.Brewer Driver from ENG25
.Reid Driver from ENG25

P DriverCPts
. Driver from 0
. Driver from 0
. Driver from 0
. Driver from 0
.Brewer Driver from ENG0

Winter Series
P DriverCPts
1.Hoyer Driver from GER138
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI125
3.Puschke Driver from GER102
4.Maguire Driver from IRE78
5.Leonov Driver from BUL75

Special Events
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Classic Series
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Completed official races

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Last official comment

Date: 2018-02-17 14:11:20
League: Winter Series
Track: Circuit de Monaco

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Upcoming official race: Winter Series - Brands Hatch (2018-02-24 @ 14:00:00) in 382304

Official Driver Standings in World Championship League
No official active season at the moment.

Driver Standings Season
P DriverCountryCountry: Australia
Track: Melbourne, Australia 2006
Date: 2006-04-09
Country: Malaysia
Track: Sepang, Malaysia 2006
Date: 2006-04-16
Country: San Marino
Track: Imola, San Marino
Date: 2006-04-30
Country: Germany
Track: Nurburgring, Europe 2006
Date: 2006-05-21
Country: Monaco
Track: Monte Carlo, Monaco 2006
Date: 2006-06-04
Country: Great Britain
Track: Silverstone, Great Britain 2006
Date: 2006-06-18
...Country: Italy
Track: Autodromo Nazionale Monza
Date: 2015-08-30
Country: Belgium
Track: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
Date: 2015-09-13
Country: Singapore
Track: Marina Bay Street Circuit
Date: 2015-09-27
Country: Japan
Track: Suzuka Circuit
Date: 2015-10-04
Country: USA
Track: Circuit of the Americas
Date: 2015-10-18
Country: Brazil
Track: Autódromo José Carlos Pace
Date: 2015-11-08
1.Bono Huis Driver from NED...1534
2.Bruno Marques Driver from POR80108...623
3.David Greco Driver from ITA18641024...008567
4.Morgan Morand Driver from FRA...4566
5.Jaakko Mikkonen Driver from FIN...481
6.Petar Brljak Driver from CRO...02518122525442
7.Roy Kolbe Driver from GER2510100410...390
8.Ivar Kalamees Driver from EST...376
9.Dennis Hirrle Driver from GER55460...375
10.Patrick De Wit Driver from NED1532605...366
11.Rasmus Tali Driver from EST...338
12.Mikko Puumalainen Driver from FIN...336
13.John-Eric Saxen Driver from FIN...00000333
14.Blair Disley Driver from AUS...1000004328
15.Jack Keithley Driver from ENG...288
16.Jernej Simoncic Driver from SLO...6186181012228
17.Fredrik Nilsson Driver from SWE...226
18.Muhammed Patel Driver from ENG...18010151815225
19.Jim Parisis Driver from GRI...04215
20.Dian Kostadinov Driver from BUL...120620183
21.Jeffrey Rietveld Driver from NED...169
22.Martin Gosbee Driver from GBR...168
23.Atze Kerkhof Driver from NED...162
24.Ondrej Kuncman Driver from CZE...161
25.Ronny Hähnel Driver from GER...157
.Kuba Brzezinski Driver from POL...251212818157
27.Rob van Starkenburg Driver from NED...143
28.Gergo Baldi Driver from HUN...141
29.Philipp Puschke Driver from GER...127
30.Francesco Bigazzi Driver from ITA...1515251510125
31.Yannick Lapchin Driver from FRA...118
32.Domagoj Malezic Driver from CRO...90
33.Lee Morris Driver from GBR...86
34.Ernesto De Angelis Driver from ITA0068...69
35.Eduard Mallorqui Driver from SPA...61
36.Dimitri De Matos Driver from FRA...53
.Stephane Rouault Driver from NED...53
38.Karol Poniatowski Driver from GER...52
39.Eros Masciulli Driver from ITA...15850
40.Sebastian Schmalenbach Driver from GER443556...48
41.Stoffel Vandoorne Driver from BEL...45
.Carlos Martín Driver from SPA...080045
43.Andreas Spengler Driver from GER...44
44.Jeroen Kweekel Driver from NED...25643
45.Marcel vd Linden Driver from NED...40
