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World Championship
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1.D Alessandro Driver from ITA206
2.Simoncic Driver from SLO167
3.Brljak Driver from CRO157
4.Patel Driver from GBR156
5.Kiss Driver from HUN80

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1.valeriano Driver from ITA183
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI179
3.van der Niet Driver from NED119
4.Mroczek Driver from POL107
5.Chiappini Driver from ITA104

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1.Leonov Driver from BUL159
2.Oldenmenger Driver from NED152
3.Rodger Driver from SCO134
4.BRIONI Driver from ITA132
5.D Amelio Driver from ITA129

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1.Spoljaric Driver from CRO349
2.Fields Driver from NEZ244
3.Niza Driver from SPA169
4.Gray Driver from ENG150
5.Bubicic Driver from CRO133

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1.Vesel├Ż Driver from CZE70
2.Wheway Driver from GBR34
3.Burkhard Driver from GER25
4.Vicentijevic Driver from SER20
5.Galati Driver from ITA15

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.Tuson Driver from GBR0
.Simoncic Driver from SLO0
.Leonov Driver from BUL0
.Manousakis Driver from GRI0
.Cobb Driver from USA0

Winter Series
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1.Hoyer Driver from GER138
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI125
3.Puschke Driver from GER102
4.Maguire Driver from IRE78
5.Leonov Driver from BUL75

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Date: 2018-10-07 18:36:41
League: World Championship
Track: Round 12: Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace

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Mikko Puumalainen   Profile of Mikko Puumalainen Results of Mikko Puumalainen Driver Statistics of Mikko Puumalainen Trophies collected by Mikko Puumalainen Bio Mikko Puumalainen
The career official results of Mikko Puumalainen.


2008-03-29Australia Melbourne, Australia 2008 PRO2008P3P1Comment: Finishing 2nd in my first race was much better than I had hoped for.

Q1 went pretty well, managed to up my personal best by 0.3 seconds after a late minute setup tweak, Q2 I couldn't match my testing pace but was still happy with 3rd place.

I had a good start, passed David and was side by side with Juhani going to turn 1, again in turn 3 and 4 but after that he pulled away gradually.

After that I was battling with Alessandro for the remainder of the 1st stint, with our gap staying within 1.5-2 seconds, but no real overtaking opportunities being there. I don't know what happened in his pitstop but after that I was 7 seconds ahead of him.

From that point on it was just about keeping it on the black stuff.

I'd like to thank my teamboss Scott Beck for giving me a seat for this season, with Chris finishing 9th after his misfortunes, we are leading the Constructors :).

Thank god Melbourne is over and done with, hopefully we can deliver a strong performance in Malaysia with a LOT less testing.

In conclusion, I'd like to thank all the backmarkers who made it really easy for me, and also the race directors. It was a difficult night but well worth the wait.25View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-04-12Malaysia Sepang, Malaysia 2008 PRO2008P1P4 15View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-04-19Bahrain Sakhir, Bahrain 2008 PRO2008P30P1Comment: Wow, where do I begin...

Based on the Pre-season race here, and my testing this week I had very low expectations.

In Q1 I was able to beat my personal best by 0.1 which is always nice, but Marco and Juhani were clearly faster than me so that confirmed my earlier "fears". Earlier in the day when I ran my last test I made the decision to go with 1 stop because the balance of the car was absolutely useless on 2 stop fuel load, I don't know what caused it, maybe it was even in my head... but the 1 stop felt so much better.

I was very worried at the start, someone at the back was lagging and didn't get to their gridslot so the cars were standing still for 90 seconds (!!!), needless to say my engine temperatures were really high. I was even thinking of PM'ing the director to ask for restart, but just then the lights came up. I got a pretty good getaway, but I forgot my tyres would be stonecold after the long wait, so I went very deep in to turn 1, almost hitting Marco. I managed to get some good traction from the outside and accelerated past David and Alessandro going in to Turn 2 for P2.

