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World Championship
P DriverCPts
1.Patel Driver from ENG276
2.Simoncic Driver from SLO242
3.Gosbee Driver from GBR195
4.Hoyer Driver from GER143
5.Kiss Driver from HUN127

P DriverCPts
1.Kallas Driver from EST295
2.Heras Driver from SPA199
3.van Delft Driver from NED170
4.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI166
5.Schgör Driver from ITA133

P DriverCPts
1.Parvez Driver from ENG259
2.Eyres Driver from GBR253
3.Lukaszek Driver from POL208
4.Hutchinson Driver from IRE190
5.Pansar Driver from SWE130

P DriverCPts
1.Spoljaric Driver from CRO349
2.Fields Driver from NEZ244
3.Niza Driver from SPA169
4.Gray Driver from ENG150
5.Bubicic Driver from CRO133

P DriverCPts
1.Torrus Driver from SPA54
2.Cobb Driver from USA40
3.Andriamiharisoa Driver from MAD30
4.Kumar Driver from IND25
.Brewer Driver from ENG25

P DriverCPts
.Hoyer Driver from GER0
.Reid Driver from ENG0
. Driver from 0
. Driver from 0
. Driver from 0

Winter Series
P DriverCPts
1.Hoyer Driver from GER138
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI125
3.Puschke Driver from GER102
4.Maguire Driver from IRE78
5.Leonov Driver from BUL75

Special Events
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Classic Series
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Completed official races

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Upcoming official races

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Last official comment

Date: 2018-02-17 14:11:20
League: Winter Series
Track: Circuit de Monaco

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Official Statistics in World Championship League
No official active season at the moment.

