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World Championship
P DriverCPts
1.Patel Driver from ENG276
2.Simoncic Driver from SLO242
3.Gosbee Driver from GBR195
4.Hoyer Driver from GER143
5.Kiss Driver from HUN127

P DriverCPts
1.Kallas Driver from EST295
2.Heras Driver from SPA199
3.van Delft Driver from NED170
4.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI166
5.Schgör Driver from ITA133

P DriverCPts
1.Parvez Driver from ENG259
2.Eyres Driver from GBR253
3.Lukaszek Driver from POL208
4.Hutchinson Driver from IRE190
5.Pansar Driver from SWE130

P DriverCPts
1.Spoljaric Driver from CRO349
2.Fields Driver from NEZ244
3.Niza Driver from SPA169
4.Gray Driver from ENG150
5.Bubicic Driver from CRO133

P DriverCPts
1.Torrus Driver from SPA54
2.Cobb Driver from USA40
3.Andriamiharisoa Driver from MAD30
4.Radford Driver from AUS25
.Kumar Driver from IND25

P DriverCPts
. Driver from 0
. Driver from 0
. Driver from 0
.Disley Driver from AUS0
.Paling Driver from ENG0

Winter Series
P DriverCPts
1.Hoyer Driver from GER138
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI125
3.Puschke Driver from GER102
4.Maguire Driver from IRE78
5.Leonov Driver from BUL75

Special Events
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Classic Series
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Completed official races

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Upcoming official races

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Last official comment

Date: 2018-02-17 14:11:20
League: Winter Series
Track: Circuit de Monaco

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Official Statistics in ACE League
No official active season at the moment.