There were some lag spikes around lap 4-5, during one of these I unfortunately spun exiting Turn 10 and was almost hit by Alessandro because I had disappeared from his screen.

After that the lag ended and I tried to get back in rhythm. This was a little difficult at times because David was making some mistakes and he kept dropping back ahead of me but not close enough to pass, so that cost me some time during the first 15 laps or so.

When everyone pitted I knew I had a very good shot at victory, I kept pushing at the limit and managed to beat my personal best with this setup by 0.020 :).

When I made my pitstop I came out right behind Kevin Brents, one lap later he made a mistake going on to the final turn and I managed to outbrake him going in to Turn 1. We had a nice battle going there with him catching up to me and me taking some risks in the braking zone to keep him behind.

A few laps after that Marco and Kevin made their pitstops and the gap between myself and Marco was hovering around 5.5-6.0 seconds. Then I knew that the victory would be mine so I just started turning the engine down to boost 3 because I was worried that the engine would die after the overheating in the start.

So... my first victory at a track where I thought I might get a 6th-7th if lucky, but I guess that's the way it always seems to go.

I'd like to thank Sharon, Chris and all the other behind the scenes people who made this race possible. From what I understand of the situation it was a very big effort from these people to give us this whole weekend.

Sorry for the long write-up :).25View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-05-03Spain Catalunya, Spain 2008 PRO2008P31P6 11View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-05-17Turkey Istanbul, Turkey 2008 PRO2008P3P3 18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-05-31Monaco Monte Carlo, Monaco 2008 PRO2008P13P1Comment: Wow, what an irritating race in the end. Could've really challenged for the win without the damage.

My whole left side was damaged as was my rear wing. Suspension had it the worst since the steering was pulling me to the right since lap 3! Really difficult to stay focused and try to get some speed out of the car.

Had some exciting moments with the backmarkers since quite a few of them were actually quicker than me at times. More often than not the guys I came up to lap spun right infront of me, but luckily they didn't try to rejoin too quickly, good job overall to them.

Before my pitstop I had no idea how much time it would take to repair my car so I decided to choose not to repair anything during my stop. Unfortunately it is really hard to change pit options during the lap since there are no real straights, so I hastly tried to choose the setting and instead selected "Repair Body" which cost me 6 seconds extra and didn't fix anything. The steering was still pulling to the right just as much.

After the stop I could see that there was no hope in catching Marco on my speed and I also saw that P3 was 40 seconds behind me, so I just decided to go at a comfortable pace to the end.

Now that I've seen everyone's strategies and speed, I'm upset that I couldn't go at my normal pace. But having said that, this second place feels like a victory because of how difficult the car was to drive.

The End.25View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-06-14Canada Montreal, Canada 2008 Twister-Racin...PRO2008P6P1Comment: I managed to figure out a very good setup that would fit me like a glove right off the bat. The only thing that took some time during testing was reliability and then learning all the ins and outs of the track.

Q1 was going at average pace until my last lap, managed to set another PB in Q1 which always feels great. Unfortunately there was a pretty long delay between Q1 and Q2, but I managed to keep my motivation up and I still had a good touch for the track when we got underway.

Managed a really good lap on my 2nd run with a lot of fuel, went for a 3rd run just as I planned but only managed to improve by 0.1 because I lost time in the final sector. Should've been 3rd on the grid but had to settle for 5th (after Ferry's penalty).

Had a pretty bad start compared to my others so far this season, a lot of wheelspin and got passed by Faisal and Dave in to T1. Had a nice fight with Dave for the remainder of the lap and got passed him under braking for the hairpin. Then managed to get really close to Faisal for the final chicane and passed him going to T1 on lap2. After that I saw that Mark had passed Faisal and Dave and I knew that he would catch me very soon aswell.