Driver Statistics Season
1.Bono Huis Driver from NED8875103366294847677176490324051534
2.Bruno Marques Driver from POR72629184521352650606240741276623
3.David Greco Driver from ITA96701972971782950714991532567
4.Morgan Morand Driver from FRA54361513261619112328362879797566
5.Jaakko Mikkonen Driver from FIN5950722161052140513277321481
6.Petar Brljak Driver from CRO4335681431071522352228305442
7.Roy Kolbe Driver from GER58498234124362137445032401271390
8.Ivar Kalamees Driver from EST31264081331522261694133376
9.Dennis Hirrle Driver from GER514713251932539483081266375
10.Patrick De Wit Driver from NED133614991891412032676004215366
11.Rasmus Tali Driver from EST5138113602191838271374338
12.Mikko Puumalainen Driver from FIN4035508350102035214494336
13.John-Eric Saxen Driver from FIN12274300400032578623812333
14.Blair Disley Driver from AUS136731818110271880760963328
15.Jack Keithley Driver from ENG432712050408182721179288
16.Jernej Simoncic Driver from SLO332363623041323165798228
17.Fredrik Nilsson Driver from SWE3918161814091418160344226
18.Muhammed Patel Driver from ENG3018616142813181645134225
19.Jim Parisis Driver from GRI492313182526923220371215
20.Dian Kostadinov Driver from BUL5329170334031029260219183
21.Jeffrey Rietveld Driver from NED15131182508101378867169
22.Martin Gosbee Driver from GBR311510180225815143084168
23.Atze Kerkhof Driver from NED231482527167151074111162
24.Ondrej Kuncman Driver from CZE342943134631325291957202161
25.Ronny Hähnel Driver from GER17114252527811940134157
.Kuba Brzezinski Driver from POL1312115121581272364157
27.Rob van Starkenburg Driver from NED171430300038148787143
28.Gergo Baldi Driver from HUN3016924140281614538141
29.Philipp Puschke Driver from GER2215601121161510740127
30.Francesco Bigazzi Driver from ITA13930400158968059125
31.Yannick Lapchin Driver from FRA512224320313822214257118
32.Domagoj Malezic Driver from CRO13760634245751112390
33.Lee Morris Driver from GBR43181626011462119327586
34.Ernesto De Angelis Driver from ITA371517270506111614857169
35.Eduard Mallorqui Driver from SPA1495011100210614861
36.Stephane Rouault Driver from NED3615151111036161528253
.Dimitri De Matos Driver from FRA119200000139562053
38.Karol Poniatowski Driver from GER197711000127789352
39.Eros Masciulli Driver from ITA36810020001181656650
40.Sebastian Schmalenbach Driver from GER3114120100016171406348
41.Stoffel Vandoorne Driver from BEL53101010333168145
.Carlos Martín Driver from SPA2561600000126839045
43.Andreas Spengler Driver from GER331480001006221818044
44.Jeroen Kweekel Driver from NED431122411231792743
45.Marcel vd Linden Driver from NED39924000000191296040
.Laurent Keersmaekers Driver from BEL35111806120351414921240
47.Daniel Kiss Driver from HUN743010011243133939
.Raino Rõõm Driver from EST2261100000126860039
49.Rickard Hellsten Driver from SWE2210101201015109972737
50.Denis Kiriakopoulos Driver from SWI241240000002171336036
51.James Andanson Driver from FRA1165160012565365834
52.Samuel Libeert Driver from FRA53112120123226233
53.Marco Conti Driver from ITA157603010117680632
.Petter Kaasa Driver from NOR371470200002222126732
55.Jiri Toman Driver from CZE32100000222149030
56.Joakim Bengtsson Driver from SWE13111000000112725028
57.Jonny Simon Driver from AUS1585122200087824626
.Danny Davison Driver from AUS201050100002141077226
59.Mike Partington Driver from ENG105401010015389125
60.Fausto Pappalardo Driver from ITA327110100023131497324
61.Ville Leppala Driver from FIN1951300110005664022
.Ferry Koek Driver from NED96300000026515022
63.Stefan Kanitz Driver from GER18413030211255295521
64.Darius Trinka Driver from LIT2041600000144682020
.Cyril Werdmuller Driver from NED113310000013583020
66.Daniel Brewer Driver from ENG104501000004380117
67.Mathieu Prévot Driver from FRA116300000006407016
.Christian Neumann Driver from GER44000000014239016
.Mark Aalberts Driver from NED2741900000024781016
.Dominik Binz Driver from GER16214040002243622216
71.Zoltan Csuti Driver from HUN124500120004475015
72.Michele D Alessandro Driver from ITA42100000012206014
73.Timon Bolier Driver from NED92200000015492013
.Sergio Casalins Driver from SPA44531110001171150513
75.Zaahir Essa Driver from SAF72400000123298012
76.Peter Varga Driver from HUN2131200000003821011
.Agustin Canapino Driver from ARG143801000003510411
78.Peter Duivelaar Driver from NED2200000000297010
.Hans-Bodo Kohl Driver from AUT113801000023343110
.David Dominguez Driver from SPA184900000004567010
.Martin Hodás Driver from SLV31200000011126010
82.Antonio Kolarec Driver from CRO22570000000598709
.Giuseppe Marconi Driver from ITA95457000000014357909
84.Martin Dyrlund Driver from DEN5220000001218108
.Artur Mlodzinski Driver from POL2101101011210068
.Pedro Melim Driver from POR110000000017008
.Tom Eley Driver from GBR15370000001553608
.Enrico Di Loreto Driver from ITA6200000000231008
89.Markus Kononen Driver from FIN6240002001225206
.Elmer Holtkamp Driver from NED122100000001228006
.Zsolt Nagy Driver from HUN5130000000123606
.Dave Carr-Smith Driver from GBR4220000001214206
.Cem Bolukbasi Driver from TUR4130000000113106
.Marek Godek Driver from SLV9230000000233806
