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World Championship
P DriverCPts
1.D Alessandro Driver from ITA206
2.Simoncic Driver from SLO167
3.Brljak Driver from CRO157
4.Patel Driver from GBR156
5.Kiss Driver from HUN80

P DriverCPts
1.valeriano Driver from ITA183
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI179
3.van der Niet Driver from NED119
4.Mroczek Driver from POL107
5.Ivanov Driver from BUL104

P DriverCPts
1.Leonov Driver from BUL159
2.Oldenmenger Driver from NED152
3.Rodger Driver from SCO134
4.BRIONI Driver from ITA132
5.D Amelio Driver from ITA129

P DriverCPts
1.Spoljaric Driver from CRO349
2.Fields Driver from NEZ244
3.Niza Driver from SPA169
4.Gray Driver from ENG150
5.Bubicic Driver from CRO133

P DriverCPts
1.Vesel├Ż Driver from CZE70
2.Wheway Driver from GBR34
3.Burkhard Driver from GER25
4.Vicentijevic Driver from SER20
5.Galati Driver from ITA15

World Trophy
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P DriverCPts
.Paling Driver from ENG0
. Driver from 0
. Driver from 0
.Rabey Driver from GBR0
.Hoyer Driver from GER0

Winter Series
P DriverCPts
1.Hoyer Driver from GER138
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI125
3.Puschke Driver from GER102
4.Maguire Driver from IRE78
5.Leonov Driver from BUL75

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Date: 2018-10-07 18:36:41
League: World Championship
Track: Round 12: Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace

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The career official results of Alessio Campus.


2013-04-07Australia Melbourne, Australia 2013 NetRex Grand ...PRO2013P18P15Comment: My first international race was good untill an rFactor crash.

PQ: good laps, but I barely managed to be in G1 race. 

Q1: good laps, but laps competitors are better. I'm 22 and out of Q2.

Race: first laps are very good, I overtake many simdrivers. At the end of first stint i'm 8, and my pace is very good. I decide to change strategy, and i put hard tires to finish the race. Bad choice I think, becouse i lost time and a couple of potencial place during this stint. 5 laps to go, and I'm in six place, trying to be not overtake by several cars. Than, i have to surrender.

Well, I hope to have the 10 points of my 90% race. I'm not sure becouse rFactor crash and log file was not created. I'm trying to change my video board right now.

Thanks to NetRex'ers for support, and thanks to FSR staff for his time. See you next race

10View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2013-04-28Bahrain Shakir, Bahrain 2013 NetRex Grand ...PRO2013P12P20Comment: My race was characterized by wrong choicess done during free practice

PQ: I effect some good passages and I'm 3rd. Beautiful to have "Leader: A.Campus" on the LCD for a few minutes:)

Q1: some good laps allows me to be in 12th place

Race: I try to have a conservative attitude, since I don't have a good affinity with this setup. I go up to 6th place thanks to a enough constant race pace, even if several battles are characterized by some contacts and my C7NX is a little bit damaged. At lap 17, while I am occupying the 7th position, I suffer a brakes failure; it already happened during tests, and we had not succeeded in resolving the problem in time. Now we know what was wrong, but it's too late for me in Sakhir.0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2013-05-05China Shanghai, China 2012 NetRex Grand ...PRO2013P8P8Comment: PQ: some good passages allows me to access to Q1

Q1: very good session, i'm in Q2

Q2: tire worn is high, I decide to complete this session with a set of hard tires. I'm 8th.

Race: in the first laps I lose different positions, I also think because of the tires. In the same race stage I suffer a light damage at the back left suspension, that condition the pit stop time. For a part of the grand prix I'm in eye contact with the cars that fight for the fourth position, but despite my efforts they are a little bit faster, as minimum of some tenth of a second. I finish eighth.
15View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2013-05-19Monaco Monte Carlo, Monaco 2012 NetRex Grand ...PRO2013P19P16Comment: PQ: good laps, I will do G1 race

Q1: very good laps, i'm in Q2

Q2: the setup is different from PQ and Q1, but maybe even a conservative attitude doesn't allow me to do better than the 9th place. I need to improve in Q2.