I think Mark was a little too aggressive because twice I had to dodge him while braking for the hairpin, I could hear him overshooting the brakingzone and had to take an evasive and compromise my entryline a little. We had a couple of touches during the couple of laps we raced, first one damaged my rear wing and second one I lost focus and ran wide in the final chicane after which I let him pass me to save time.

After that I was basicly all alone for the rest of the race. I had a good feeling that I was very well fueled compared to my opponents and eventually that was confirmed when I found myself in the lead of the race on lap 20 I think.

After making my pitstop I tried to keep a good pace going but for some reason couldn't get in to a good rhythm. Laptimes were all over the place even with much lower fuel than on my 1st stint. Honestly I think this was a much worse drive overall compared to how I drove in Turkey where I finished 3rd. If I could've driven normally I think I would've won this race by 15-20 seconds even.

In the end I feel I won because of a brilliant strategy and a great setup on my debut for Twister Racing Pro. Thanks again to Dennis Hirrle for accepting me in to the team.

I joined the team very late in the week and couldn't get the benefit of comparing setups/ideas, so hopefully for France I can be even more competitive once I am more integrated in the team.25View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-06-28France Magny Cours, France 2008 Twister-Racin...PRO2008P2P1Comment: Based on our teams test sessions I believed that I would be quick here, and it turns out I was.

Had great touch the night before and the morning of the race, but lost it a little before qualifying. Managed a 13.0 which was not very close to my PB but still happy since it was good enough for P1. Q2 went reasonably well and I started the race with 58L of fuel from pole.

My one big concern was to get a good enough start to remain 1st in to T1 and T2 and it was pretty good for my standards. Juhani was close for the first couple of laps but then I managed to increase the pace and slowly but surely start to gain a lead.

Before the 1st pitstops I was about 3-4 seconds ahead of him but after them I was 9 seconds ahead of him, I wonder if he had damage or came out in some traffic.

After rejoining in 1st place I knew that the win was pretty much in the bag, but I still continued to push because I wanted to have a nice gap incase I made a mistake or tripped over with a backmarker. By the way everyone I lapped did their job amazingly, pulled over to let me through and didn't join right on my tail. Really nice professional driving there.

Huge thanks to the team, this was my proper debut for Twister-Racing since in Canada I joined very late in the week. I hope to continue this success at Silverstone.25View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-07-19Great Britain Silverstone, Great Britain 2008 Twister-Racin...PRO2008P1P1Comment: Q1 was great, new PB even though I didn't think that I would be the strongest in Q1 form.

Q2 was even better, I initially wanted to do 3 runs but I got such a good lap on my 2nd run that I decided to save two more laps of fuel for the race.

I thought I had a pretty good start for my standards, but suddenly I noticed that everyone was coming up at me in my mirrors. I saw Pierre come flying so I moved over and let him pass me hoping that he would get the lead, which he did after the 1st corner. I almost fell back to 5th but after some close calls I was 3rd heading in to Becketts.

I didn't feel too confident in the opening laps, had the most fuel and Dimitri was very close to me. After 10 laps or so I managed to stay on the pace of Pierre and Karim and started to pull away from Dimitri.

Karim pitted on lap 21 I think and Pierre on 23. I was about 3.5 seconds behind Pierre when he pitted so I knew I had to make the most of the laps I had remaining. I managed to do a 20.9, 20.8 and 20.8 and then a good in-lap on lap 26. I came out 5 seconds ahead of Dimitri which surprised me, later I heard that Pierre had spun after his pitstop. Without that spin I'm sure it would've been really close between us at the pitexit.

After that I just tried to do my pace while keeping it on the road. I pushed as hard as I felt comfortable and in the end managed to set a nice fastest lap (my first).

After the race I found out that Juhani had computer problems, I hope he can fix them soon and that we can have some good battles again.

In the end it was definitely not an easy win. I need to figure out how to make better starts so that this doesn't happen every race.