95.Norbert Leitner Driver from HUN15250000000259005
.Lukas Euler Driver from GER10260000000242505
.Laszlo Bilibok Driver from ROM6320000000427805
98.Deniz Acarlar Driver from TUR211010000117714
.Shaun Stroud Driver from GBR233151000000586304
.Steve Kasimatis Driver from GRI242170000000476104
.Marco Zipoli Driver from ITA110100000015704
102.Nebojsa Tramosljika Driver from GER11260000000434803
.Pashalis Gergis Driver from GRI3210000000219003
.Danny van der Niet Driver from NED15280000000254903
.Thomas Satherley Driver from NEZ9240200000228823
.Joao Barbosa Driver from POR182110000000462703
.Sean Edwards Driver from GBR4120111000115333
.Mauricio Gomez Driver from COL7150000000127203
109.Samuel Libeert Driver from FRA10180000000127102
.Franz Schnyder Driver from SWI6140000000111702
.Fabrizio Gobbi Driver from ITA10160000000240302
.Fred Gosling Driver from GBR9180000000115802
.Rens Klop Driver from NED110000000016302
.Marc van Huffelen Driver from NED14170000000751702
.Mattias Stahre Driver from SWE5120000000218402
116.Tommy Nilsson Driver from SWE110000000016001
.Paul Taylor Driver from GBR14170000000460101
.Christian Smirnoff Driver from ARG19170000000496601
.Victor Ivanov Driver from BUL110000000015301
.Peter Helmbro Driver from SWE13191000000139301
.Paolo Ceccarelli Driver from ITA7160000000124601
.Richard Dodd Driver from ENG7160000000110601
.Marcin Malinski Driver from POL3120000000116801
.Adrián Rodríguez Driver from SPA10150000000141301
.Siarhei Pakhodnia Driver from BEA17160000000560401
.Emanuel Gaczella Driver from ROM7160000000227401
.Scott K Michaels Driver from CAN110000000017001
.Karim Wezenberg Driver from NED11180000000328101
.Patrik Holzmann Driver from GER5130000000113501
130. Driver from 10000000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
. Driver from 100700000000000
.Wayne White Driver from USA5030000000116800
.Gabriel Montanes Driver from URU201000000005400
.Alvaro Torres Driver from SPA403000000009400
. Driver from 50100000000000
.Jaroslaw Grzywacz Driver from GER10000000000000
.Robert Fakes Driver from ENG101000000004700
. Driver from 20000000000000
.Teemu Paivinen Driver from FIN101000000001300
.Martin Andrasi Driver from CZE10100000000200
. Driver from 30300000000000
.Ajibola Lawal Driver from ENG20100000000000
.Nicholas Morse Driver from USA303000000005800
.AJ Allmendinger Driver from USA10100000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
. Driver from 20200000000000
.Igor Sicuro Driver from ITA2000000000112500
.Burak Akmaz Driver from TUR180100000000000
.Robert Rudholm Driver from SWE9080000000013200
. Driver from 2302200000000000
.Aleksi Elomaa Driver from FIN10100000000000
.Emre Uysal Driver from TUR10100000000000
.Andreas Eriksson Driver from SWE130110000000037400
. Driver from 10100000000000
. Driver from 10000000000000
.Theo Gort Driver from NED201000000016900
.Guillermo Prieto Driver from SPA10100000000900
.Alex Diaz Driver from SPA3010000000010500
.Alban Deslie Driver from FRA3020000000011200
.Damian Dainhumain Driver from SCO100000000005200
.Job van der Geest Driver from NED201000000007200
. Driver from 50400000000000
. Driver from 70400000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
. Driver from 1201200000000000
.jordan Driver from ENG20200000000000
. Driver from 40100000000000
.Jon Edwards Driver from NOI302000000009800
.Mo Selvarajah Driver from ENG10100000000000
. Driver from 60500000000000
.Nick Oldenhuis Driver from NED10100000000000
. Driver from 10000000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Mickael Taloc Driver from FRA3010000000010500
.Dejan Stankovic Driver from SWE101000000002300
.Teemu Tihekari Driver from FIN2020000000011100
. Driver from 20100000000000
.Luis Fernando Laaff Driver from GER403000000016400
.Kirill Izotov Driver from RUS10100000000000
.Jarl Teien Driver from NOR100000000005700
.Sean Greenlaw Driver from GBR303000000007200
. Driver from 10100000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Phil Roberts Driver from ENG20200000000200
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Miguel Madureira Driver from POR101000000002000
. Driver from 30100000000000
.Rafael Cozzi Driver from BRA100000000005600
. Driver from 1801300000000000
.Roy Wachtmeester Driver from NED101000000001800
. Driver from 10000000000000
.Jesper Öhrman Driver from SWE101000000001300
. Driver from 20100000000000
.Tiziano Rondina Driver from ITA10100000000000
.Zuhaitz Cabo Driver from SPA21090000000096000
.Giorgos Manousakis Driver from GRI4030000000012400
.Sammy Sekowski Driver from POL10100000000900
. Driver from 80700000000000
.Michael Samuel Driver from ENG60600000000000
.Gennaro Celiento Driver from ITA101000000001100
.Matteo Vecchioni Driver from ITA101000000003600
.Luka Peklaj Driver from SLO201000000009600
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Carlos Derecho Driver from SPA100000000004300
.Thomas Mundy Driver from ENG303000000002800
.Nazario Nuti Driver from ITA302000000003000
.jonathan ashton  Driver from ENG30300000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
. Driver from 10000000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