.Laurent Keersmaekers Driver from BEL...40
47.Daniel Kiss Driver from HUN...01039
.Raino Rőőm Driver from EST...39
49.Rickard Hellsten Driver from SWE...37
50.Denis Kiriakopoulos Driver from SWI122002...36
51.James Andanson Driver from FRA...34
52.Samuel Libeert Driver from FRA...33
53.Marco Conti Driver from ITA...032
.Petter Kaasa Driver from NOR...32
55.Jiri Toman Driver from CZE...30
56.Joakim Bengtsson Driver from SWE63...28
57.Jonny Simon Driver from AUS...8621126
.Danny Davison Driver from AUS...26
59.Mike Partington Driver from ENG...10840025
60.Fausto Pappalardo Driver from ITA00210...24
61.Ville Leppala Driver from FIN...22
.Ferry Koek Driver from NED101303...22
63.Stefan Kanitz Driver from GER...21
64.Darius Trinka Driver from LIT...20
.Cyril Werdmuller Driver from NED...20
66.Daniel Brewer Driver from ENG...4017
67.Mathieu Prévot Driver from FRA...16
.Christian Neumann Driver from GER81...16
.Mark Aalberts Driver from NED00...16
.Dominik Binz Driver from GER08080...16
71.Zoltan Csuti Driver from HUN...15
72.Michele D Alessandro Driver from ITA...01214
73.Sergio Casalins Driver from SPA...13
.Timon Bolier Driver from NED...13
75.Zaahir Essa Driver from SAF...12
76.Agustin Canapino Driver from ARG...11
.Peter Varga Driver from HUN...11
78.Martin Hodás Driver from SLV...100010
.Peter Duivelaar Driver from NED...10
.Hans-Bodo Kohl Driver from AUT...10
.David Dominguez Driver from SPA...10
82.Giuseppe Marconi Driver from ITA000...9
.Antonio Kolarec Driver from CRO...9
84.Enrico Di Loreto Driver from ITA...8
.Martin Dyrlund Driver from DEN000...8
.Artur Mlodzinski Driver from POL...8
.Pedro Melim Driver from POR...8
.Tom Eley Driver from GBR...8
89.Dave Carr-Smith Driver from GBR...6
.Cem Bolukbasi Driver from TUR...00606
.Marek Godek Driver from SLV...6
.Markus Kononen Driver from FIN...6
.Elmer Holtkamp Driver from NED...6
.Zsolt Nagy Driver from HUN...6
95.Norbert Leitner Driver from HUN...0001405
.Lukas Euler Driver from GER...5
.Laszlo Bilibok Driver from ROM1...5
98.Deniz Acarlar Driver from TUR...4
.Shaun Stroud Driver from GBR...4
.Steve Kasimatis Driver from GRI00000...4
.Marco Zipoli Driver from ITA...4
102.Sean Edwards Driver from GBR...3
.Mauricio Gomez Driver from COL...3
.Nebojsa Tramosljika Driver from GER...3
.Pashalis Gergis Driver from GRI...23
.Danny van der Niet Driver from NED...002003
.Thomas Satherley Driver from NEZ...021003
.Joao Barbosa Driver from POR...3
109.Mattias Stahre Driver from SWE...2
.Samuel Libeert Driver from FRA...2
.Franz Schnyder Driver from SWI...2
.Fabrizio Gobbi Driver from ITA...22
.Fred Gosling Driver from GBR00000...2
.Rens Klop Driver from NED...2
.Marc van Huffelen Driver from NED00000...2
116.Tommy Nilsson Driver from SWE...1
.Victor Ivanov Driver from BUL...11
.Paul Taylor Driver from GBR...1
.Christian Smirnoff Driver from ARG...1
.Peter Helmbro Driver from SWE...1
.Paolo Ceccarelli Driver from ITA...1
.Richard Dodd Driver from ENG00100...1
.Marcin Malinski Driver from POL...1
.Adrián Rodríguez Driver from SPA...1
.Siarhei Pakhodnia Driver from BEA...1
.Emanuel Gaczella Driver from ROM000...1
.Scott K Michaels Driver from CAN...1
.Karim Wezenberg Driver from NED...1
.Patrik Holzmann Driver from GER...1
130.Dino Paolini Driver from GER...0
.Jonatan Ĺcerclinth Driver from SWE...0
. Driver from ...0
.Tristan Bayless Driver from USA...0
. Driver from ...0
.Filipe Santos Driver from POR...0
.Chris Laleau Driver from FRA...0
.Gabriel Garivaldis Driver from CYP0...0
.Pablo Garcia Driver from SPA...0
.Florian Bekker Driver from NED...0
.Mikael Tuomaala Driver from FIN...0
.Marko Hartikainen Driver from FIN...0
. Driver from ...0