Race: my start is good but the space to use it it's little, and I have to slown down. In front of me, at the first corner, some simdrivers are forced to slow down to; I'm behind of them, so I finish the first lap in 15th place. I wait that strategy begin to work before increasing my pace, but when I try to do it I have traffic. I decide to do the pitstop even knowing I will be again in traffic, and I'm lucky to don't have serious damages after a pretty heavy wall touch (seriously, that corner was different a couple of days ago:p) . When strategy starts to repay and i'm recovering positions, I have a huge rear-ending by another pilot at the tunnel exit; I lose more than a lap but I can go through with the race, managing my C7NX to the finish line. I'm 17th, and for the first time in my simdriver careeer i'm lap.10View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2013-06-02Canada Montreal, Canada 2012 NetRex Grand ...PRO2013P20P6Comment: PQ: good session

Q1: idem :)

Q2: I think that there are some improvements in comparison with last appointments, especially at mental attitude, but it isn't a great lap. I'm eighth.

Race: good release, average start. I maintain the position untill the hairpin turn, where the inside trajectory allows me to avoid chaos and to earn three positions; I lost them two corners later because of a contact, even if luck and ability allows me to lose only few seconds. First two stints are positive, I virtually recover some positions thanks to a good pace; in the third stint this is not possible because of the strategy, that I had not the possibility to examine in depth. I stay calm and I suffer different overtakes, but also here thanks to the constant pace I limit very much "damages", and I come 6th with a pitstop less.18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2013-06-16Great Britain Silverstone, Great Britain 2012 NetRex Grand ...PRO2013P8P8Comment: 15View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2013-07-14Germany Nurburgring, Germany 2013 NetRex Grand ...PRO2013P23P9Comment: PQ: despite good laps there are signs of a even more demanding Q1 than usual.

Q1: great lap, but unfortunately it's not enough to access Q2. I'm 12th

Race: good release, avarage start. In first stint I gained a lot of positions, also because of some people's mistakes; I done one of them, that fortunately I don't believe had consequences for me and for Debaacquer, a side by side contact after my oversteering in breacking (sorry). When Martin spun I'm almost forced to stop myself; there is a very little hit, and despite this my C7NX is predictable and competitive. I succeed in going up to third place, when time for my first pitstop arrives; I rejoined track in 8th, in front of Nunes and at 5 seconds from Carlos, but in the second stint my race comes partially compromised. I effect 5 attempts to pass Valeriano, and in 4 of these there is a contact (3 with him and one with Nunes); they are mild but I think they should not be. The last one is the most unexpected and I don't succeed in avoiding an half-spin; I recover and I give a payback (I also signalled my behavior, because I don't like to do those things), but my possibilities of a podium are now very low. I maintain my pace, little by little conditioned from car conditions; I effect the second pitstop and I finish 10th, but maybe I will advance of a couple of positions because of disqualifications.14View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2013-08-04Hungary Hungaroring, Hungary 2013 NetRex Grand ...PRO2013P13P10Comment: PQ2: good laps, i'm 12th considering the two PQ sessions

Q1: great laps, i'm 9th

Q2: I made a mistake, forgiving the park ferme rule; I escape penalties don't doing my lap, and I'm 10th. I potentially lost 3 places, but only 1 place realistically:)

Race: in first laps I maintain the 10th place, then I start to gain positions becouse of a regular pace. I'm 7th but I'm not particularly fast, I can't do better; I have to defend my place. When pit stop starts, I managed to reduce at minimum my free practice problems, but I can't evoid to lost two positions to Aalberts and then to Francesconi, also becouse I lose time in traffic and in a contact with Valiente. I'm 9th, and with my pace I can only continue to defend; Valiente overtake me, but after the second pit stop he has an engine problem. I'm just behind him, defending from Balazs and Valeriano; I prefer to be a bit carefull, slowind down a little bit, but in this way I expose my position and then I lose two places in few meters. I finish 10th.