Driver Statistics Season
1.Muhammed Patel Driver from ENG6860811546923395631021851458
2.Fred Gosling Driver from GBR86771121549627517048143341269
3.Cyril Werdmuller Driver from NED81552421537217295135422491216
4.Marco Conti Driver from ITA49389615111481726351786358918
5.Dimitri De Matos Driver from FRA51411149182121534263698879
6.Rob van Starkenburg Driver from NED3028231451041519271743310824
7.Martin Gosbee Driver from GBR37261251531351618251818397805
8.Jack Keithley Driver from ENG4131112124641115311994253802
9.Jeffrey Rietveld Driver from NED27216393971418211297344727
10.Daniel Kiss Driver from HUN2524148365131824828143678
11.Eros Masciulli Driver from ITA453842324061131221228659
12.Jiri Toman Driver from CZE2424108466131923643131606
13.Martin Hodás Driver from SLV373520412161532122943589
14.Peter Duivelaar Driver from NED2323106334812191331224582
15.Stefan Kanitz Driver from GER54362431861221018302778221555
16.Petar Brljak Driver from CRO1513248356111313828199535
17.Joakim Bengtsson Driver from SWE38309151331220281984136523
18.Stephane Rouault Driver from NED34241066343915231620201510
19.Rens Klop Driver from NED1915406145111315649136504
20.Eduard Mallorqui Driver from SPA2318537453713161168130498
21.Mattias Stahre Driver from SWE2117348124911161103139480
22.Christian Smirnoff Driver from ARG322930400462130190046425
23.Michi Hoyer Driver from GER2521433020691887521415
24.Karim Wezenberg Driver from NED3022103115241017135255412
25.Luka Oslakovic Driver from SLO41311100110021619940406
26.Ivar Kalamees Driver from EST141404506361112817158397
27.Danny van der Niet Driver from NED42358010111217143116377
28.Jonny Simon Driver from AUS24222421208111858017372
29.David Martinez Driver from SPA22176110004915115014366
30.Bono Huis Driver from NED232024124421417211319181355
31.Philipp Puschke Driver from GER1514106012581283290353
32.Domagoj Malezic Driver from CRO2216571471181315161129458338
33.Giuseppe Ragusa Driver from ITA1414015141481366336334
34.Thomas Satherley Driver from NEZ2921922030310187018313
35.Fabrizio Gobbi Driver from ITA362216054401416105421305
36.Mikko Puumalainen Driver from FIN1716016573111416953106294
37.Petter Kaasa Driver from NOR191722201031017107219293
38.Rasmus Tali Driver from EST17142663435813641181292
39.Alvaro Torres Driver from SPA1817115020491544820280
40.Machiel Schönbeck Driver from NED2820706233811181435151275
41.Marek Godek Driver from SLV35181734131241079885272
42.Alban Deslie Driver from FRA34181511230121213133265
43.David Dominguez Driver from SPA13841312256855173256
44.Alex Diaz Driver from SPA342791001001710980253
45.Blair Disley Driver from AUS2316747012612171105121248
46.Zoltan Csuti Driver from HUN1715403110161091822247
47.Karol Poniatowski Driver from GER2314851068691013974362246
48.Rickard Hellsten Driver from SWE21129212153911121060242227
49.Jernej Simoncic Driver from SLO8802222137747643225
50.Andrey Yakimenko Driver from UKR42242001120131619601222
.Ruud Heesterbeek Driver from NED131211101013125544222
52.Pashalis Gergis Driver from GRI1411316341141063299219
53.Matteo Vecchioni Driver from ITA151411101003128281218
54.Steve Kasimatis Driver from GRI2312112638191014997112212
55.Michael Francesconi Driver from ITA251680100001710403211
56.Norbert Leitner Driver from HUN2419542111131254429209
57.Santiago Niza Driver from SPA221650000012610970208
58.Lukas Euler Driver from GER9820212035751139207
59.Nebojsa Tramosljika Driver from GER301914071104614132560200
60.James Andanson Driver from FRA1697611486789633395197
61.Timon Bolier Driver from NED27171001230151611731195
62.Antonio Kolarec Driver from CRO151410000000108370194
63.Mark Aalberts Driver from NED1811734122781182571192
64.Nick Rowland Driver from GBR23139100000298940184
65.Gabriel Garivaldis Driver from CYP1913503110491389937182
66.Theo Gort Driver from NED34181400000151913890180
67.Giuseppe Marconi Driver from ITA40202500010111012220177
68.Laszlo Bilibok Driver from ROM1512414120481382811172