.Chris Phillips Driver from ENG00...0
. Driver from ...0
.Arnaud Lacombe Driver from FRA...0
.Mindaugas Klumbis Driver from LIT...0
.Ryan Gilmore Driver from GBR...0
. Driver from ...0
.Luis Azinheira Driver from POR...0
.Giordano Valeriano Driver from ITA...0
.Sebastiano Filosa Driver from ITA...0
. Driver from ...0
.Tomo Meglic Driver from SLO...0
. Driver from ...0
.Klaus Kĺg Driver from DEN...0
.Richard Towler Driver from GBR...0
.Dennis Johansen Driver from DEN00000...0
.Jonathan Dion Driver from FRA...0
. Driver from ...0
.yaniv hershkovitz Driver from ISR...0
.José felipe frazăo abreu Driver from BRA...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
.Luka Oslakovic Driver from SLO...0
. Driver from ...0
.Benni Thlol Driver from ALB...0
.Giuseppe Cantore Driver from ITA...0
.Dewald Nel Driver from SAF...00
.Adrian Falcon Driver from SPA...0
.Emanuele Richiusa Driver from ITA...0
. Driver from ...0
.Allar Foht Driver from EST...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
.Nils Naujoks Driver from GER...0
.Michi Hoyer Driver from GER...0
.Chris de Jong Driver from NED...0
.Jimmy DION Driver from FRA...0
. Driver from ...0
.Ian Mills Driver from ENG...0
. Driver from ...0
.Callum Knighton Driver from ALB...0
.Mike Philippo Driver from NED...0
.Geoffrey Veenings Driver from NED0000...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
.Wayne White Driver from USA...0
.Gabriel Montanes Driver from URU...0
.Alvaro Torres Driver from SPA...0
. Driver from ...0
.Jaroslaw Grzywacz Driver from GER...0
.Robert Fakes Driver from ENG...0
. Driver from ...0
.Teemu Paivinen Driver from FIN...0
.Martin Andrasi Driver from CZE...0
. Driver from ...0
.Ajibola Lawal Driver from ENG...0
.Nicholas Morse Driver from USA...0
.AJ Allmendinger Driver from USA0...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
.Igor Sicuro Driver from ITA...0
.Burak Akmaz Driver from TUR...0
.Guillermo Prieto Driver from SPA...0
.Robert Rudholm Driver from SWE...0
. Driver from ...0
.Aleksi Elomaa Driver from FIN...0
.Emre Uysal Driver from TUR...0
.Andreas Eriksson Driver from SWE...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
.Theo Gort Driver from NED...0
.Alex Diaz Driver from SPA...0
.Alban Deslie Driver from FRA...0
.Damian Dainhumain Driver from SCO...0
.Job van der Geest Driver from NED...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
.jordan Driver from ENG...0
. Driver from ...0
.Jon Edwards Driver from NOI000...0
.Mo Selvarajah Driver from ENG...0
. Driver from ...0
.Nick Oldenhuis Driver from NED...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
.Mickael Taloc Driver from FRA...0
.Dejan Stankovic Driver from SWE...0
.Jarl Teien Driver from NOR...0
.Teemu Tihekari Driver from FIN...0
. Driver from ...0
.Luis Fernando Laaff Driver from GER...0
.Kirill Izotov Driver from RUS...0
.Sean Greenlaw Driver from GBR...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
.Phil Roberts Driver from ENG...0
. Driver from ...0
.Miguel Madureira Driver from POR...0
. Driver from ...0
.Rafael Cozzi Driver from BRA...0
. Driver from ...0
.Roy Wachtmeester Driver from NED...0
. Driver from ...0
.Jesper Öhrman Driver from SWE...0
. Driver from ...0
.Tiziano Rondina Driver from ITA...0
.Gennaro Celiento Driver from ITA...0
.Zuhaitz Cabo Driver from SPA...0
.Giorgos Manousakis Driver from GRI...0
.Sammy Sekowski Driver from POL...0
. Driver from ...0
.Michael Samuel Driver from ENG...0
.Matteo Vecchioni Driver from ITA...0
.Luka Peklaj Driver from SLO...0
. Driver from ...0
.Carlos Derecho Driver from SPA...0
.Thomas Mundy Driver from ENG...0
.Nazario Nuti Driver from ITA...0
.Vladimer Mereli Driver from CAN...0