Not a great race by me, but I had a problem during free practice and I was very close to don't finish the race becouse if it, so a personal avarage and not bad at all race.
13View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2013-08-18Spain Valencia, Spain 2013 NetRex Grand ...PRO2013P9P7Comment: PQ: very good session. 7th
Q1: very good as well. 10th
Q2: pretty bad lap, but it does perfectly its job. 9th

Race: start is quite good but I lose two positions anyway, but then I manage to do several overtakes. When i'm attacking for P6, I spun becouse i'm hit; I back on track in 17th, avoiding different cars becouse of troubles in S3. I restart to recover positions, my car hasn't particular damages, but at third lap I have to slow down for another crash in front of me, so I'm 14th. From that race point I set my pace, with only one excpetion I think (avoiding a spinning car in front of me); I do several overtakes, battling with some top position drivers even becouse of different strategies, and gain advantages from other people mistakes or problems. I finish 7th.16View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2013-09-01Italy Monza, Italy 2013 NetRex Grand ...PRO2013P28P20Comment: Q1: good laps despite a bit of traffic, but I can't manage to do better than 13th. I'm 14th.

Race: very good start, I gain two positions. At first corner I gain other two, so i'm 10th. When I'm attacking for 9th, I lose car control exiting from the second Lesmo; i crash, loosing my front wing. Embarassing moment in the pit lane, becouse I miss my box; sorry for the potentially dangerous situation I create. I let pass a driver, then I do reverse and I pit. This is my first lap, so i'm very far even from 12th place, but that's my target when I start the second lap. Soon I realize that I don't have the pace to recover so many positions, so I change target; I don't want to be lap, and I change my strategy on that purpose. The car is fast as in free practice; sometimes I have stability in free practice :), so the car is ok. Ten laps to go, and I'm following Siggy in 17th. When he spins at second Lesmo I succeed in avoiding him, but doing it I lose again car control, crashing and destroing my C7NX nose again.
The only target left is finish the race; I pit for repairs and then I finish in the middle of blue flags.

Worst performance of the season by far.10View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2013-09-15Japan Suzuka, Japan 2013 NetRex Grand ...PRO2013P14P6Comment: In Q1 I had 3 attemps; only one was completely clean from traffic, and I placed myself 14th on the grid. 

First laps were very good; I recovered 10 places and put a gap to defend the position. Second stint was good as well, and I had a battle for 3rd with Torres. Third stint was bad, becouse I was pushing very hard and hoping to be on the podium (there are so many strategies that isn't so easy to know who are your direct opponents), resulting in a little contact with Boshove (it was very slight, but sorry anyway ;) ) and a spin. After that I was a bit far from 4th place; I pushed, doing fastest laps and recovering. I managed to overtake Jorrick, but I think that move wasn't in my style, so I decided to let him pass.

6th place is a good result, but I have to be a little bit calmer in some situations.18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2013-09-29Korea Yeongam, Korea 2013 NetRex Grand ...PRO2013P10P9Comment: Q1: a bit of traffic but a very good lap, I can't do better than 13th.

Race: first race start is bad, I have to avoid a car and I lose places. When I'm recovering positions there is a general issue and a red flag. Second start is better; I do a clean race, regular and without mistakes, but my pace isn't special today.

To be honest I was expecting more; maybe 8th place was possible with a strategy change, but I have to be quite happy about 9th considering contest (I mean that's very important to finalise). I think we deserve a better place in WT team rank, and we can do it.14View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2013-10-13Singapore Singapore, Singapore 2013 NetRex Grand ...PRO2013P23P8Comment: Q1: my best lap time, I can't to better than 14th.

Race: I have to avoid a couple of car in first laps, and I mantain position. Then I start to gain positions becouse of a regular pace and strategy. Second stint is more animated; I have several battles, and Boshove pass me after a contact with Schnyder and a duel.