1-2-3 for Twister with Phillip getting a point aswell, nice.25View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-07-26Germany Hockenheim, Germany 2008 Twister-Racin...PRO2008P4P5 13View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-08-09Hungary Hungaroring, Hungary 2008 Twister-Racin...PRO2008P6P13 2View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-08-30Spain Valencia, Europe 2008 Twister-Racin...PRO2008P2P3 18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-09-13Belgium Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium 2008 Twister-Racin...PRO2008P1P5 13View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-09-20Italy Monza, Italy 2008 Twister-Racin...PRO2008P1P1 25View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-10-04Japan Suzuka, Pacific 2008 Twister-Racin...PRO2008P1P1 25View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-10-19Japan Fuji Speedway, Japan 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P10P7 9View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-10-26China Shanghai, China 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P3P5 13View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2008-11-09Brazil Interlagos, Brazil 2008 Twister-Racin...ACE2008P11P6 11View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-04-05Australia Melbourne, Australia Twister-Racin...ACE2009P2P1Comment: Well this was definitely unexpected.

After seeing the times people were doing in testing I didn't have high expectations for this race. Also my pre-race preparation was significantly less than what I would've preferred.

When I realised that I could keep up with Nebojsa without pushing like crazy I started to believe in the victory. I had decided on my strategy about 5 minutes before the start of free practice, so luckily in my 2nd stint I had one lap more than Nebojsa which got me the lead combined with my very quick 2nd pitstop.

It wasn't all easy though: On lap 35 I understeered in to  the green wall on the outside of T9/10 and damaged my rear wing and right rear suspension. The car was steering to the left quite significantly after that so it took me some laps to get used to it. I decided against repairing it in the pits because I was afraid I would drop down to 3rd or even further.

Near the end of the race my right thumb was getting tired because I couldn't rest it at all on the straights because of the broken suspension. It was shaking uncontrollably a couple of times but luckily I managed to stay concentrated enough to win.

I was a bit worried about the engine and brake wear since I had spent such a long time in the slipstream of Nebojsa, so I took it very easy for the last 10 laps after pulling a 3 second gap.

This feels too good to be true, I don't know what will happen in the coming races but this one race has already passed 90% of the goals I set for myself for this season.

With Roy winning WC this was a great opening weekend for the team, let's see where it takes us...25View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-04-12Malaysia Sepang, Malaysia Twister-Racin...ACE2009P4P2 21View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-04-26China Shanghai, China Precision Mot...WC2009P25P25 0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-05-03Bahrain Sakhir, Bahrain Twister-Racin...ACE2009P5P4 15View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-05-17Spain Catalunya, Spain Twister-Racin...ACE2009P8P4Comment: I had a good start which has been unusual for me since Melbourne, 7th to 5th by T1.

Was looking pretty good until lap 12 when I ran wide in T9 and had to come to an almost full stop to regain control of the car.

Rejoined the track 8th (9th after Stefan passed me) and was stuck behind Nebojsa for the majority of the race.

Had some close battles with Nebojsa (attacking) and Joakim (defending) which were fun.

4th place in the end after Stefan's unfortunate DNF.

Congrats to Karol :).15View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-06-14Turkey Istanbul, Turkey Twister-Racin...ACE2009P3P2Comment: Q1: a nice 22.390, under 0.05 away from my PB which I did in practice just before Q1.
Q2: I messed up my first two runs but got a 23.938 on my third attempt, good enough for 3rd


I was feeling very confident for this race but it seems I didn't have that final edge needed to fight for victory. 2nd place in the end is very satisfying indeed but I won't be happy until I have a real chance to fight for the win.

Unfortunately Joakim and I pitted on the same lap so he lost 10 seconds having to queue behind me. After this my race was pretty much over, just cruise to the end.

Twister 1-4 and all 6 drivers in the top 10, a great team result.21View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-06-28Great Britain Silverstone, Great Britain Twister-Racin...ACE2009P6P1Comment: Q1: 16.475, good enough for P2.
Q2: 18.394, not very good compared to my tests, P5 after penalties.