.jonathan ashton  Driver from ENG...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
.David Martinez Driver from SPA...0
.Andrey Lovchy Driver from BEA...0
.Moises Rondon Driver from SPA...0
. Driver from ...0
.Will Matas Driver from USA...0
.Ben Phillips Driver from ENG...0
.Piotr Karasiewicz Driver from POL...0
.Fran López Driver from SPA...0
.Michael Francesconi Driver from ITA...0
.Tony Driver from FIN...0
. Driver from ...0
.Clayton Nelmes Driver from THA...0
. Driver from ...0
.Sander Kallas Driver from EST...0
. Driver from ...0
.Rudy van Buren Driver from NED...0
.Nick Rowland Driver from GBR...0
. Driver from ...0
.Dale Carrick Driver from GBR...0
. Driver from ...0
.Machiel Schönbeck Driver from NED...0
.Phil Hildebrandt Driver from GER...0
.Borja Garcia Driver from SPA...0
. Driver from ...0
.George Chatzipantelis Driver from GRI...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
.Simon Melhuish Driver from GBR...0
. Driver from ...0
.Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola Driver from FIN...0
.Thomas Cooke Driver from NOI...0
.Andrey Yakimenko Driver from UKR...0
.Fabrizio Pescali Driver from ITA...0
.Jorrick Boshove Driver from NED...0
.Benjamin Burmeister Driver from GER...0
. Driver from ...0
.Carlos López Driver from SPA...0
.Georg Winter Driver from GER...00
.Ben Tusting Driver from GBR...0
.Vonsagorn Aulvong Driver from FIN...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
.Péter Szántó Driver from HUN0...0
.Matt Sentell Driver from USA...0
.Markus Hoffmann Driver from GER...0
.Michael Gray Driver from AUS...0
.Marco Vandenbroeck Driver from BEL...0
. Driver from ...0
.Aleksi Kivelä Driver from FIN...0000000
.Giuseppe Rainieri Driver from ITA...0
.Sven Hesse Driver from GER...0
.Paulius Grudzinskas Driver from LIT...0
.Andrea Lanzara Driver from ITA...0
.Sebastian Keijmel Driver from NED0...0
.Sam Jones Driver from GBR...0
.Santiago Niza Driver from SPA...0
. Driver from ...0
.Florian Pichelet Driver from USA...0
. Driver from 000000...0

146 of the total of 158 event results not displayed due to the configured limit of 20 visible event results.

Driver Standings Class FSR
P DriverCPoints
1. David Greco Driver from ITA68
2. Roy Kolbe Driver from GER65
3. Bruno Marques Driver from POR64
4. Dennis Hirrle Driver from GER45
5. Patrick De Wit Driver from NED36
6. Sebastian Schmalenbach Driver from GER35
7. Ferry Koek Driver from NED22
8. Denis Kiriakopoulos Driver from SWI20
9. Dominik Binz Driver from GER16
10. Ernesto De Angelis Driver from ITA14
11. Joakim Bengtsson Driver from SWE13
12. Christian Neumann Driver from GER12
13. Mark Aalberts Driver from NED8
. Martin Dyrlund Driver from DEN8
. Zaahir Essa Driver from SAF8
16. Markus Kononen Driver from FIN4
17. Fausto Pappalardo Driver from ITA3
. Giuseppe Marconi Driver from ITA3
19. Marc van Huffelen Driver from NED2
20. Richard Dodd Driver from ENG1
. Laszlo Bilibok Driver from ROM1
. Emanuel Gaczella Driver from ROM1
23. Andrey Lovchy Driver from BEA0
. Dejan Stankovic Driver from SWE0
. Jon Edwards Driver from NOI0
. Steve Kasimatis Driver from GRI0
. Theo Gort Driver from NED0
. Fred Gosling Driver from GBR0
. AJ Allmendinger Driver from USA0
. Geoffrey Veenings Driver from NED0
. Nils Naujoks Driver from GER0
. Dennis Johansen Driver from DEN0
. Richard Towler Driver from GBR0
. Chris Phillips Driver from ENG0
. Gabriel Garivaldis Driver from CYP0
.  Driver from 0
. Sebastian Keijmel Driver from NED0
. Péter Szántó Driver from HUN0
. Phil Hildebrandt Driver from GER0
Driver Standings Class FSR06
Driver Standings Class WC
P DriverCPoints
1. Bruno Marques Driver from POR220
