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World Championship
P DriverCPts
1.D Alessandro Driver from ITA206
2.Simoncic Driver from SLO167
3.Brljak Driver from CRO157
4.Patel Driver from GBR156
5.Kiss Driver from HUN80

P DriverCPts
1.valeriano Driver from ITA183
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI179
3.van der Niet Driver from NED119
4.Mroczek Driver from POL107
5.Chiappini Driver from ITA104

P DriverCPts
1.Leonov Driver from BUL159
2.Oldenmenger Driver from NED152
3.Rodger Driver from SCO134
4.BRIONI Driver from ITA132
5.D Amelio Driver from ITA129

P DriverCPts
1.Spoljaric Driver from CRO349
2.Fields Driver from NEZ244
3.Niza Driver from SPA169
4.Gray Driver from ENG150
5.Bubicic Driver from CRO133

P DriverCPts
1.Vesel├Ż Driver from CZE70
2.Wheway Driver from GBR34
3.Burkhard Driver from GER25
4.Vicentijevic Driver from SER20
5.Galati Driver from ITA15

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P DriverCPts
.Brewer Driver from ENG0
. Driver from 0
.Rodger Driver from SCO0
.Tuson Driver from GBR0
.Simoncic Driver from SLO0

Winter Series
P DriverCPts
1.Hoyer Driver from GER138
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI125
3.Puschke Driver from GER102
4.Maguire Driver from IRE78
5.Leonov Driver from BUL75

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League: World Championship
Track: Round 12: Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace

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The career official results of Joakim Bengtsson.


2006-04-09Australia Melbourne, Australia 2006 Twister RacingWC2006P7P7 6View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2006-06-04Monaco Monte Carlo, Monaco 2006 Twister RacingWC2006P5P6Comment: This was a really tough race. I did a good qually and started P5 after Roy's penalty. The start was clean and I could hang on to Hirrle and Greco quite easily. I had a few opportunities to attack, but I found the risk involved to great so I just tried to pressure David into making a mistake, he didn't so I had to stay behind. 

The car got a little strange on worn tires, I lost grip at the front, which is very unusual so I had a moment in the final turn where I lost my line and clipped the barrier a little, no damage but Binz didn't wait long to take advantage of my mistake and I lost a position. 

Then I had another incident at Tabac, the same lap Pat had his first accident at nouvelle chicane. I saw a wing and thought it looked like a Twister one. I lost concentration and ran wide and again had a small touch with the barrier. No damage this time either, but Kolbe could move through. 

After that I was caught up in Roy's and Patrick's fight. It was really madness out there, I made a few half hearted attempts to capitalise but it was way to dangerous so I backed off. After my last pitstop I was quite alone on track and I had a quite boring 3rd stint just counting the laps and maintaining my gap to David. Kolbe was running away in P5 and I couldn't catch him so I just drove the car home to score Twister's only points for the weekend. I'm happy to have finished the race in the points, but I'm a little disappointed with myself for making the mistakes that allowed Binz and Kolbe to pass me. 3View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2006-07-16Canada Montreal, Canada 2006 Ash RacingWC2006P9P7Comment: This was a quite fun race as I was involved in fights on track for most of the race. My Q was average and I failed to get the most out of the car, there should have been about 0.5 more in it and that would have put me in a better position for the race. P9 it was in the end. The start was a complete mess, I got away very good but had to lift twice because the cars in front of me made poor getaways so my line felt like it was standing still. On the first lap I straightlined the final chicane because I misjudged my braking in the slipstream and had to let Marconi pass to avoid a penalty then I was also passed by Pat a lap later. The race was stable from there I was chasing Marconi for 9th and was all over his car when he made a mistake at the hairpin and spun, I could gain an easy position but it almost cost me my wing. 

After the first pitstop I was chasing Martin and we were so equal in pace but slowly I gained time tenth by tenth and got a run at him but couldn't make it stick. Then for the last 55 laps or so we were running 1-4 seconds apart so I hope he got himself a good workout too because I surely did. I had almost accepted that I would leave without points when ten laps from the end Seb lost alot of pace and I could pass him for 8th. It looked like a rear brake failure because he was locking his tires all the time. In the end It was an enjoyable race and I'm happy to score a point for me and for Ash-racing. Compliments to my fellow scandinavian Martin for a flawless and just quick enough drive to finish ahead of me. I think that our quickest laptimes are the same exactly to 1/1000 of a second says it all. 2View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2006-08-20Germany Hockenheim, Germany 2006 Faster Than S...WC2006P7P7Comment: I first want to thank Gabriel and Christian for putting me in the car for this race. I though I had too good pace in practice just to sit out the race and I was happy to be asked to drive. It turned out that my pace indeed was quite good. Qually wasn't what I'd hoped for, there was quite alot more in the car, but a mistake in T1 cost me time on both my flyers, perhaps it was due to driving slow outlaps behind other cars that preveted me from building a good temperature in the tyres. 