After getting ahead of Karol at the start I took it pretty easy on the first lap. I was surprised to see Dodo go in to the pits on Lap 1, at first I thought maybe he jumped the start by accident but after the race I heard of his problem. For sure he had the pace to beat us all, bad luck again.

After the first few laps I noticed Elmer & Nebojsa couldn't pull away from me so I started to believe in the victory since I was quite sure everyone around me was on a 3 stopper compared to my 2 stop.

Karol was right behind me for the whole first stint, I wasn't very confident in my abilities to defend on this track because I was consistantly making mistakes in testing. I was able to keep a consistant pace and keep him behind until the first stops.

After my pitstop I rejoined behind Karol and started to lose time to the guys in front because I now had ~15L more fuel than them. Stefan caught me after maybe 10 laps and was right behind me like Karol, but I was able to hold my pace and hold him behind until he pitted.

After my last stop I kept monitoring my gap to Nebojsa, tried to push harder so that I could have as big a gap as possible to him when he pitted. After he pitted with 15 or so laps remaining he rejoined about 7 seconds behind me so I knew he would definitely catch me before the end.

On lap 55 he was 1.5 seconds behind me, but I could keep my concentration and hit the important apexes so that he couldn't get a run on me.

As we started the last lap I was almost as nervous as during the start, but after clearing S1 I knew I could keep him behind. To my surprise Nebojsa's engine blew right after Stowe and of course then all the pressure lifted off completely. I turned down the revs and just cruised to the line.

For sure my best drive ever, a lot of pressure with Karol, Stefan and Nebojsa following me. No mistakes and solid pace right from the start.

I wish I would've had the words in the press conference to describe how good it feels to be a part of this team, but luckily Dennis spoke those words for all of us in the WC press conference.

Now for a very nicely timed 3 week break, see you all in Nurburgring.25View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-07-19Germany Nurburgring, Germany Twister-Racin...ACE2009P1P3Comment: Q1: 25.3 P2
Q2: 26.8 P1

I was very surprised to get pole since I knew Karol and Dodo were faster than me and I thought Nebojsa and a few others would be as well.

I got a pretty good start, but braked too late in to T1 and had to go on the very outside to keep my position. Then again in T3 I had either Karol or Dodo alongside me but could still keep the position.

I had warmed my tires pretty agressively on the formation lap, I kept an eye on the LCD and they were all 82-86c when the lights came on. I think this might've used up too much wear and that caused me to not have confidence in the early laps. First Karol got past me after I ran a bit wide in the last corner on Lap 1 and a few laps later Dodo and Eley too.

After I noticed that Eley was on a 4 stop strategy I knew I had 3rd place secured. Then when Eley retired and I saw 40+ seconds to 4th place and 6+ seconds to Dodo I just started cruising.

30 laps of shortshifting and easy braking. After I came out of the pits from my last stop I pushed on my 1st lap because I wanted to get the fastest lap and managed to accomplish that.

After no points for Roaldo & Fred we are definitely in control of both championships.18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-08-02Hungary Hungaroring, Hungary Twister-Racin...ACE2009P1P2Comment: 
Q1: 15.065, new PB on my first lap so I put Q2 fuel in and did 2 runs with that.
Q2: 16.538, 2nd pole in a row... strange for me since I don't think I'm that competitive on a single lap.


At the start there was a very long wait for the grid to be ready, this made my tires cooler than I had hoped. Finally the lights came on and suddenly I saw Karol flash in my mirrors but luckily I didn't react to that. When the lights finally went out I got a reasonable start, but with my cooler tires I outbraked myself in to T1 and had to run past the green bumpy stuff.

I rejoined in 6th, slipped past Joakim on the inside of T2 and was 4th after Karol spun in T4. After this I was stuck behind Nebojsa and Fred.