69.Ferry Koek Driver from NED158705234779706190170
70.Atze Kerkhof Driver from NED114525563334293242165
71.Joao Barbosa Driver from POR2820900120031814430161
72.Artyom Aslamazyan Driver from RUS23194001100045350158
73.Wes Richards Driver from USA48341000000011824260157
74.Denis Kiriakopoulos Driver from SWI2724300000001614610143
75.Yannick Lapchin Driver from FRA105524242446326156142
76.Mike Partington Driver from ENG1063021102352946140
77.Guillermo Prieto Driver from SPA19119320000164972134
78.Gennaro Celiento Driver from ITA231111001101274230129
79.Guillaume Girard Driver from FRA2213800020151310210128
80.Thomas Mundy Driver from ENG351622300100169780126
81.Ben Tusting Driver from GBR14105000000136920119
82.Raino Rőőm Driver from EST1588000000076040111
83.Giordano Valeriano Driver from ITA22148000100054380108
84.Pedro Melim Driver from POR1285000000155420107
85.Alessio Campus Driver from ITA12102000000035080104
86.Carlos Martín Driver from SPA8641211112417130102
.Wayne White Driver from USA2514900000021011040102
88.Teemu Valkeejärvi Driver from FIN1295000000054340101
89.Clayton Nelmes Driver from THA149600110003737097
90.Morten Wernersen Driver from DEN107100000013422094
91.Klaus Kĺg Driver from DEN1861103110347629593
92.Luis Fernando Laaff Driver from GER25817121202378314292
93.Mihajlo Vicentijevic Driver from SER27147000000011971091
94.Adrián Rodríguez Driver from SPA128501000002576990
95.Steven Diem Driver from USA97300010002431088
96.Chris de Jong Driver from NED4173410000002798087
97.Patrik Holzmann Driver from GER85102030223146586
98.Siarhei Pakhodnia Driver from BEA1912900010128800084
99.Michal Antochowski Driver from POL422010011221001076
.David Franco Driver from SPA65100000013335076
.Michele D Alessandro Driver from ITA422011111221053176
.Argenis Riera Driver from VEN97300000001341076
103.Tommy Nilsson Driver from SWE54100000114246075
104.Chris Barber Driver from AUS147700000029552074
105.Sammy Sekowski Driver from POL98111001233499573
106.Peter Helmbro Driver from SWE108201120004243472
.Carlos Hernandez Driver from SPA971010111114252772
108.Zsolt Nagy Driver from HUN65201000004345270
.Mindaugas Klumbis Driver from LIT86300000001383070
110.Martin Dyrlund Driver from DEN11740223112745810469
111.Florian Bekker Driver from NED1891031010025857167
112.Dian Kostadinov Driver from BUL85300110002351065
.Sergio Casalins Driver from SPA94410000013283065
114.Armando Morra Driver from ITA126600000001427064
.Jaakko Mikkonen Driver from FIN641010011342363264
.Florian Colle Driver from FRA86200000001440064
117.Maurice Brackhahn Driver from GER86200000000428063
118.Victor Ivanov Driver from BUL65100000004241061
.Gabriel Montanes Driver from URU361019000000061076061
120.Elmer Holtkamp Driver from NED843030101342935760
121.Giuseppe Rainieri Driver from ITA64200000003242057
122.Allar Foht Driver from EST53220000013231056
.Fran Sola Driver from SPA76100000011331056
.Hans-Bodo Kohl Driver from AUT743111212242664556
.Sebastian Schmalenbach Driver from GER642112211242573456
126.Gianluca Menna Driver from ITA531131312232409555
.Eduardo Prado Driver from BRA114700000004306055
.Borja Garcia Driver from SPA97200000000222055
129.Ville Leppala Driver from FIN114801010002395854
.Kostas Kantzouras Driver from GRI126600000024500054
.Mauricio Gomez Driver from COL281014000000141073054
132.Miguel Seoane Driver from SPA115700000001361053
.Markus Hoffmann Driver from GER95400000000363053
.Dejan Stankovic Driver from SWE642010001242841653
135.Caner Basol Driver from TUR54000000002217052
136.George Chatzipantelis Driver from GRI105600000001273051
.Todor Vasilev Driver from BUL105600000000371051
.Sebastian Keijmel Driver from NED104502010225355351
139.Chris Phillips Driver from ENG2202222222211410050
.Cem Bolukbasi Driver from TUR312031211111015250
141.Pablo Garcia Driver from SPA1541100000001492049
142.Andreas Nilsson Driver from SWE3210000011299048
143.Jorge Izquierdo Driver from SPA157701000126627846
144.Rando Muru Driver from EST65111010222349343