2. Roy Kolbe Driver from GER155
3. Ondrej Kuncman Driver from CZE132
4. David Greco Driver from ITA115
5. Patrick De Wit Driver from NED105
6. John-Eric Saxen Driver from FIN60
. Blair Disley Driver from AUS60
8. Stephane Rouault Driver from NED38
. Yannick Lapchin Driver from FRA38
10. Ernesto De Angelis Driver from ITA37
11. Andreas Spengler Driver from GER35
12. James Andanson Driver from FRA34
13. Laurent Keersmaekers Driver from BEL27
14. Petter Kaasa Driver from NOR23
15. Stefan Kanitz Driver from GER17
16. Darius Trinka Driver from LIT16
17. Danny Davison Driver from AUS15
18. Artur Mlodzinski Driver from POL8
19. Lee Morris Driver from GBR7
. Denis Kiriakopoulos Driver from SWI7
. Fausto Pappalardo Driver from ITA7
22. Sebastian Schmalenbach Driver from GER6
. Elmer Holtkamp Driver from NED6
. Domagoj Malezic Driver from CRO6
. Dave Carr-Smith Driver from GBR6
26. Sergio Casalins Driver from SPA5
. Jaakko Mikkonen Driver from FIN5
28. Steve Kasimatis Driver from GRI4
29. Joao Barbosa Driver from POR3
. Mauricio Gomez Driver from COL3
31. Nebojsa Tramosljika Driver from GER2
. Bono Huis Driver from NED2
. Joakim Bengtsson Driver from SWE2
. Markus Kononen Driver from FIN2
35. Marcin Malinski Driver from POL1
. Scott K Michaels Driver from CAN1
. Giuseppe Marconi Driver from ITA1
. Christian Smirnoff Driver from ARG1
. Paolo Ceccarelli Driver from ITA1
. Shaun Stroud Driver from GBR1
41. Nicholas Morse Driver from USA0
. Dominik Binz Driver from GER0
. Piotr Karasiewicz Driver from POL0
. Florian Pichelet Driver from USA0
. Hans-Bodo Kohl Driver from AUT0
. Andrea Lanzara Driver from ITA0
. Rickard Hellsten Driver from SWE0
. Siarhei Pakhodnia Driver from BEA0
. Samuel Libeert Driver from FRA0
. Carlos López Driver from SPA0
. Simon Melhuish Driver from GBR0
. Luis Azinheira Driver from POR0
. Miguel Madureira Driver from POR0
. Gabriel Montanes Driver from URU0
. Kirill Izotov Driver from RUS0
. Tiziano Rondina Driver from ITA0
. Luis Fernando Laaff Driver from GER0
. Fabrizio Pescali Driver from ITA0
. Nazario Nuti Driver from ITA0
. Mickael Taloc Driver from FRA0
. Timon Bolier Driver from NED0
.  Driver from 0
. Igor Sicuro Driver from ITA0
. Wayne White Driver from USA0
. Geoffrey Veenings Driver from NED0
. Giuseppe Cantore Driver from ITA0
. Andrey Lovchy Driver from BEA0
. Klaus Kĺg Driver from DEN0
. Dale Carrick Driver from GBR0
. Marko Hartikainen Driver from FIN0
. Mark Aalberts Driver from NED0
. Filipe Santos Driver from POR0
. Jesper Öhrman Driver from SWE0
Driver Standings Class All
P DriverCPoints
. Burak Akmaz Driver from TUR0
.  Driver from 0
. Mike Philippo Driver from NED0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Machiel Schönbeck Driver from NED0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
Driver Standings Class C
P DriverCPoints
. Bruno Marques Driver from POR0
Driver Standings Class WS Pro
P DriverCPoints
.  Driver from 0
Driver Standings Class World Championship
P DriverCPoints
1. Bono Huis Driver from NED1199
2. Morgan Morand Driver from FRA560
3. Petar Brljak Driver from CRO385
4. Ivar Kalamees Driver from EST376
5. Jaakko Mikkonen Driver from FIN299
6. David Greco Driver from ITA232
7. Jack Keithley Driver from ENG231
8. Jernej Simoncic Driver from SLO228
9. Muhammed Patel Driver from ENG225
10. Jim Parisis Driver from GRI215
11. John-Eric Saxen Driver from FIN211
12. Dennis Hirrle Driver from GER210
13. Mikko Puumalainen Driver from FIN206
. Blair Disley Driver from AUS206
15. Fredrik Nilsson Driver from SWE194
16. Patrick De Wit Driver from NED186
17. Dian Kostadinov Driver from BUL183
18. Jeffrey Rietveld Driver from NED169