Dennis and I had done some testing the night before (morning for me :)) where I decided to try more aggressive brake settings for the race. Because of this I was a bit worried that my brakes would fail since I spent so much time following the two Roaldos.

Nebojsa and Fred pitted on the same lap and shared a pitbox so I got past Nebojsa that way. After I did my first stop I rejoined behind Fred and could close up on him pretty fast, but passing here is very difficult.

Finally on lap 34 Fred made a slight mistake and I got very good traction out of T5 which allowed me to pass him under braking for T6.

We both pitted at the end of the lap and after that I pulled a 7 second gap. After that I just turned the revs down and took it easy on my brakes because I was still worried about them.

Congrats to Dodo for a very impressive victory :), Twister Ace II is now fighting for the constructors title :).
21View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-08-16Other Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium Twister-Racin...ACE2009P7P3Comment: 
Q1: 40.9, solid lap
Q2: 43.3, poor lap, far away from my PB


Unlike in the last 2 races, it seems that the others didn't mess up in Q2 so I was left in 7th place (6th after penalties) for the start.

After the restart I made a solid start, was on the inside in to T1 so I struggled accelerating out of there. Got past Pechon going up to Les Combes and then was basicly stuck behind Fred and Timon.

They had more top speed than me, and while I could get some slipstream from Fred, he could also get slipstream from Timon so I was never close enough to attack.

Timon made a mistake which then took away Fred's slipstream and I managed to pass him on the next lap I think.

After that I was just running by myself, hoping to keep the gap to Nebojsa small enough that I could rejoin in front of him and have a chance for 2nd place.

He caught me quickly after his last pitstop and we had a nice battle for 2 laps, but then I chose to save my engine since I'm sure it was close to termination.

3rd place is a satisfactory result, will try again in the coming races.

Thanks to Joakim for the great base setup which I managed to mold to my liking, shame about the disconnection :(.

Congrats to Karol for his dominant victory :). 
18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-08-16Belgium Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium Twister RacingWC2009P9P4Comment: 
Q1: 41.0, I had a vid freeze a little before we were moving to Q1, so I had to reboot and then rejoin the server (takes ages on my computer). Rejoined the server about 3 minutes in to Q1.

Q2: 40.9, solid lap like in Ace.
Q3: 43.1, still too slow compared to my PB in testing but wouldn't have made a big difference anyway.

Race (2nd start):

Starting 9th I was a bit worried about going in to T1 but I think we were all very clean in there, good job. Was 10th after JES passed me and 11th when Morris did as well.

Was battling with Eley and Joakim for most of the first stint, going back and forth. Eventually I got past them and managed to pull a nice gap for the pitstops.

I rejoined in clean air and knew could at least reach my goal of 8th place. On lap 25 I had just been passed by Disley after his 2nd stop and was looking to get back in front of him when Derecho came out of the pits in between us.

I was too greedy and tried to get a little slipstream from him, and while doing so I flashed in his righthand side mirror. When I went to pass him on the lefthand side he moved left and we touched. I don't blame Carlos because I should've just played it safe. After that I had some suspension and aero damage which cost me top speed and added understeer.

My laptimes never reached full potential after that so I lost the chance to fight for 2nd place. 4th place after Disley's retirement is a great result for me, more than I imagined.

Thanks to Phil for giving me this opportunity, it was fun but I hope Roy will be back with us soon. We miss you King Duck :).
5View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-09-06Spain Valencia, Europe Twister-Racin...ACE2009P1P1Comment: 
Q1: 34.0, not so great but still P1
Q2: 35.6, I had to abort my first 2 runs so I had to finish my last lap no matter what.


Not much to say really, the car felt perfect. I could just settle in to a relaxed rhythm and do the pace I felt like. On the 1st laps out of the pits I was a bit slow because the balance of the car was different for the first 2 laps of my stints compared to the last 10 or so, so I just kept my rhythm for the majority instead of the minority of those laps.