7th place was the best possible result, so I'm quite happy about 8th.15View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2013-10-27United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, UAE 2012 NetRex Grand ...PRO2013P18P6Comment: Maybe my worst free practices this season, and qualifications are a disaster. Becouse of my few international experience and italian timezone I join Q1 with one minute left, so I have to start 23th. Worst free practices means that I have to discover a new car package (setup, tires, strategy) during warm-up. Race: first stint is phenomenal and lucky; I avoid first lap chaos and then I create and improve a gap to defend 8th position. Second stint strategy is too conservative; pace is not so good, but I gain advantage from people mistakes or misfortune, so I finish 6th. I think that, even doing Abu Dhabi qualifications, I can't do better than 5th; so this is a great result considering contest.18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2013-11-10Brazil Interlagos, Brazil 2012 NetRex Grand ...PRO2013P9P9Comment: Q1: very good laps, 10th.
Q2: same as before, 9th.
Race: slow start becouse of my long first gear, I lose some places. There is contact with Torres in S2; I misjudge his position in my mirrors closing the door, so we touch and we lose one place (sorry for that). After 2 laps I'm back 9th, but then it's chaos. I avoid an oversteering by Siggy going on grass; there is an irregularity that I don't know there, and I lose car control, backing on track during a spin. Torres is in a similar situation, and then somebody hit me very hard; I'm lucky to continue the race after that. I decide to don't pit and fit my driving style with damaged car; I have pretty serious underteering problem, but I don't know how much time repair can go on. After that, regoular pace and no mistakes untill race finish; aggressive strategy works well enough considering contest, but I have to show withe flag with GS simdrivers despite my try (very nice battles). I finish 9th, lapped by Kiss.

I have to say thanks to my team and its sponsor; part of my results are becouse of team efforts. My 2014 target will be at least improve how much I can one of my 2013 "numbers" (9th, 200 points).14View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2014-04-13Bahrain Sakhir, Bahrain 2014 NetRex Grand ...PRO2014P4P3Comment: PQ: 6th with 1:32.6
Q1: 7th with 1:32.6
Q2: 4h with 1:32.8

Race: I lose a position at start, but I re-gain it in S1. After a little mistake at first lap I stay close to podium contenders; I lost a position when we have some troubles at T9. After pit stops and some battles, with Fernandez and Matti, I'm third; Boshove and Kweekel gains 10 seconds ahead and Holmes is catching me. As in all race, I try to make good laps without destroy tires/make mistakes. Last 3 laps battle ends with my first FSR podium; I'm very happy about it!

Thanks to Crown7 NetRex and FTS32View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2014-05-18China Shanghai, China 2014 NetRex Grand ...PRO2014P11P6Comment: Q1: during my exiting lap for my first attempt, I crash avoiding a driver that slow down when I'm very close to overtake him. Second attempt: 1'37.6. Third attempt: I have traffic, then I overdrive in second sector trying to recover time. I don't improve and I'm 13th.

Race start: aggressive mod on. I'm quite close to the start crash but not enough to have problems, and soon I have some battles with Filosa and Falcon (I have to say sorry to Filosa for that contact) that allows me to be 9th. At second lap I do a divebomb overtake with contact to Filosa; I'm at apex doing an in-apex-in line, but he seems to don't see me, so I think I'm clean. Gradually I close gap to 7th position; after my pitstop I gain 2 positions, but Shogoer and Nelmes re-overtake me. In my third stint I overtake Schgoer, Tuomas, Nelmes, then Suokas after pushed too much. I finish 6th becouse Mikko re-overtake.

Thanks to all my team to give me a great car. About qualifications I had only a clean attempt, but I will try to do a very good lap even with a single Q1 shot. About race I think I did a good recover, making the fastest lap and taking some risk too; I'm quite happy about it. Congratulation to winner, to podium an to who is happy about his race.

18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2014-06-01San Marino Imola, San Marino 2014 NetRex Grand ...PRO2014P13P4Comment: Q1: first attempt isn't good, but then I set two 1'20.7, very close to my best time; I just can't do better than 13th.

Race: my start is avarage, but I begin to gain positions becouse of drivers mistakes/crashes; if I remember right, my only "true" overtake in first stint is with Holmes. I'm 6th and I close gap to Kweekel, but I loose him after our pitstop; later I have battles with Partington and Suokas, finishing 4th.

I'm pretty happy about my race; I simply can't to better. Thanks to my team to support me a lot, to staff and commentators. Congratulations to winner, to podium and to who is happy about his performance. 26View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2014-06-15Canada Montreal, Canada 2014 NetRex Grand ...PRO2014P8P7Comment: Very good Q1: P6 and new personal best if I'm not wrong.