19. Martin Gosbee Driver from GBR168
20. Kuba Brzezinski Driver from POL157
21. Rasmus Tali Driver from EST151
22. Rob van Starkenburg Driver from NED143
23. Gergo Baldi Driver from HUN141
24. Atze Kerkhof Driver from NED135
25. Philipp Puschke Driver from GER127
26. Roy Kolbe Driver from GER126
27. Francesco Bigazzi Driver from ITA125
28. Bruno Marques Driver from POR80
. Yannick Lapchin Driver from FRA80
30. Lee Morris Driver from GBR66
31. Eduard Mallorqui Driver from SPA61
32. Dimitri De Matos Driver from FRA53
33. Eros Masciulli Driver from ITA50
34. Carlos Martín Driver from SPA45
. Stoffel Vandoorne Driver from BEL45
36. Marcel vd Linden Driver from NED40
37. Raino Rőőm Driver from EST39
. Daniel Kiss Driver from HUN39
39. Jiri Toman Driver from CZE30
40. Marco Conti Driver from ITA26
41. Mike Partington Driver from ENG25
42. Ville Leppala Driver from FIN22
43. Jonny Simon Driver from AUS19
44. Ernesto De Angelis Driver from ITA18
45. Daniel Brewer Driver from ENG16
46. Stephane Rouault Driver from NED15
. Zoltan Csuti Driver from HUN15
48. Michele D Alessandro Driver from ITA14
49. Laurent Keersmaekers Driver from BEL13
50. Peter Varga Driver from HUN11
51. Martin Hodás Driver from SLV10
. Peter Duivelaar Driver from NED10
53. Antonio Kolarec Driver from CRO9
. Andreas Spengler Driver from GER9
55. Enrico Di Loreto Driver from ITA8
. Pedro Melim Driver from POR8
. Mark Aalberts Driver from NED8
58. Ondrej Kuncman Driver from CZE7
59. Rickard Hellsten Driver from SWE6
. Joakim Bengtsson Driver from SWE6
. Tom Eley Driver from GBR6
. Marek Godek Driver from SLV6
. Sergio Casalins Driver from SPA6
. Hans-Bodo Kohl Driver from AUT6
. Zsolt Nagy Driver from HUN6
. Cem Bolukbasi Driver from TUR6
67. Norbert Leitner Driver from HUN5
68. Marco Zipoli Driver from ITA4
. Stefan Kanitz Driver from GER4
. Giuseppe Marconi Driver from ITA4
. Cyril Werdmuller Driver from NED4
. Darius Trinka Driver from LIT4
73. Danny Davison Driver from AUS3
. Shaun Stroud Driver from GBR3
. Petter Kaasa Driver from NOR3
. Thomas Satherley Driver from NEZ3
. Karol Poniatowski Driver from GER3
. Agustin Canapino Driver from ARG3
. Danny van der Niet Driver from NED3
. Sean Edwards Driver from GBR3
81. Mattias Stahre Driver from SWE2
. Franz Schnyder Driver from SWI2
. Rens Klop Driver from NED2
84. Timon Bolier Driver from NED1
. Patrik Holzmann Driver from GER1
. Sebastian Schmalenbach Driver from GER1
. Paul Taylor Driver from GBR1
. Tommy Nilsson Driver from SWE1
. Karim Wezenberg Driver from NED1
. Victor Ivanov Driver from BUL1
. Adrián Rodríguez Driver from SPA1
. Lukas Euler Driver from GER1
93. Robert Fakes Driver from ENG0
. Markus Hoffmann Driver from GER0
. Will Matas Driver from USA0
. Luka Oslakovic Driver from SLO0
. Zuhaitz Cabo Driver from SPA0
. Ben Phillips Driver from ENG0
. Aleksi Elomaa Driver from FIN0
. Robert Rudholm Driver from SWE0
. Elmer Holtkamp Driver from NED0
. Allar Foht Driver from EST0
. David Dominguez Driver from SPA0
. Thomas Cooke Driver from NOI0
. Sammy Sekowski Driver from POL0
. Job van der Geest Driver from NED0
. Giuseppe Rainieri Driver from ITA0
. Alvaro Torres Driver from SPA0
. Andrey Yakimenko Driver from UKR0
. Michael Francesconi Driver from ITA0
. Teemu Tihekari Driver from FIN0
. Alex Diaz Driver from SPA0
. Aleksi Kivelä Driver from FIN0
. Martin Andrasi Driver from CZE0
. Adrian Falcon Driver from SPA0
. Tony Driver from FIN0
. Matteo Vecchioni Driver from ITA0
. Damian Dainhumain Driver from SCO0
. Ben Tusting Driver from GBR0
. Fausto Pappalardo Driver from ITA0
. Ian Mills Driver from ENG0
. Wayne White Driver from USA0
. Rafael Cozzi Driver from BRA0
. Giordano Valeriano Driver from ITA0