Great setup work by Stefan and a nice result also, hopefully this is a sign of things to come for you.

Sorry for the problems that Karol, Jorge and Joakim had today. 
25View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-09-20Italy Monza, Italy Twister-Racin...ACE2009P2P3 18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-10-04Japan Fuji Speedway, Pacific Twister-Racin...ACE2009P3P3 18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-10-11Japan Suzuka, Japan Twister-Racin...ACE2009P1P2Comment: Wow, finally it's over...

I was feeling my usual pre-race excitement * 10. I had to go to the bathroom four times for a dump before joining the server. I wasn't feeling nervous in my mind, but for some reason my stomach had a mind of it's own :).

I wasn't too confident in my pace in testing over a full stint, but as usual I knew I could do a pretty good time in Q2.

After my last pitstop I got a bit worried because my timing screen stopped updating. I kept talking inside my head "come on, just 7 laps more... what is that, like 10 minutes? yea 10 minutes... 10 minutes more".

When the last lap started I started smiling involuntarily, the smile grew after each corner and then the finishline finally came.

I was hoping to join the press conference after the race but my internet was so jammed up that I couldn't even log on to MSN. I guess I was lucky to finish, but having missed China and Monaco because of connection problems I'll happily accept this luck .

I want to say thank you to everyone in Twister, this has been such a great season. Great teamwork and great atmosphere inside the team, the Perfect Season.

Thanks also to all the drivers in Ace for driving very fairly with me all season.21View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-11-08Brazil Interlagos, Brazil Twister-Racin...ACE2009P1P14 0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2009-11-08Brazil Interlagos, Brazil Faster Than S...WC2009P5P22 0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-03-07Bahrain Sakhir, Bahrain 2011 SB Motorsport...WC2010P11P6Comment: 

I was struggling a bit with getting a laptime in, after 3 attempts I was only at 1:30.1, but eventually I got a 29.385 which I was quite satisfied with.


Starting 11th I knew that it would be a hard race, especially consider how difficult my race preparation was. I had a very clean and fun battle with Patrick for the first 25 laps or so, after that I started to feel more confident and managed to pull away a little every lap. In the end, a very nice 6th place, but not what we are looking for in the grand scheme of things.

Congrats to Bono & PMo for their great weekend, we'll try to make the next one harder.8View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-03-21Australia Melbourne, Australia 2011 SB Motorsport...WC2010P12P8Comment: 
Quali: Incredibly tight, less than 0.6s behind pole and I was only 12th. I was relatively satisfied with my time. I need to try to improve my quali-pace, otherwise my season will be very difficult.

Race: I was very cautious in to T1, should've been more cautious in T3 I guess. There was a big traffic jam suddenly and my front slid in to the pack, frontwing gone. P8 in the end after some nice battling and misfortune for others. My pace was worthy of a better result but I need to show it in the results instead of saying it here, maybe next time.4View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-04-04Malaysia Sepang, Malaysia 2011 SB Motorsport...WC2010P9P8Comment: 
Quali: P9, I was quite pleased with this. My best qualifying of the year so far.

Race: P8, I wasn't very confident heading in to this race. I tried a lot of last minute setup tweaks but eventually just went with what I had been using a few days before the race. Had some nice battles, even if they were shorter than in the first two races.

Congrats to Rasmus and the whole Precision team.4View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-04-11China Shanghai, China 2011 SB Motorsport...WC2010P12P7Comment: 
Q1: P12, terrible... too far from my PB

Start: After letting go of the LC I accidentally twitched finger and shifted to 2nd. ~P18 after start...

Race: A lot of incidents going on, somehow I was 10th on lap 7 but then I had an unfortunate accident with Lee where I lost my front wing exiting the final corner, which meant I had to do a full lap without it to make a pitstop.

After that I was P20 (last) with +16 seconds to P19. Had to take a risky 28 lap final stint because I thought that way I could get a point if someone DNF'd in front of me. Luckily for me, I got 2 points.