I think I need to be more confident in Q2; first sector is very good, second and third not so much. P7.

First start is good becouse I gain a position, but then there is a red flag.
Second start is less good becouse I lose a place, but I gain two positions on last corner. I overtake Nelmes after a mistake; laps later I recover gap and I try to pass Kallas, but there is a contact and I lose 2 places. Worn tires and suspension damage doesn't help with Holmes battle, and I lose another position. I soon decide to pit, but I don't see my slot; I pit a lap later, loosing again some seconds. I'm 14th, but a regular pace, some overtake and other simdriverss mistakes allows me to recover to 7th.

I think we are quite sure there was a general pit slot issue, becouse Ivanov stopped his car searching it; he has no place to pit. The question is; in my case, I miss it or there was a problem? I think isn't possible to know, becouse my replay doesn't show it. If there was an issue, I'm happy about my performance; not about my final result, but it can happens. Thank very much to my team for the great support, as always. Congratulations to winner (X4), to podium and to who is happy about his performance.16View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2014-06-29Great Britain Round 06 - Silverstone Circuit NetRex Grand ...PRO2014P7P4Comment: Good qualifying sessions; my Q2 lap allows me to start from 7.
Race start is quite good as well; Klop overtakes me, but I succed to resist to Sandler and I overtake Ivanov. After Rens drive through I'm 5th. I pit earlier than most of the field; after all pitstops and Kweekel and Brewer spins I take second place.  When I'm defending from Klop there is a contact; I spin and I lose two positions. After that I resist to Brewer and Partington, conserving 4th place.

Very good race and good result, but I think there was a chance to hold on and get podium without that contact. I'm very happy about how I raced in first half season; maybe the most solid drive of my career. I would like to continue like this in second half.26View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2014-08-17Germany Round 07 - Hockenheimring NetRex Grand ...PRO2014P18P3Comment: Good qualifying session; I just don't have speed to join Q2, and I start from 11th place with a nickname. After "Charlie Whiting" pressed the buttons, Holmes takes the inside and overtakes me. I gain 3 places in the longer straight and one in turn 6, so I'm 8th. I continue to climb the field becouse of the regular pace, making a 2 stops strategy, and second stint is very good. Before my second pit stop I overtake Winter for 5th and I gain advantage from Falcon-Eastman crash. Then I take 4th position from Brewer and podium from Nel. I defend place from Brewer several times untill his healt issue. I finish third.

I'm very happy to get podium! I was waiting it from Barhain.32View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2014-08-31United States Round 08 - Indianapolis GP NetRex Grand ...PRO2014P7P5Comment: Q1: great lap, I can't do better than 8th.
Q2: very good lap, I'm 7th.

Race: my start is quite good, I overtake the Pro World Champion too, but he immediately reminds me why he is the champion; I'm 6th. I do my first pit stop in 5th place, then I overtake Brewer for 3rd. When I complete my 2 stops strategy I rejoin track in P10, just after Kallas, that I manage to overtake. I lose my 7th position trying a determinate defence on Boshove; I didn't expect so much marbles, so I half-spin and I lose some time. After that I continue to be overtaked, by Brewer for P6, then by Suokas for P7, but I manage to don't make other mistakes and I finish 6th, just in front of Filosa and Valkeejarvi. I'm 5th after post race checks.22View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2014-09-14Italy Monza, Italy 2014 NetRex Grand ...PRO2014P10P18Comment: Q1: good enough lap, I'm 10th.
Q2: good lap, 10th.

Race: at race start I gain a place. Lap 5 and I try to obstruct Winter to get a good line, but we touch and I lose two places. Lap 13 and I box with Kallas, rejoining track in 9th position. Then begins the end of my race; I think that's the moment to push, and I try to overtake forgetting my C7NX conditions (very good but not perfect after previous contact). I'm very aggressive at Ascari brake, maybe too much even for a perfect car; I go deep and I lose three seconds. That's enough to be involved in Klue-Hernandez battle; I try to control this new topic but I don't do it, so I brake early to avoid risks. Opposite result; huge race incident. From that moment, as a good Gilles Villeneuve fan, I'm like:"I will finish this race, you will show that's possible". I rejoin track and box, waiting more than a lap for repairs (I switched engine off), but I have to give up; I can't go straight from second gear, I don't have car control. I think to do another lap an pit again, but I'm very dangerous, so I stop.0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2014-09-28Australia Melbourne, Australia 2014 NetRex Grand ...PRO2014P7P4Comment: Q1: good laps, I just can't do better than 12th.