. Markus Kononen Driver from FIN0
. Clayton Nelmes Driver from THA0
. Luka Peklaj Driver from SLO0
. Sean Greenlaw Driver from GBR0
. Borja Garcia Driver from SPA0
. Teemu Paivinen Driver from FIN0
. George Chatzipantelis Driver from GRI0
. Chris de Jong Driver from NED0
. Sander Kallas Driver from EST0
. Marko Hartikainen Driver from FIN0
. Mo Selvarajah Driver from ENG0
. Dino Paolini Driver from GER0
. Giuseppe Cantore Driver from ITA0
. Tristan Bayless Driver from USA0
.  Driver from 0
. Thomas Mundy Driver from ENG0
. Florian Bekker Driver from NED0
. Giorgos Manousakis Driver from GRI0
. Vladimer Mereli Driver from CAN0
. Mikael Tuomaala Driver from FIN0
. Rudy van Buren Driver from NED0
. Matt Sentell Driver from USA0
. Andreas Eriksson Driver from SWE0
. Carlos Derecho Driver from SPA0
. Jeroen Kweekel Driver from NED0
. Phil Roberts Driver from ENG0
. Sven Hesse Driver from GER0
. Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola Driver from FIN0
. Jarl Teien Driver from NOR0
. Piotr Karasiewicz Driver from POL0
. Florian Pichelet Driver from USA0
. Benjamin Burmeister Driver from GER0
. Jorrick Boshove Driver from NED0
. Guillermo Prieto Driver from SPA0
. Joao Barbosa Driver from POR0
. Fran López Driver from SPA0
.  Driver from 0
. Marcin Malinski Driver from POL0
. Dale Carrick Driver from GBR0
. Nick Rowland Driver from GBR0
. Fabrizio Gobbi Driver from ITA0
. Sebastiano Filosa Driver from ITA0
. Christian Smirnoff Driver from ARG0
. Ryan Gilmore Driver from GBR0
. Roy Wachtmeester Driver from NED0
. Jimmy DION Driver from FRA0
. Dewald Nel Driver from SAF0
. Siarhei Pakhodnia Driver from BEA0
. Emre Uysal Driver from TUR0
. Jonatan Ĺcerclinth Driver from SWE0
. Mauricio Gomez Driver from COL0
. Moises Rondon Driver from SPA0
. Michi Hoyer Driver from GER0
. Nebojsa Tramosljika Driver from GER0
. Nick Oldenhuis Driver from NED0
. Jonathan Dion Driver from FRA0
. Peter Helmbro Driver from SWE0
Driver Standings Class FSR General Car
P DriverCPoints
.  Driver from 0
. Michael Samuel Driver from ENG0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Nicholas Morse Driver from USA0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. José felipe frazăo abreu Driver from BRA0
. Burak Akmaz Driver from TUR0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Mike Philippo Driver from NED0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Ajibola Lawal Driver from ENG0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Callum Knighton Driver from ALB0
.  Driver from 0
. Paulius Grudzinskas Driver from LIT0
. jordan Driver from ENG0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
Driver Standings Class WS Ace
P DriverCPoints
1. Rickard Hellsten Driver from SWE23
2. Jaakko Mikkonen Driver from FIN6
3. Hans-Bodo Kohl Driver from AUT4
4. Siarhei Pakhodnia Driver from BEA1
5. David Martinez Driver from SPA0
. Bono Huis Driver from NED0
Driver Standings Class World Series ACE
Driver Standings Class FSR General
P DriverCPoints
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Phil Roberts Driver from ENG0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Vonsagorn Aulvong Driver from FIN0
. yaniv hershkovitz Driver from ISR0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
Driver Standings Class ld Championship
P DriverCPoints
. Laurent Keersmaekers Driver from BEL0
Driver Standings Class World Series ADV
P DriverCPoints
. Benni Thlol Driver from ALB0
.  Driver from 0
Driver Standings Class World Series AMA
P DriverCPoints
. Patrick De Wit Driver from NED0
. Marco Vandenbroeck Driver from BEL0
.  Driver from 0
Driver Standings Class World Series PRO