.Ajibola Lawal Driver from ENG1137031200023281343
.Mark Johnston Driver from ENG95401110112233243
.Scott K Michaels Driver from CAN540020011222496943
148.Dennis Furchheim Driver from GER54100000000251042
.Laurent Keersmaekers Driver from BEL321120002221174542
150.Miguel Reyes Driver from SPA74300000001224041
.Emre Uysal Driver from TUR93501010223310441
.Samuel Libeert Driver from FRA1551000130004418041
153.Kamran Choudhry Driver from CAN44000000000224040
.Job van der Geest Driver from NED73300000002228040
.Zaahir Essa Driver from SAF220110012221231040
156.Glyn Cooper Driver from ENG1438010000253041939
157.Henri Viirok Driver from EST53200000001199038
.Tom Eley Driver from GBR1559011100025615238
159.Tomo Meglic Driver from SLO135800000014493036
160.Mikko Suokas Driver from FIN2200000001292034
.John Debacquer Driver from BEL73201010002197634
162.Damian Woskowicz Driver from GER32000000122124033
.Francisco Maldonado Driver from SPA43100000001201033
.William Woodcock Driver from COL73400000001209033
165.Dennis Hirrle Driver from GER32111000112124332
.Daniel Bida Driver from ISR134800000002150032
.Shaun Stroud Driver from GBR927010011122841132
168.Kerkar Abdelaziz Driver from FRA83600000003311031
.Greg Olson Driver from AUS64200010013263031
.Darius Trinka Driver from LIT42201010122167331
171.Martial Thomas Driver from FRA33100000000158030
.Roman Ivanov Driver from RUS53100000000246030
173.Danny Lubbers Driver from NED73500000111248028
.Danny Roberts Driver from USA734020112222745828
.Emanuel Gaczella Driver from ROM42201010022128328
176.Sebastian Dunkel Driver from GER73400000001107026
.Mario Witzorreck Driver from GER43101000112162126
.Olli Pahkala Driver from FIN52300000001207026
179.Ondrej Kuncman Driver from CZE41223341111937425
.Franz Schnyder Driver from SWI2110000001172025
181.Anthony Jans Driver from BEL42200000001153024
182.Nazario Nuti Driver from ITA14410231400034535123
.Henning Cordes Driver from GER52300000001181023
.Teemu Tihekari Driver from FIN85401000012374823
185.Agustin Canapino Driver from ARG52300000012228022
186.Craig Hattingh Driver from SAF53100000003189021
.Jorrick Boshove Driver from NED6330000000279021
188.Ivan Hincu Driver from CAN92800110000281020
.Scott Michaels Driver from GBR84400000002272020
.Deniz Acarlar Driver from TUR11011111111535220
.Renan Lopes Driver from BRA82500000000106020
.Matheus Driver from BRA102900000000353020
.Marko Vuori Driver from FIN42200000000159020
.Rizwan Sarwar Driver from ENG72500000001261020
.Ross Pluchino Driver from ITA32100000000117020
196.Vitor Enes Driver from POR73300000012219019
197.Jack Nicholls Driver from ENG32101110012891017
.Jimmy Jones Driver from JAP43100000002191017
199.Carlos López Driver from SPA114600000001398016
200.Filipe Santos Driver from POR41300000011140015
.Carlos Rocha Driver from POR1531110000003410015
202.Enrico Di Loreto Driver from ITA1100000000157014
.David Webb Driver from USA53000000002186014
.Samuel Libeert Driver from FRA1100011000152014
205.Alberto De Juan Driver from SPA3120000000157013
.Tristan Bayless Driver from USA53100000002264013
.Sean Edwards Driver from GBR1100000001170013
208.Thiago Almeida Driver from BRA2110000000139012
.Lee Morris Driver from GBR42200000001136012
.Ernesto Fernandez Driver from ALB133500000001271012
211.Guilherme Faustini Driver from BRA1100000000134011
.Kim Figuerres Driver from ALB2110000000189011
.Ben Phillips Driver from ENG32000000002181011
214.Dewald Nel Driver from SAF3120000000061010
.Emanuele Driver from ITA1100000000056010
.Attila Szekely Driver from HUN2120000000051010
.Dawid Mroczek Driver from POL2111000000046010
.Georg Winter Driver from GER3130000000043010
.Abdoulaye Diop Driver from FRA4130000000061010
.Bastien Gauthier Driver from FRA2110000000098010
.Keller Jean-Pascal Driver from FRA21100000000111010
.Davide Gabbrielli Driver from ITA1100000000050010
.Bryan Stark Driver from SCO2110000000071010
.Nicolaj  Driver from DEN2100000000057010
.David Bennewitz Driver from GER3120000000042010