. Driver from 3201800000000000
.David Martinez Driver from SPA100000000006500
.Andrey Lovchy Driver from BEA12090000000021600
.Vladimer Mereli Driver from CAN202000000003100
.Moises Rondon Driver from SPA9040000000033000
. Driver from 2901300000000000
.Will Matas Driver from USA100010000015310
.Ben Phillips Driver from ENG5020000000025600
.Piotr Karasiewicz Driver from POL11070000000347000
.Michael Francesconi Driver from ITA404000000009800
.Tony Driver from FIN4020000000016400
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Clayton Nelmes Driver from THA10100000000800
. Driver from 30300000000000
.Fran López Driver from SPA100000000005400
. Driver from 200300000000000
.Rudy van Buren Driver from NED302000000009700
.Nick Rowland Driver from GBR150150000000010700
. Driver from 10000000000000
.Dale Carrick Driver from GBR8070000000020500
. Driver from 60600000000000
.Machiel Schönbeck Driver from NED40300000000000
.Phil Hildebrandt Driver from GER4030000000113500
.Sander Kallas Driver from EST100000000005600
. Driver from 1401400000000000
.George Chatzipantelis Driver from GRI8060000000011300
. Driver from 10100000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Simon Melhuish Driver from GBR10100000000000
. Driver from 40100000000000
.Borja Garcia Driver from SPA202000000005000
.Thomas Cooke Driver from NOI20200000000700
.Andrey Yakimenko Driver from UKR8070000000022300
.Fabrizio Pescali Driver from ITA130100000000012700
.Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola Driver from FIN100100100005600
.Jorrick Boshove Driver from NED5030000000019300
.Benjamin Burmeister Driver from GER100000000016800
. Driver from 30300000000000
.Carlos López Driver from SPA3010000000013800
.Ben Tusting Driver from GBR10000000000000
.Vonsagorn Aulvong Driver from FIN1001000000000000
. Driver from 10000000000000
. Driver from 100600000000000
.Péter Szántó Driver from HUN10000000000000
.Georg Winter Driver from GER202000000003100
.Markus Hoffmann Driver from GER202000000002200
.Michael Gray Driver from AUS20200000000000
.Marco Vandenbroeck Driver from BEL10000000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Matt Sentell Driver from USA10040000000053200
.Giuseppe Rainieri Driver from ITA202000000002400
.Sven Hesse Driver from GER100000000006700
.Paulius Grudzinskas Driver from LIT40400000000000
.Andrea Lanzara Driver from ITA10100000000800
.Sebastian Keijmel Driver from NED101000000005400
.Aleksi Kivelä Driver from FIN13060000000052100
.Sam Jones Driver from GBR10000000000000
.Santiago Niza Driver from SPA2010000000010600
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Florian Pichelet Driver from USA7040000000123200
. Driver from 3203000000000000
.Jonatan Åcerclinth Driver from SWE20200000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Tristan Bayless Driver from USA8030000000234000
. Driver from 40400000000000
.Filipe Santos Driver from POR100000000016900
.Chris Laleau Driver from FRA2010000000010700
.Gabriel Garivaldis Driver from CYP10100000000100
.Dino Paolini Driver from GER12040000000054200
.Pablo Garcia Driver from SPA10100000000000
.Florian Bekker Driver from NED5051000000014900
.Mikael Tuomaala Driver from FIN101000000002400
.Marko Hartikainen Driver from FIN5040000000013400
. Driver from 60200000000000
.Chris Phillips Driver from ENG303000000001900
.Arnaud Lacombe Driver from FRA302000000006700
.Mindaugas Klumbis Driver from LIT101000000002200
.Ryan Gilmore Driver from GBR202000000003900
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Luis Azinheira Driver from POR10100000000800
. Driver from 10100000000100
.Sebastiano Filosa Driver from ITA504000000009800
. Driver from 100400000000000
.Tomo Meglic Driver from SLO2010000000013300
. Driver from 50400000000000
.Klaus Kåg Driver from DEN7040000000129200
.Richard Towler Driver from GBR101011100001720
.Dennis Johansen Driver from DEN8070000000112800
.Giordano Valeriano Driver from ITA4030000000019400
.Jonathan Dion Driver from FRA4030000000015300
. Driver from 10100000000000
.yaniv hershkovitz Driver from ISR10100000000000
.José felipe frazão abreu Driver from BRA10100000000000
. Driver from 2401100000000000
. Driver from 50400000000000
.Luka Oslakovic Driver from SLO120100000000023500
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Benni Thlol Driver from ALB10100000000000
.Giuseppe Cantore Driver from ITA10090000000015300
.Emanuele Richiusa Driver from ITA10000000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Allar Foht Driver from EST8040000000034100
. Driver from 10100000000000
. Driver from 40200000000000
.Nils Naujoks Driver from GER101000000004600
.Dewald Nel Driver from SAF101000000003200
.Adrian Falcon Driver from SPA201000000006100
.Chris de Jong Driver from NED8050000000029400
.Jimmy DION Driver from FRA3010000000014600
. Driver from 30300000000000
.Ian Mills Driver from ENG2010000000011400
. Driver from 40300000000000
.Callum Knighton Driver from ALB10000000000000
.Mike Philippo Driver from NED90700000000000
.Geoffrey Veenings Driver from NED200120000000563900
.Michi Hoyer Driver from GER3000000000018300