Race: avarage start. I'm side by side with Filosa with very little room, then I have to give up to avoid Falcon; van Loggerenberg overtakes me at T2, I overtake him at T3 for 11th. In the same lap I gain a position from Winter; I lose it some laps later after a poor exit, with Brezinsky that overtakes me with a little contact. When I do my first pit stop I jump Kore for 10 place, "avoiding" Hernandez. Lap 18 is a bit unlucky for me; I don't like to use this word, but I'm between Kweekel and Partington when we share the same pit slot. I lose 3 places and I rejoin track 13th after Sadler. I gain a place overtaking Valkeejarvi, and then I try to do my best without doing mistakes. Kore overtakes me after Winter-Sadler crash, but little by little I climb the field and I finish 6th, resisting from Ivanov. After the race, the "dark side" of me reveals :sneaky: and I decide to protest Kweekel for cuts; I'm 4th after post race checks.26View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2014-10-05Japan Suzuka, Japan 2014 NetRex Grand ...PRO2014P9P6Comment: Q1: first broadcasted attempt is not enough for top ten, but second broadcasted lap is my new personal best by far. Best 2014 Q1 performance and result (6th).
Q2: this lap is my second personal best and it's good enough (9th). A mix of "push", "don't overdrive" and "rear wing enable" chat.

Race: start is avarage, I mantain my position. Soon I overtake Partington for 8th. My race pace is not special but I already suspected it, and I have to stay very focus to don't make mistakes; I can't stay with top 7th. After pit stops, when Mike undercuts me for 10th place, I have to use all my experience to don't destroy my race; I try to resist but without act like a "hero" (do you remember Indianapolis?). After that I "overtake" Alari for 8th and I try to continue to be very focus. Later I'm 6th, trying to hold Falcon and other drivers behind me. I finish 6th.

Suzuka was a demanding challenge for me; I'm quite happy about 6th place and very happy about performance.18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2014-10-19USA Austin, United States 2014 NetRex Grand ...PRO2014P5P2 40View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2015-04-04Australia Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit TrinesNX Excl...ACE2015P19P18Comment: PQ: great, I can't do better. If I remember right I'm 16th, and first 18 simdrivers are in half of a second.

Q1: not bad, but it's not great as PQ. 21st

Race: preservative start is a good idea. I lose some position in first sectors, but in the end of first lap I avoid an accident and I'm 16th. On second lap I lose internet connection; I have to retire.

I will not race in Sepang becouse of same issue.0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2015-04-25China Shanghai International Circuit TrinesNX Excl...ACE2015P21P15 10View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2015-05-16Bahrain Bahrain International Circuit TrinesNX Excl...ACE2015P19P10 11View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2015-05-30Canada Circuit Gilles Villeneuve TrinesNX Excl...ACE2015P18P10 11View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2015-06-13Austria Red Bull Ring TrinesNX Excl...ACE2015P18P16 10View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2015-06-27Germany Hockenheimring TrinesNX Excl...ACE2015P18P9 12View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2015-07-11Great Britain Silverstone Circuit TrinesNX Excl...ACE2015P12P12 10View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2015-08-29Italy Autodromo Nazionale Monza TrinesNX Excl...ACE2015P13P15 0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2015-09-26Singapore Marina Bay Street Circuit TrinesNX Excl...ACE2015P19P13 10View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2015-10-03Japan Suzuka Circuit TrinesNX Excl...ACE2015P10P13 10View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2015-10-17USA Circuit of the Americas TrinesNX Excl...ACE2015P15P11 10View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2015-11-07Brazil Autˇdromo JosÚ Carlos Pace TrinesNX Excl...ACE2015P16P11 10View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result

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