.Ryan Walker Driver from SCO2110000000086010
.Balazs Galyar Driver from HUN1100000000055010
.Ben Horrill Driver from WAL3120000000093010
.Todor Pangev Driver from BUL1100000000054010
.Martin Andrasi Driver from CZE52400000003208010
.Ventis Didrihsons Driver from LAT2120000000091010
232.Marko Hartikainen Driver from FIN4130000000114609
.César Mendes Driver from POR211000000015009
.Chris Laleau Driver from FRA110000000015109
.Swaraj Shergill Driver from IND514000000049809
236.Dennis Johansen Driver from DEN7150000000113908
.Nicholas Morse Driver from USA5220000000120308
238.Mitchell Weirich Driver from USA110000000016807
.Markus Brenner Driver from AUT211000000028107
.Michael Palmer Driver from ENG110000000015907
.Florian Pichelet Driver from USA7160000000225307
.Marco P. Pulido Driver from COL511000000019107
.John Kladis Driver from GRI61514000002153187
244.Fernando Babij Driver from ARG211000000015506
.Ryan Gilmore Driver from GBR5140000000111106
.Andre Driver from GER312101101117606
.Klaus Seimetz Driver from GER110000000015606
248.Miguel Madureira Driver from POR7140000000116305
.luca desi Driver from ITA614000000008505
.Vitale Rosetti Driver from ITA210000000015205
.Joseph Mudrak Driver from USA5220000000020005
.Xico Rocha Driver from POR814000000019205
.Jordi Surralles Driver from SPA411010000114915
254.Chris Griffin Driver from CAN312000000006604
.Luke Kidsley Driver from ENG312000000136004
.Robbert van Vliet Driver from NED211100000008204
257.Dani Falco Driver from SPA411000000006703
258.Michael Theis Driver from USA817000000008702
. Driver from 111000000006202
260.Nicholas Lenard Driver from USA6140000000013601
261. Driver from 10100000000000
.Kevin Budie Driver from NED101000000003500
. Driver from 10000000000000
. Driver from 60500000000000
.Anthony Driver from AUS60400000000000
.Burak Akmaz Driver from TUR150600000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Bill Bmwer Driver from GRI10100000000000
.Brian Haitz Driver from GER10100000000000
. Driver from 202000100003600
. Driver from 10000000000000
. Driver from 270200000011000
.Patrick De Wit Driver from NED606000000001400
.Nizar Kikoni Driver from SPA10100000000000
.Yap Largo Driver from SPA101000000001100
. Driver from 10000000000000
.Matteo Keersmaekers Driver from BEL8080000000117000
.Spyros Charalambous Driver from CYP10000000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Sam Giltner Driver from USA10000000000000
.Sasha Depouilly Driver from FRA101000000001500
.Jarl Teien Driver from NOR302000000001400
. Driver from 30100000000000
. Driver from 3302300000000000
.Avni Tumay Driver from AUS101000000005400
.Ben Buitendijk Driver from NED202000000005600
.Arnas Vaiciulis Driver from LIT40300000000000
.Antonio Moreno Driver from MEX20000000000000
.Alexandre Caetano Driver from POR10000000000000
.Camilo Andres Nińo Driver from COL303000000007200
.Kirill Izotov Driver from RUS6060000000010600
.Andre Eckardt Driver from UKR10100000000000
. Driver from 50300000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Laurent Vaisman Driver from CAN9090000000015800
.Dominic Renting Driver from NED303000000005400
.Paulius Grudzinskas Driver from LIT50300000000000
.David Smith Driver from SCO10000000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Matteo Tuzi Driver from ITA10100000000500
.Joao Gabriel Driver from BRA20200000000000
.Nick Fischer Driver from SAF303000000027700
. Driver from 10100000000000
. Driver from 20200000000000
.David Garcia Driver from SPA10100000000100
.Martin Smith Driver from SCO10100000000900
.Muaz Zakaria Driver from MAL10000000000000
.Alfredo Varon Driver from COL12060000000124000
.Franc Skufca Driver from NED303000000026200
.Greg Barber Driver from AUS2011101000141130
. Driver from 10000000000000
. Driver from 2801200000000000
. Driver from 20200000000000
.Fredrik Nilsson Driver from SWE10100000000800
.Karel Juranek Driver from CZE202000000002100
. Driver from 10100000000000
. Driver from 160800000000000