The start was quite bad. I had too much wheelspin and lost down to 10th before the hairpin. But I could regain some of that with good strategy and some passing to be 5th at the time of my first pitstop. It was uneventful from that until Markus made a mistake in front of me in the middle of the third stint. That made me a little over confident that I would score big points. I lost concentration in T1 spun, brushed the wall and bent a wheel. With Neumann right under my rear wing and a bent car I had to drive at the absolute limit from there with a difficult car. He pitted earlier and I could stretch my stint for an extra lap to give me two laps in free air to set quick laptimes. It worked out and I was out ahead. 

I thought I was about to make it home in sixth, but Christian put me under alot of pressure and with my bent car it was diffiuclt not to make mistakes. I had a few small offs in T1 that cost me time, but on lap 65 I got the car really unbalanced there and went very wide. To avoid trouble with the marsha for this I decided to back off and let him go. I tried to take it back on the final lap, but in the end it wasn't enough. Still 7th was good but I had the pace to be 5th hadn't I made that mistake so little disappointed. 2View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2006-09-03Hungary Hungaroring, Hungary 2006 Twister RacingWC2006P6P7Comment: This was a very tough race for me. I was hit at the first corner, haven't seen the replay yet, but I spun and was hit and damaged my FW. Luckily it stayed on so I could continue, although I lost some downforce. Had a few good fights at the back and could advance both with passing but mostly because of my strategy and of course with a little help from drivers who retired ahead. From dead last at the end of the first corner I was 8th in the end and picked up a point, not on merit, but getting to the finish is also a part of racing.

My car was really good all the race, and much of this is thanks to Geoffrey actually who made a really good race setup for me at hockenheim. That really showed me what a good race setup should feel like, and I tried to make my own to feel like that one for todays race and it worked. The car was consistant and easy to drive and I could push hard especially in the middle stint. Luck played a part but I'm happy for the point I scored given how the race turned out in the first corner. 

 2View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2006-10-29Japan Suzuka, Japan 2006 Twister RacingWC2006P3P6 3View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2006-11-05Brazil Interlagos, Brazil 2006 Faster Than S...WC2006P9P8 1View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2007-03-25Malaysia Sepang, Malaysia 2007 Twister RacingWC2007P12P10Comment: This wasn't really what I'd hoped for when I got the late call to drive. Roy obviously showed what the car was capable off and even if I had been pretty close to his times in testing this was long gone today. I lost some time with a contact in T1 after a car spun in front of me, and subsequently lost more with in pits repairs. Later I was spun around in T2 but could go again almost without losing time. The big excuse though is that I was just too slow. I pushed hard, made no mistakes, but the speed was not there. I had a few nice fights with Marconi and Kiriakopoulos and one not so nice with Binz. Basically his car (connection) was warping alot so it was really dangerous to get close. 0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2007-04-01Bahrain Sakhir, Bahrain 2007 Twister RacingWC2007P11P7Comment: 2View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2007-10-28Brazil Interlagos, Brazil 2007 Twister RacingWC2007P14P15Comment: Got caught out even before the start line. I had a good getaway and turned right to overtake Kohl who had come of the grid slightly worse than I. Unfortunately he had to turn right to avoid de Angelis' stalled car and turned right just in front of me. No chance to react and I hit LF wheel against his RR and was launched in the air and fell down upside down with the suspension well and truly broken. 

Congrats to Bruno for the 2nd consecutive WDC. Well done!0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-03-30Australia Melbourne, Australia 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P38P14 1View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-04-13Malaysia Sepang, Malaysia 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P30P6 11View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-04-20Bahrain Sakhir, Bahrain 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P22P23 0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-05-04Spain Catalunya, Spain 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P1P3Comment: 18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-05-18Turkey Istanbul, Turkey 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P7P5 13View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-06-15Canada Montreal, Canada 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P20P5Comment: Pretty decent result in the end. I had hoped to be further up but mistakes in Q2 and a lousy getaway ruined most of those chances. Was overtaken by Barbosa and Nuti in the start who both slotted in ahead of me in the left line. I felt that was too crowded and tried moving right to set me up in a better position for T2. Unfortunately Pakhondia was moving left to overtake a car on the inside in the same gap I had chosen for my move around the outside of Nuti. There was a small contact front wheel on front wheel that sent me airborne and spinning backwards into the escape road. Net result for me was last place and some car damage. 