P DriverCPoints
. Mindaugas Klumbis Driver from LIT0
Driver Standings Class neral
P DriverCPoints
.  Driver from 0
Driver Standings Class BMW 2007
P DriverCPoints
1. Bono Huis Driver from NED330
2. Bruno Marques Driver from POR205
3. Rasmus Tali Driver from EST187
4. Jaakko Mikkonen Driver from FIN171
5. Ronny Hähnel Driver from GER157
6. Mikko Puumalainen Driver from FIN125
7. David Greco Driver from ITA110
8. Dennis Hirrle Driver from GER94
9. Domagoj Malezic Driver from CRO81
10. Blair Disley Driver from AUS62
11. John-Eric Saxen Driver from FIN56
12. Karol Poniatowski Driver from GER49
13. Patrick De Wit Driver from NED35
14. Fredrik Nilsson Driver from SWE32
15. Atze Kerkhof Driver from NED27
16. Mathieu Prévot Driver from FRA16
17. Lee Morris Driver from GBR13
18. Timon Bolier Driver from NED12
19. David Dominguez Driver from SPA10
20. Rickard Hellsten Driver from SWE8
. Agustin Canapino Driver from ARG8
22. Cyril Werdmuller Driver from NED6
. Marco Conti Driver from ITA6
. Morgan Morand Driver from FRA6
25. Lukas Euler Driver from GER4
26. Sergio Casalins Driver from SPA2
. Tom Eley Driver from GBR2
. Samuel Libeert Driver from FRA2
29. Joakim Bengtsson Driver from SWE1
30.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Arnaud Lacombe Driver from FRA0
. Muhammed Patel Driver from ENG0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Vonsagorn Aulvong Driver from FIN0
. Jeffrey Rietveld Driver from NED0
. Mickael Taloc Driver from FRA0
. Laurent Keersmaekers Driver from BEL0
. Dimitri De Matos Driver from FRA0
. Santiago Niza Driver from SPA0
. Alban Deslie Driver from FRA0
. Job van der Geest Driver from NED0
. Nick Rowland Driver from GBR0
. Jack Keithley Driver from ENG0
. Stephane Rouault Driver from NED0
. Jaroslaw Grzywacz Driver from GER0
.  Driver from 0
. Andrey Yakimenko Driver from UKR0
.  Driver from 0
. Eduard Mallorqui Driver from SPA0
. Giuseppe Marconi Driver from ITA0
. Petter Kaasa Driver from NOR0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Ben Phillips Driver from ENG0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Pablo Garcia Driver from SPA0
. Raino Rőőm Driver from EST0
.  Driver from 0
. Florian Bekker Driver from NED0
Driver Standings Class World Series
P DriverCPoints
1. Petar Brljak Driver from CRO57
. Jack Keithley Driver from ENG57
3. Samuel Libeert Driver from FRA33
4. Cyril Werdmuller Driver from NED10
5. Eros Masciulli Driver from ITA0
. Giuseppe Marconi Driver from ITA0
.  Driver from 0
. David Dominguez Driver from SPA0
. Ajibola Lawal Driver from ENG0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
Driver Standings Class General Car
P DriverCPoints
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Nick Rowland Driver from GBR0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Marcel vd Linden Driver from NED0
. jonathan ashton  Driver from ENG0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Emanuele Richiusa Driver from ITA0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Sam Jones Driver from GBR0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Michael Gray Driver from AUS0
Driver Standings Class World Trophy
P DriverCPoints
.  Driver from 0
. Petar Brljak Driver from CRO0
Driver Standings Class hampionship
P DriverCPoints
. Mark Aalberts Driver from NED0
Driver Standings Class Ace
Driver Standings Class Pro
P DriverCPoints
1. Jeroen Kweekel Driver from NED43
2. Daniel Brewer Driver from ENG1
3.  Driver from 0
. Georg Winter Driver from GER0
. Gennaro Celiento Driver from ITA0

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        Last update: 2008-05-02
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