.Gary Mola Driver from USA402000000005300
.Danny Davison Driver from AUS201000100015400
.David Simko Driver from HUN101000000002200
. Driver from 10000000000000
.Davide Ferrario Driver from ITA10000000000000
. Driver from 40300000000000
.Joaquim Cabral Driver from POR101000000014300
. Driver from 10100000000300
. Driver from 70100000000000
.Morgan Morand Driver from FRA10101110000220
. Driver from 10000000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Michael Samuel Driver from ENG40300000000000
.jordan Driver from ENG30200000000000
.Marco Zipoli Driver from ITA101000000003200
.John Berg Driver from NED50100000000000
. Driver from 801000000006800
.Andrey Lovchy Driver from BEA303000000005400
.Juan Lopez  Driver from ALB10000000000000
.Steffen Moller Driver from DEN302100000002700
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Andrei Kasparov Driver from RUS2010000000013300
.Patrik Kanecabc Driver from FRA10100000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Phil Perkins Driver from ENG202000000002500
.Wyatt Gooden Driver from USA10100000000900
. Driver from 1501300000001000
. Driver from 10000000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Guillaume Laporte Driver from ALB20000000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
.adolfo Driver from SPA20100000000000
.Mickael Taloc Driver from FRA202000000002000
.Jorge Garcia Simarro Driver from SPA10100000000400
.Daniel Brewer Driver from ENG10100000000100
.Kevin russo Driver from ARG101000000004000
. Driver from 10000000000000
. Driver from 10000000000000
.Antonio Mancini Driver from ITA10100000001200
.Mike  Driver from CAN50200000000000
.Ricardo Michalewski Driver from NED10000000000000
.Jonathan Stewart Driver from BAH10100000000000
. Driver from 40300000000000
.henry kaljulaid Driver from EST10100000000000
.Steve Pham Driver from USA20100000000000
.Alvaro Parente Driver from POR10000000000000
.Julian Martinez Driver from COL10100000000600
.Peter Gavrilyak Driver from RUS101000000014100
.Eduardo Martinez Driver from COL202000000011500
.Kóbori Zsolt Driver from HUN10100000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
. Driver from 80600000000000
. Driver from 10000000000000
.Vonsagorn Aulvong Driver from FIN1101100000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
. Driver from 30300000000000
.Fabian Guckel Driver from GER202000000004400
. Driver from 20200000000000
.Muo Raj Driver from ENG301000000002200
.Petros Mak Driver from AUS10000000000000
.Giuseppe Cantore Driver from ITA101000000006500
.Nick Oldenhuis Driver from NED10000000000000
. Driver from 2001700000000000
. Driver from 3401000000001000
.Vonsagorn Aulvong Driver from FIN10100000000000
.Dale Carrick Driver from GBR202000000006700
.John Kramer Driver from ALB504000000005800
.Fernando Taboas Driver from ARG20000000000000
.Richard Crozier Driver from SCO101000000001300
.Manuel Buela Driver from SPA10000000000000
.Alvaro Vazquez Driver from SPA201000000003500
.Miguel Andrés Driver from COL10100000000000
.Fred Owen Driver from ENG10100000000000
.Jaroslaw Grzywacz Driver from GER10100000001800
. Driver from 1201200000000000
. Driver from 50500000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
.Igor Sicuro Driver from ITA101001100003600
.John-Eric Saxen Driver from FIN303110100017020
. Driver from 70700000000000
. Driver from 10100000000000
. Driver from 20000000000000
.Ivan Baldo Driver from URU10000000000000
.Andreas Spengler Driver from GER202010100004360
.Algaci Tulio Jr Driver from BRA201000000002800
.Roberto Fernandez Driver from SPA303000000002600
. Driver from 140700000000000
. Driver from 100300000000000
.Thomas Hancock Driver from ENG10100000000000
. Driver from 10000000000000
. Driver from 10000000000000
.Pedro Licio Mega Driver from BRA101000000003400
.Ben Scott Driver from ENG10000000000000
.Dmitry Lukanov Driver from UKR20100000000000
.Lennart Schreiber Driver from GER303010000003920
.Tyndale Banza Driver from AUS20200000000600