Had to fight back all the way thru the first and stint, luckily my car was quick and easy to handle despite the damage so overtaking was not too difficult most of the time. Fought up to 8th I think before my stop and was then down in 14th. Decided on a long second stint and that did the thing. I could overtake Barbosa in the pits after chasing him down most of the stint but unable to get close enough. Think some drivers ahead had problems or had to pit for fuel because suddenly I was 5th and under no threat from behind and unable to catch P4 which was 15 seconds down the road. Boosted down to one to save the engine because I had to boost up a little in the first stint to get thru all that traffic as swiftly as possible. Drove hard to the end to keep the distance and maintain concentration. Was never afraid to push and drive with small margins because the team made a really solid and predictable race setup albeit lacking some raw speed for Q. 13View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-06-29France Magny Cours, France 2008 Team FSRACE2008P13P4 15View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-07-27Germany Hockenheim, Germany 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P6P5 13View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-08-10Hungary Hungaroring, Hungary 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P4P2 21View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-08-31Spain Valencia, Europe 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P6P3 18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-09-21Italy Monza, Italy 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P14P14 0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-10-05Japan Suzuka, Pacific 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P4P3 18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-10-19Japan Fuji Speedway, Japan 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P8P8 7View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-10-26China Shanghai, China 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P5P9 6View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-11-09Brazil Interlagos, Brazil 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P2P4 15View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-04-19China Shanghai, China Twister-Racin...ACE2009P3P1Comment: First lead laps and first career win on the same day, finally after three years of trying. It feels great to have a win to my name. You guys should try it!

There were circumstances of course, but part of racing is taking advantage of them and I did today. Start wasn't good and I lost positions, but then people started making very uncharacteristic mistakes ahead of me which meant I didn't only get P3 back, but also was in P2 without doing anything more than staying on track. 

Nuti was too quick for me at first and I was ready to let him go. This being my first race of the season and feeling a little rusty and not having driven competitively since last race 2008 P2 and 21 points would have been a great way to open my challenge. Hoped silently of course that he was three stopping and I would get my chance if I could only stay in his vicinity but without big hopes. Pulled away from Petter without putting too much strain to either engine or tyres so I was quite happy with how things evolved. 

Things changed after my second stop when I expected Nazario to blast past me when I was running down the pitlane but to my surprise only Stefan, Timon and Karol did and I knew they had to stop again all three of them so that was a nice surprise for me. Bono worried me a little, he got quite close and I thought he might have catched me so I wasn't ready to relax just yet, eventhough I suspected he was on a threestopper and would pit again. When he did I was clean up front, fifteen laps to go, and my teammate a comfortable 10 seconds adrift so I boosted down the engine, started to brake a little early to save everything and make sure I finished and just kept going fast enough to keep the distance comfortable and concentration up. No mistakes all race long, pace was consistant and fast and the TR009 held up beautifully. Three out of three for the team and third victor of the season. Champagne this year is pale blue.25View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-05-03Bahrain Sakhir, Bahrain Twister-Racin...ACE2009P4P1 25View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-05-17Spain Catalunya, Spain Twister-Racin...ACE2009P5P14Comment: Had to happen sometime, crashed out on my own hand for the first time in my FSR career. 

The start that mattered was the worst for me. First start I had climed to P7 without problems and the second one I was stuck in P10 or maybe even 11. Made my way in the pitstops but didn't feel comfortable all weekend. Was on fire in practise but come raceday neither driving nor car was great. Was making all these very uncharacteristic small mistakes and was really off my normal pace. 

Then I gifted P5 to Petter with a small off iin the last sector and instead of just accepting P6 as a bad result. Wasn't going to let a norwegian guy beat me on May 17th so I decided to go Gung Ho after him to claim it back. Got in a little too hot in T1, took a little too much kerb on the entry on little too worn tyres and tried to go on throttle a little too soon. The car snapped away and I was in the barriers before I knew what had happened. Saw that I still picked up a point for P14 though. Not much of a comfort but atleast I got to party with Santiago, Karol and Roy who won their respective races. Great job mates!1View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-05-31Monaco Monte Carlo, Monaco Twister-Racin...ACE2009P11P23 0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-06-14Turkey Istanbul, Turkey Twister-Racin...ACE2009P4P3Comment: I did feel quite comfortable going into this one. The balance was ok more or less from the first lap in testing and that makes it so much easier just to fine tune every piece of the car to extract extra performance from it. Totally the opposite from last race where I never found a good balance at all. 