Team Statistics Season
1. Precision Motorsports Driver from GER207146513594305455991291491044327482400
2. Twister Racing Driver from ITA3062088028102397228891392161496718131817
3. GT Omega Racing Driver from GER122100186256163336010065193631079
4. GhostSpeed Racing Team Driver from POR275123982045142715376313112974910999
5. NetRex Grand Prix Driver from ITA1286047519131451226605717424538
6. Twister 2Fast4You Driver from ITA2825181541282025251596421459
7. Diamond Racing Team Driver from BEA128624110331730173954726147942414
8. Ash Racing Driver from GBR2558212281341541427999755205385
9. Roaldo Racing Driver from NED16280604245952044897333356364
10. The Venus Project Racing Driver from SLO110433937352615435127107326
11. Faster Than Speed Driver from ARG293631426124719217911594120305
12. GT Omega Racing Driver from GBR59291917241111629279188296
13. Eventa Simracing Driver from BUL5227181612161327240767223
14. Coca-Cola Kiwi Virtual Driver from NEZ30237111551481621241605454190
15. SB Motorsports - Twister-Racing Driver from GER6028231501041030278318187
16. Origin Front Row Racing Driver from GBR27168161215816128765179
17. Twister Racing Black Driver from SPA24154170424815114879168
18. Torrent Motorsports Driver from USA653221031204934302714139
19. Torrent Motorsports - IPForge Driver from USA10137401712032151481418133
20. 2Fast4U-Racing Driver from SPA3120711000452015907128
21. BAD-T Mak-Corp Racing Driver from GRI29111105010151113361190
22. DEZZ.IT - Brehm GP Driver from ITA27914030302391041775
23. Crown Seven Da Silva Driver from ITA341011274609914165511963
24. Hancock GP Driver from ENG14931613169117626959
25. Red Bull Kiwi Virtual Driver from AUS31121905000381310722557
26. Avid Chronic Racing Driver from USA261190000001111213053
27. Biocross Positive SimRacing Driver from SPA5014210101001142238152
28. VBMadCape Driver from SAF453190100123320563950
. RS EVO Driver from GBR22714010001276931350
30. GS Engineering Driver from POR271180101002111107149
31. The VPR Driver from SLO3151900010226855044
. Estrada-DHR SimCraft Driver from SPA321082000001101557044
33. Bracciano Racing Driver from ITA3810210023027141462041
. Racing Team Driver from POR6215300000002222376041
35. Kiwi Virtual Driver from AUS3210180000025121327038
36. Silverline Driver from CAN23690100011610071235
37. BBR Life4Racing Driver from ITA187501000117850130
. Avid Chronic Racing / Slitex Driver from USA3071910000117895030
39. DaSilvaNetRex Driver from ITA278120200033141215628
40. F1 Racing Kiwi Virtual Driver from AUS31919011101311998227
41. Ward F1 Driver from GBR144500000014620022
42.  Driver from 3711120100000191848321
43. Silva Snake Rex Driver from ITA3161902030231010142419
44. Racing Factory Team Driver from SPA2241210000014631016
45. FTS NetRex Driver from ITA3032311000014106949
46. Silva Eagle Rex Driver from ITA293190000001585608
47. Simracing Zone Driver from FRA12171100000143816
48. Team FSR Driver from SWI45123050001000221705
49. E-Motion GP Driver from ENG6140000000120904
50. Formula Racing Organisation Driver from ENG3112100000004109101
. Yorkshire Motorsports Driver from GBR11180000000221601
52. Jasco Spain PSR Driver from SPA3001200000000134700
. DHR GP Driver from GBR15070000000272800
. GS Racing Driver from POR101000000005700
. Racing Team Driver from FRA14080000000041900

R = Total official GPCOS races
PF = Total point finishes (Could include DNF results)
DNF = Total did not finishes (DNF)
FL = Total fastest laps
RL = Total lead races
PP = Total pole-positions
FR = Total front-row starts
Win = Total race victories
T3 = Total podium finishes
T5 = Total top 5 race finishes
T10 = Total top 10 race finishes
L = Total completed laps
LL = Total lead laps

        GPCOS, v 1.50, 2004-2008
        Last update: 2008-05-02
GPCOS is developed by Jaap Wagenvoort