Team Statistics Season
1. Precision Motorsports Driver from GER18716424197422423486119156861918894592
2. Twister Racing Driver from ITA1511242416492435316490113628711133585
3. GhostSpeed Racing Team Driver from POR22915379133962813336211996047272573
4. GT Omega Racing Driver from GER90771421369416326448082371603
5. Roaldo Racing Ace Driver from NED13110228836112411497710368117421598
6. Twister-Racing Thunder Driver from USA12981491648274025515778579814691425
7. GT Omega Racing Driver from GBR9070224831039205944531691291
8. Faster Than Speed Ace Driver from ARG1721046181123511388665841141193
9. TrinesNX Exclusive Driver from ITA7961183713161333280450827
10. Biocross Positive SimRacing Driver from SPA7762175313081227239326755
11. Twister Racing Black Driver from SPA403183646191828180595689
12. Twister-Racing Lightning Driver from USA71462541051161727383465251667
13. Twister Racing Blue Driver from SPA362952815312172599456587
14. GS Racing Driver from POR82433547462512332786128575
15. NetRex Academy Driver from ITA2723407142811191479111560
16. NetRex Grand Prix Driver from ITA864347051212827236140557
17. The Venus Project Racing Driver from SLO56401232230162820154541
18. Roaldo Renegade Driver from NED865035411054918493763178539
19. Obutto Twister-Racing Driver from NED2518615233711171199167498
20. Torrent Motorsports - IPForge Driver from USA5035153312041430247120488
21. BBR Life4Racing Driver from ITA282271725151018110242468
22. Eventa-Pescara SHS Ace Driver from BUL28234031104920112719456
23. Eventa by Pescara SHS Ace Driver from BUL282250412061020117931455
24. Diamond Racing Team Driver from BEA513122083841620272231180449
25. Skizzato Racing Team Driver from ITA231685626191117103179444
26. Avid Chronic Racing SimSport Driver from USA543520163511420158999433
27. Avid Chronic Racing Driver from USA372514341405716108925426
28. The Venus Project Racing Driver from SLO42331100110001520930422
29. Silverline Racing WS Driver from ENG432220111112414170951344
30. 2Fast4U-Racing Driver from NED2115702111481397825324
31. Team FSR Driver from SWI42915243331417915122271276
32. GS Engineering Driver from POR231771101013138274273
33. Coca-Cola Kiwi Ace Driver from AUS2919111412041022138011246
34. Torrent Motorsports - GeoDocs Driver from USA3018130101012712431241
35. Faster Than Speed WS Driver from ARG492334010213310188927240
. AeroF1 Driver from ENG14131000003497790240
37. Positive SimRacing Team Driver from SPA221840000001611210213
. Pescara UEIN Driver from ITA221750001001911650213
39. DHR - Apex Driver from GBR45232101000031618218211
40. Twister-Racing Ace III Driver from GER321714160013816154523198
41. Roaldo RedSpeed GP Driver from NED18127012302268784194
42. FTS Ace Panthers Driver from ARG4323171000011611220172
43. AllStar-Racing Driver from GER15860423023861739165
44. Skizzato+ Driver from ITA12572223124632757154
45. Origin Front Row Racing Green Driver from GBR13581412223330862146
. Ahja Racing Driver from EST22184001100044650146
47. 05F1 Driver from AUS3012180000000510220144
48. The VPR Driver from SLO161071212011367133143
49. Racing Team Driver from POR221010242325611811155140
50. Bracciano Racing Driver from ITA4311304626034111266122131
51. Roaldo Rapture Driver from NED221622024012139610130
52. Comunidad JDT Team Driver from SPA17117000000025660117
53. Belgrade Racing Team Driver from SER40211400110011416510115
54. Torrent Motorsports - Alienware Driver from USA181261301245587463113
55. Torrent Motorsports Driver from USA2216910010011111310107
56. Born2Win Driver from FIN1257321411363845698
57. Racing Factory Team Driver from SPA1310300000011613097
58. Red Bull Kiwi Virtual Ace Driver from NEZ13652322224950411996
. Thrustmaster Twister-Racing Driver from NED1369141400065138596
60. BlueBolt Racing Driver from ITA127600000014423095
61. DEZZ.IT - Brehm GP Driver from ITA178900000002611090
62. Deletraz BMB Driver from ENG2091200000027811085
63. MAK Corp Racing WS Driver from GRI2181400110001701083
64. Disley Driver from AUS76123010246380982
65. Ash Racing ProDRIVE Driver from GBR116500000004419075
66. Diamond Racing Ace Driver from BEA19414510561331059617174
. Management4You Monster Energy WS Driver from FRA107300000001538074
. Thunderbat Driver from AUS126600000047465074
69. GT Omega BITSTEPS Driver from GBR96310120002403072
70.  Driver from 169600120037648070
.  Driver from 25149000000011912070
72. Lion GP Driver from GER97201000112413168
73. Ash Racing Driver from GBR25815221100047735367