Q2 was incredibly tight 0.054 off and P4 is not what I hoped for, when I saw the clock stop at that time I was pretty sure of a front row start. Front two rows is ok though and the start was easy. Kept within a second of P3 for the first 10 laps until Mikko went off in T8 and I got a free pass on to the podium. 

After my first pit I rejoined in P3 again but was overtaken by both Dodo and Mikko after a poor run through the chikane. At the second pitstop I shared boxes with Mikko and had to wait for him to complete his stop which cost me 10 seconds, fortunately I had a gap back and no positions were lost. By now I was running in no man's land with half the race remaining and still in P4 after Karol's problems. Initially I tried to close the gap, but I was only a tenth faster than Puumalainen and I had to push like an idiot even for that minor gain. There was no way to drive myself on to the podium after the pit stop. Third stop was perfect, but I entered and rejoined from a lonesome P4, scored my best lap of the race in a last desperate attempt to put some pressure on the drivers' ahead but the distance was just too far. After Eley's engine went up in flames a podium was mine if I just finished the race. Boosted down everything, braked early, shortshifted and cruised home. Good to prove, both for myself and for the team that Monaco was a one off for Twister. Race win 6/7 for the team, third podium for me in five races and a sensational 1, 2, 3, 4 finish for our blue cars.18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-06-28Great Britain Silverstone, Great Britain Twister-Racin...ACE2009P8P9Comment: Not the result I had hoped for. I felt I had the pace to be quite competitive here P3 in Q1 which is usually my worst part of the weekend says something about it.

In Q2 I opted for a two stopper with a short first stint. Had hoped to run a 18.2 or 18.1 on a great lap but I was a little disturbed into Stowe and got out of rythm. Didn't exactly nail the last sector either and had to start from P8.

And didn't get away well and was under attack immidiately. Had to lift big in Maggots when two cars tangled a little and my exit to Hanger straight was a disaster and I was passed into Stowe with some ease. P11 then and there. 

Then I ran out of talent. Came up close to Bolier after a good run in the last sector. Got his slipstream but didn't lift enough for Copse. Ran in too hot too close and lost grip on the front wheels, onto the kerb and spun out. Was hit by Kaasa and lost the engine. I had to think fast and managed to time it into 1st at the right moment in my spin to restart the engine. By then all cars had passed. In the inlap I had huge handling issues and thought it was over but noticed to my great surprise only the rear wing had damage. A slow inlap and 29 seconds in the pit later I was out a minute behind and in P19 as Kaasa had retired.

Had to start pushing of course. My nearest competitor was 45 seconds down the road and I had changed my strategy to fuel up 70 litres. Wasn't easy to keep pace but somehow I managed to close in the gap and avoid getting lapped. Pitted for a scheduled stop on lap 24 and came out just infront of the leader. Had done some thinking and changed to fuel short for this stint to avoid getting a lap behind and to get some momentum again. Worked like a charm. 18.5 and then constantly 19.1 all stint long. Overtook one car into Abbey, flew past and kept going. Pushed like mad of course as I figured I could still get a top ten.

Last stop, 68 litres, sluggish shit to drive. Kept pushing but with less hope as the cars ahead were 24 seconds down the road and I wasn't gaining with my brim full machine. But they pitted and I was only 4 behind all of a sudden. Lost half a second while they burned off the best from the new tyres. From then I was quicker. The car worked great on low fuel and worn rubber so I caught them tenth by tenth. Got half a chance on Kiriakopoulos in bridge on lap 59 but he defended well into Priory. Stayed behind and decided to go for the pass at Stowe. I kept a safe distance thru Copse, carried momentum thru becketts, chapel, maggots and made sure to get one hell of an exit to the straight. Slipstrream, Denis goes inside to block, I go outside to make the pass and pull it off around the outside. Half a lap to go, P9 is too far away. I just had to make sure not to do anything stupid like surrender the position right back. No further events worth mentioning. P10 should have been alot better but I'm still quite pleased with my drive bar that mistake in Copse. The pass on the last lap made my day, although it's a shame I had to pull it off against a friend.
Also sorry that Petter got caught up in my mess, he's nice guy and deserved better today. 

Team did a great weekend as always. Podium lockout and all five Twisters in the top ten despite myself and Dodo running into different problems early in the race.6View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-07-19Germany Nurburgring, Germany Twister-Racin...ACE2009P3P6 11View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-08-02Hungary Hungaroring, Hungary Twister-Racin...ACE2009P6P9 6View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-08-16Other Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium Twister-Racin...ACE2009P2P12 0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-08-16Belgium Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium Torrent Motor...WC2009P13P7Comment: Subbing in at TMO this weekend. After an early disco in my Ace race this opportunity arose and I really wanted to get a proper race at Spa. 

It soon became apparant that my Q1 pace was not nearly good enough for WC. For Ace it was ok to get into top ten, but here all I got was P14! For the race though it was ok, and with Dennis FL removed I was only a couple of tenths off the pace when it came to the race, which is very satisfying. 

Starting from 14th is always a risk, but fortunately I got away without trouble in both starts. The first redflagged one was better, gained three positions, but the second was ok, even if I had a small lag down to eau rouge that cost me a couple of places down to 15. First laps I just stayed quite cool, knew I was down on top speed so trying to make a move on a car that is already slipstreaming another car would be no point. Had to wait for the field to spread out a little and take them one by one instead. 

There were some great fights in the first stint, at one point we raced four abreast into the chicane, and got out in one piece. Seriously fun! Later stints were more uneventful. Got myself into some sort of gap with a couple of seconds both up and down from my position. With strategy and a few retirements ahead I'm pleased to score two points on my return to WC for the first time in a year and a half. Thanks to DCS for trusing me with his black beauty, and to Phil for letting me race for TMo.2View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-09-20Italy Monza, Italy Twister-Racin...ACE2009P3P2Comment: Luck returned to me after a few very disappointing weekends. Last time I scored points was in Hungary, finishing a lap down after being hit on the first lap. That was followed by a disco at Spa and a DNS at Valencia due to illness.

No surprise I felt a litlte more nervous at the grid than I normally do. Didn't exactly help that I screwed up my first two Q2 laps and only got a decent one at the last 3rd attempt. After wasting too much fuel and not making it back to get new tyres I had to put the engine in mega save mode to get around to my scheduled pit lap. Forgot to boost it back up for the start unfortunately and was passed with ease by Tramoslijka during the dragrace down to T1.

I never really got comfortable during this first stint. I was very light but couldn't get any sort of pace, my driving was shit that's the harsh but truthful explanation. Got P3 back as a gift from Nebojsa after he out braked himself into T1 a few laps into the race, upped my level slightly after that, but didn't really get any confidence in the car until my pitstop.

After my stop I rejoined and immidiately had two cars breathing down my neck. Got slightly deep into T1 and had poor speed down to the della Roggia chicane where I was duly sandwiched and overtaken to the left and right. Had to put the hammer down and take some chances and managed to up my pace, regain P3 and cruise along with Mikko a few seconds ahead of me. 

The second pitstop didn't change anything in the running order, but I got out a little closer to my teammate and my car felt much superior once the fuel started to burn off. Noticed for a few laps that Mikko had huge problems to get around Parabolica and on top of that his braking performance into T1 wasn't good either. I decided to have one go at him and hooked up the slipstream on a sub par exit from the Parabolica and dived down the inside. The move stuck and I could build a 3 second gap which lasted more or less to the finish. About Dodo there was nothing we could do. When he's hot and stays out of trouble there's no one faster in ace. Twister 1-2-3 and we scored more points than our closest rivals in WDC and WCC. Podiums look best in blue. 21View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-10-04Japan Fuji Speedway, Pacific Twister-Racin...ACE2009P6P4Comment: 15View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-10-11Japan Suzuka, Japan Diamond Racin...WC2009P6P5Comment: Nice race but one of the hardest all season, not a calm moment all evening. I think the intensity of it all is the biggest difference to ace where I usually do my business. 

I came home from granny's birthday party and went directly to the server only to find my driving awful. Dunno why because I was feeling just great with the car when I took a shake down before leaving the house. I spent the FP trying to get it right, first with fuel and then Q. I finally got the first sector together when DCS broke and sent us to Q1.

Didn't get a very good first lap 27.6 and then failed to improve twice, was P13 and in. Made a slightly better job of Q2, clocked a 27.4 but still that's 0.4 off PB and 0.2 off what I was clocking each and every lap in practise. With some luck I sneaked along in P10 with 0.03 to spare.

Q3 was quite ok, put together a good but not perfect lap of 28.8 and got to start in P6 which is pretty much what I expected. Best I could hope for was P4 because I knew Roy, Jaako and Dennis would kick my ass, as it were Bono and Laurent also put in good laps and finished ahead.