74.  Driver from 25121000000009930064
75. American English Racing Organization Driver from ENG219800000017783062
76. Tech Racing Driver from ENG632030012332979761
. NetRex Traditional Driver from ITA116600000000426061
78. Faster Than Speed Ace 2 Driver from ARG105500000029403053
79. Bracciano Corse Driver from ITA631130011233043351
80.  Driver from 2571400010004869048
81. Rice Racing - TMo Driver from USA159600000005676047
. Hancock GP Driver from ENG85201000123311547
. Twister-Racing Ace IV Driver from GER43111000123236347
84. Backmarker Brigade Driver from ENG86311010224401346
85. NapoLotan Team Racing Driver from ITA85300110001149045
86. Avid Chronic Racing Engineering Driver from USA1751100000003193043
87. RS EVO Driver from GBR94500000000337042
88. Driver from AUT53100000124205040
89. Sisu Grand Prix Driver from FIN73400000001172038
90. AeroF1 Dynamics Driver from ENG72600000012173037
. Roaldo Recon Driver from NED21511240101144974337
92. RomeoOneRacing Driver from USA33100000001142036
93. Origin Front Row Racing Red Driver from GBR63300000002134033
94. Racing Factory 4 Spain Driver from SPA945111100232641032
95. Eventa Simracing Ace Driver from BUL93600000001220031
96.  Driver from 65100000012285026
97. CSG Racing - Driver from GBR514010011111541125
98. Team 5Star Driver from GER52300000001181023
. Sinergia Team Driver from COL2631600000013742023
100. DHR - Driver from ENG83401110125203222
. Precision Motorsports Junior Driver from GER62300000000183022
102. Silverline Acadamy WS Driver from ENG112900000002361020
103. Mspeed International Driver from USA94500000001320016
.  Driver from 1851200000000469016
105. Tegretol Racing Team Driver from ARG42200000002155015
106. PCRacer Ace Driver from USA53000000002186014
107. Sinergia Team P2 Driver from COL53200000001238012
. Diamond Russia Driver from RUS112800000002252012
109. Racing Team Driver from RUS72311110122125111
. Richards Racing Driver from USA33000000001181011
. Third Eye Kiwi Virtual Ace Driver from AUS412110100021301311
. Team Estonia Driver from EST3120000000086011
. dOOssier Driver from POR1831110000002342011
114. ClassicJazzBar F1 Racing Driver from POR72400000002216010
. Venus Racing Project Driver from SLO1110100000053110
. Racing 2 Driver from RUS21100000000111010
. Pescara Corse Driver from ITA5130000000271010
. Snow Schatten Racing Team Driver from BRA5140000000042010
119. Rosso 27 Racing Driver from ITA2110000000210209
. Mspeed Atlantic Driver from GBR4210000000115209
. Bastet FCF-Team Driver from COL9270000000119209
122. Future Racing 2 Driver from NED211000000017206
123.  Driver from 8150000000012802
124. NBK Racing Team Driver from ENG10000000000000
. The Black Rebels - Costa Olanda Driver from SPA303000000005700
. GT Omega Racing Pro Driver from GBR303000000007900
. FTS WS Panthers Driver from ARG202000000002900
. FTS Ace Cheetahs Driver from ARG10100000000200
. Latin F1 Driver from COL202000000011500
. Evolution MotorSports Driver from POR201000000003500
. Tech Racing II Driver from ENG101000000004200
. Race2Play Draig Racing Driver from WAL202000000002500
. Formula 05 Driver from AUS101000000002900
. Vitamina OSR Driver from POR10000000000000
. Kiwi Virtual Ace Driver from ROM101001100003600
. Johnnie Walker Team Driver from CZE101000000001700
. Bracciano-Racing-Team 3 Driver from ITA101000000003200
. Nocturne e-Sports Driver from ENG200000000005600
. Simracing for Holland Driver from BEL10000000000000
. Jasco Spain PSR Driver from SPA101000000002700
. NovaFormula Racing Driver from POR10000000000000
. ColombiaF1 Driver from COL20000000000000
. Mystery House Racing Driver from SPA101000000001100
. Team Downforce Driver from AUS30000000000000
. Faster Than Speed Amateur Driver from ARG20000000000000
. Vault5-Gaming Driver from SCO20100000000900
. F1 Racing Kiwi Virtual Driver from AUS101000000001400
. Argentina Racing Team Driver from ARG10000000000000
. Tyndale Banza Driver from AUS20200000000600
. Rocket Racing Driver from AUT302000000001400

R = Total official GPCOS races
PF = Total point finishes (Could include DNF results)
DNF = Total did not finishes (DNF)
FL = Total fastest laps
RL = Total lead races
PP = Total pole-positions
FR = Total front-row starts
Win = Total race victories
T3 = Total podium finishes
T5 = Total top 5 race finishes
T10 = Total top 10 race finishes
L = Total completed laps
LL = Total lead laps

        GPCOS, v 1.50, 2004-2008
        Last update: 2008-05-02
GPCOS is developed by Jaap Wagenvoort