Starting from the inside line was an advantage I think. In my mental preparation before the start I had decided to go inside in any case because I felt that would be safer so this was nice. The start was good, Laurent didn't really get off the line that well and I could get side by side into T1 and with inside line advantage maintain that advantage. To my surprise I was keeping up with Dennis and Jaako quite easily but a small mistake at the chicane early in the race gave Laurent a go at me into T1 but I could manage with some defensive driving into T1 and from there I had the legs on him and pulled away.

The fighting though gave a gap up and the guys ahead pulled away a tenth or two each lap, still I was quite happy running P5 on merit and not losing more than that on such excellent opposition. After my first stop I came out behind Paul Taylor which wasn't good. His car looked quite awful on worn tyres but it had straight line speed enough to make it hard for me to get a go. Had a half go into the chicane, but had to back off to avoid a Sutil-Kovalainen incident. Luckily he pitted that lap and I could sail away, just in time to keep ahead of Keersmaekers. Mirrors full of him until his fresh tyres wore off and I could pull out a few tenths each lap. From there, lap 16 or so I was basically alone minding my own business and just trying to put in as quick and consistant times as possible.

Last few laps Bono got really close but I could keep him behind without too much drama and I think Steve would have been happy with a P6 too after Diamond's dismail season. I hear he owes Phil some beer now.

A really touch race, but my pace was very good it seemed. Very close finish with Bono and not much up to podium either. Suzuka is definately one of my best tracks.4View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-10-25Canada Montreal, Canada Twister-Racin...ACE2009P6P6Comment: We secured the WCC which is the only good thing about this race. I never liked this track much. It's weird and just braking, accelerating and jumping chicanes, not very much fun. Anyway I missed P3 on the grid by being the slowest of four drivers posting 14.9's and had to settle for P6 which became P5 after penalties.

I lost one position to Tali at the start. He could hang on around the outside of T2 and I couldn't turn in and had to take a wide line in T3 which then obviously also gave Tali inside line to T4 and off he went. Going into T8 Canapino clipped my rear wing causing some damage, not much but the car wasn't really the same after. Then I fought a few laps with Agustin who was very fast in the first and second sectors because of big wings. That also helped braking into the hairpin which enabled him to get really close and pick my slipstream. I could fend him off a few times but then he made a super late braking move that caught me a little by surprise going into the chicane. With those huge curb extensions there I couldn't possibly fight back, had to let him sail away. I got the position right back in the pits after a few great laps on my part on fresh rubber though and then he had a DT so one less to worry about. Lonely race from there.

I had a pit stop incident with Dodo in the second stop which cost me 10 seconds because it made me miss my box. 3rd stint was quite quick and quite lonely again. First 6-7 laps I caught Gosling massively on new tyres but then it stabilised as my tyres wore off. After the last stop I caught Gosling quite quickly on new rubber but once I got close enough to make a move I had worn off the best of my tyres pushing hard to close the gap. His top speed was good enough and I wasn't late enough on the brakes into the hairpin to pick up his slipstream. Basically could only follow him home in a quite disappointing P6.11View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-11-08Brazil Interlagos, Brazil Twister-Racin...ACE2009P7P2Comment: Pretty nice way to end the season for me. Finally got a decent Q1 where I didn't need to worry about being top ten. 6.6 did the trick but I have no idea how Mikko could do 6.2 in FP, that's just unreal.

Q2 I thought was pretty good. In practise I was constantly hitting 7.9's and a few 7.8's with 60L. Here I started with 62 so I expected to be in those lands. 8.0 and P7! was the net result of it. Not what I hoped for, but looking at the grid I suspected that everyone ahead was three stopping so I didn't worry too much about it, apart from the obvious that starting in the pack comes with a risk.

First start was a flyer, up to P4 out of T3 but then of course there was a red, as always when I gain a few positions at the start. Second start droppped me one place to P7 (started P6 due to Mikko's disco). Quite messy first laps with a heavy car surrouned by light three stoppers, had to let a few of them go but could hang with them and pass in the pits. Even had time to lead a single lap right before my first stop. After my stop it was quite lonely. I was in a different phase compared to the guys I was racing and I just had to make sure my laptimes stayed in the 08s and I would be up after all stops were done. 

So it happened. I was overtaken a few times by Wezenberg and Bolier. Sort of let it happen instead of fighting the inevitable, and since they were 3 stopping I couldn't be bothered and in the end I beat them both. P3 was best I could do today. Karol and Rasmus were a bit too quick. Shouldn't have been 21 seconds behind but since Fred came out of his last stop 10 seconds behind and didn't look like closing the gap even with new tyres I boosted down everything and just maintained the gap and cruised home. Quite easy drive today. Strategy did all the hard work for me, I just had to sit down and drive the laps consistantly and error free in my own rythm.21View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-03-06Bahrain Sakhir, Bahrain 2011 Twister RacingACE2010P5P19 0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-03-20Australia Melbourne, Australia 2011 Twister RacingACE2010P10P9Comment: Q=P10: I honestly expected to be a little bit higher than this. My lap wasn't bad at all, fairly close to my PB but everyone seemed to have lots of pace on light fuel.

R=P9: This never happened to me before. But on the grid, lined up to start the race after my form lap, my LC failed to activate. Knowing that starting without LC would get me in trouble with the marshals I had no choice but to abort and start from the pitlane. My first laps weren't very good at all, not consistant, not quick and I had trouble passing Debaquer. When I finally made the move stick I could pull out a gap and my driving improved.

There was some really nice passing, three side by side on the main straight was fun and I overtook two cars there. Wasn't bad rounding Jack on the outside of the fast chicane either. Small things that let you know if your heart is still working as it's supposed to. Seemed destined to finish P10 but a couple of corners from home Marco blew his engine and I could steal a P9 finish.

Good things, race pace was excellent and I even had fastest lap of the race with one lap to go. Got some confidence back with some good clean racing and nice overtaking. Was a little shaky first laps in traffic after first spinning and then colliding last time out but once I had passed Debaquer nerves settled down and the rest of the wheel to wheel racing was just fun.14View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-04-03Malaysia Sepang, Malaysia 2011 Twister RacingACE2010P6P28 0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-04-04Malaysia Sepang, Malaysia 2011 Faster Than S...WC2010P18P10Comment: Q-DNQ

Driving on loan to FTS this weekend. Due to late notice I could only allocate after the allowed time and had to start from the back of the grid.
First lap was quite smooth, managed to overtake a few cars that had problems off the line and one who ran wide in T1. In the first laps I could pick off people quite easy actually. Blair was a problem because his top speed was very high but once he managed to pass a guy I followed. The he pitted for a 2 stop way before I did for my one stop and that was the end of it.

Tyres held up very well tbh. I was just managing them and driving clean and within my limits. I pitted on lap 28 and got back out to drive a long final stint. I was overtaken by a few guys with much fresher tyres, nothing to do about that but in the end I think going for 1 stop was the right call from where I started the race. Last point for P10 and a maintained 100% scoring rate as a WC-substitute for the FTS-team. 1View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-04-24Spain Catalunya, Spain 2011 Twister RacingACE2010P3P1Comment: PQ-3

Managed to get a good Q-lap together for once. Mistimed it a little so it was a few nervous minutes when I was done and other drivers were still out on their last runs. No one did enough though so P3 was a very welcome gridslot, and beside Lukas in P2 was good to see aswell. The level of competition on the grid was quite insane. 0.3 seconds for the first 10 drivers, but I was on the right end of the margins this time.

The start was really really good. Flew off the line and both Euler and Libeert were really slow off. Got a tow from Libeert and could dive down the inside to T1 without any big drama. From there it was actually quite lonely. Werdmuller was a few seconds behind in the first stint and running good laptimes so that kept me alert.

Everything else went according to plan. Pit strategy worked as expected. Last stint saw some pressure from Kaasa. He was really quick out of the box which meant I was completely flat out the first fifteen laps of the final stint. Then I noticed I was starting to extend the gap and decided to back off. The tyres had taken a beating and they had to last 26 laps. Petter closed up during the final laps but I felt everything was under control.

A great win for me and the team after a tough start to the championship. Couldn't have done it without my mates at Twister Racing. Thanks guys!
50View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-05-01Monaco Monte Carlo, Monaco 2011 Twister RacingACE2010P4P2Comment: Q P4
R P2

Quite unexpected result to be honest. I didn't feel very competitive going into this race and for a long time I was around P10 in Q before putting together a lap on the last attempt. Missed my PB 0.1. This gave P4 on the grid and first two rows are acceptable in terms of risk for T1 incidents.

The start was pretty good. I took it fairly easy because I know it's tight here and I just wanted to survive the first lap. I gained one spot when Kanitz clipped the barriers on the outside of Ste. Devote and lost his wing. Then there was SC and my tyres went dead. 55 degrees temperature and no grip at all on the restart. It cost me 10 seconds to get the temp back, and I actually gained one spot because Bolier lost his FW on the lap after the restart. Lonely race from there. I drove within myself, was patient with backmarkers and didn't push the car more than I had to at no stage of the race.

I knew the last stint would be tight with Kaasa, but since I know him to be an intelligent and fair competitor I wasn't worried he would try any insane moves. As long as I could make no mistakes and hook up my exits I would finish ahead. That's what I did. Took it easy, braked with a margin to make sure I could hit my apex and get on the power.

Never really had the pace here as I said, but a mature drive with 0 mistakes can pay off alot at this track and that's the sort of drive I managed to produce on a day when many other drivers made unforced errors or had other misfortunes.

40View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-07-03Great Britain Silverstone, Great Britain 2011 Twister RacingACE2010P6P4Comment: Q6

Lone flag carrier for TR this weekend in WS. I managed a good Q-lap. I reckoned from the start that I was not quick enough to fight for pole but kept it together and scored a PB lap in Q to start a reasonable P6. First corners I was pretty conservative. I got away well from the grid and kept my position in the Esses. Outbraked myself slightly in Stowe corner though and lost a position to run P7. Acutally much more was not to happen for me. Pitstop 1 was a little messy and I had to wait to leave my box and lost a position to Gosling. I overtook him in the Esses, lost the position back in Stowe and some laps later I could repass him for good by sneaking down the inside in the second left hand hairpin in S3. Last stint was uneventful and I could finish P5.25View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-08-21Belgium Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium 2011 Twister RacingACE2010P13P21 0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-09-04Italy Monza, Italy 2011 Twister RacingACE2010P9P4Comment: Q9
Much above anticipation after I once again failed to get the best out of qualifying. Missed my PB by 0.2 and that was the difference between P9 and a more comfy P4 or P5. Got away bad aswell because a car almost stalled 2 rows ahead and I went on the grass to avoid it. Very smooth and diciplined driving in T1 and L1 but I was back in P12.

Careful first laps because tyre temps had dropped. Few people around me made mistakes and I was gifted positions. Overtook Viirok in T1, second time I could keep it up to della Roggia aswell. I could pull away and gained some on Yakimenko, but never got close enough despite him missing the 2nd chicane several times.

After everyone pitted I was still out and in P2 after Atze. Had a really neat fight with Stahre and Domingues where we were 3 abreast into T1 at one points. Gained two free positions back when they crashed eachother out to be back in P2. Euler catched me and I let him go because my tyres were already getting bad and fighting would have made it worse for both of us.

Hoped to hold on to the podium but a few laps from home Reitveld got a nice tow out of Ascari and overtook me in Parabolica. My tyres were so bad I could just stay on the outside and let him go. Cruised home with terrible tyres and marginal engine after a successful 0 stop strategy.25View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-10-02Japan Suzuka, Japan 2011 Twister RacingACE2010P4P2Comment: Q4

This time I got closer to my PB in qualifying, which brought me closer to the front and helped me achieve my goal of starting the race from the first two rows. People were very sensible in the start and there were no changes of position near the top. I had no chances to have a serious look and a quick glance in the mirrors showed there were no serious threat to my own position either. First lap was, as usual here, all about staying on the racing line and not get fooled by dirty air, heavy car or cold tyres. 

Apart from a clash with Werdmuller which unfortunately ended his race the only events were a few half attempts at Keithley which I thought better off. Fortunately he pitted very early and I could go. Then the other leaders pitted early aswell and I could take the lead closely followed by my teammate Niza who was doing a very good job. I could keep the distance to around 1 second without any problem but to extend the lead I would have needed to take much more risk and I wasn't prepared to do that as I already had reckoned that I would be pretty safe for P2 because of my 1 stopper.

My tyres held up over even my expectations and I could make my only stop on L30. The second stint was equally uneventful. Kerkhof was sailing away and I couldn't do anything about him. De Matos was ten seconds behind with twenty laps to go so he wasn't a big worry even if he had slightly fresher tyres. Basically I drove carefully, minding the gap, keeping my margins for error big enough and boosting conservative to have tyre and engine resources left should he catch up. He obviously put up a very good pace and set a few FL along the way but my gap was big enough to stay comfortably ahead. Stragegically a perfect race which brought a very welcome 1-2 for Twister Racing and my first podium since P2 in Monaco.40View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-10-30United Arab Emirates Yas Marina, UAE 2011 Twister-Racin...ACE2010P5P15 0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result

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