Obviously there were a lot of incidents in this race, hard to say what the true pace of anyone was. In the end I am very happy to score 2 points after such a horrible race. Hopefully we'll be back to clean racing in Barcelona.

Congrats to Jaakko and Precision again.6View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-05-02Monaco Monte Carlo, Monaco 2011 SB Motorsport...WC2010P20P8Comment: 
Q: Bad, but last place in Monaco is almost as good as 1st.

R: Took it easy on the first lap, got stuck on the curb in Loews for about 5 seconds. Pitted early and managed to gain some positions. Was heading for 7th place when people crashed in front of me, but lost concentration and crashed myself. One point in the end.4View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-05-23Turkey Istanbul, Turkey 2011 SB Motorsport...WC2010P3P3Comment: 
Quali: 24.896, P3. This was very nice, I only managed 24.8 twice in my testing.

Race: I took the first corners pretty easily, lost one position but then I outbraked myself in to T9 and dropped to 7th or so. There was a crash exiting the final corner so I gained a few positions back there.

After that I could settle in to a nice rhythm and to my surprise I could challenge Bruno and Bono in the first stint. I knew Bruno was definitely faster than me so I wasn't too disappointed when they passed me after the first pitstop.

I couldn't quite follow them after that, I tried one last push in the last ~15 laps but couldn't get close enough for a slipstream.

3rd place is a fantastic result for me and the team, thanks to a lot of hard work and a great setup from Bruno.15View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-06-06Canada Montreal, Canada 2011 SB Motorsport...WC2010P11P7Comment: 
Quali: 14.016, did 2 PB's during quali. Not too bad but I thought I could do better, P11.


It was very difficult to judge where to brake during the first few corners, I lost 1 or 2 positions but the main goal was to be safe with an undamaged car.

Had some nice battles during the race, one unfortunately ended in contact with Jaakko.

P7 in the end, decent points.6View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-06-20Europe Valencia, Europe 2010 SB Motorsport...WC2010P13P9Comment: 
Quali: 1:35.192, was hoping for at least 0.2 better. P13, my average this year.

Race: I took the start pretty cautiously, gained 1 position before the end of the lap.

My 1st stint felt ok, I felt I could've challenged for P8 but I made too many mistakes. Things started going badly in the 2nd stint, I didn't feel comfortable while braking, which is the most important thing on this track to gain laptime.

Very tight battle in the end with Dennis, David and Agustin. I managed to get in front and after that I thought I had P8 secured, but David was able to pass me on the 2nd to last lap.

Points again, could've been worse.2View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-07-04Great Britain Silverstone, Great Britain 2011 SB Motorsport...WC2010P10P6Comment: 
Quali: 30.3, new PB but still only enough for P10.


I knew I had decent race pace, so I was confident after my qualifying (I thought I would be much further down the grid) that I could score good points.

Majority of the grid made their 2nd pitstop a lot earlier than what I was comfortable with. I lost about 5 seconds because of this, but I don't think it would've made a difference because thanks to my late stop I was able to pass Prevot and then make sure he didn't pass me again. If I had pitted the same time as Jaakko, he would've probably been faster than me and passed me sooner or later.

P6 in the end, equaling my second best result of the year.8View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-07-18Germany Hockenheim, Germany 2010 SB Motorsport...WC2010P14P5Comment: 
Quali: P14, pretty much what I expected.


During testing I quickly realized I had the worst pace since Monaco on this track. I felt a 1 stop strategy was my only chance of getting in to the top 10.

In the first stint I managed to get up to 8th before the pitstops started. It was tempting to change my strategy and pit but in the end I decided to stick with the plan.

I had clean air for the majority of my 2nd stint so I was able to push as hard as I could. This combined with the 2 stoppers battling behind me allowed me to finish 8th.

And now for a nice 4 week break.10View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-08-15Hungary Hungaroring, Hungary 2011 SB Motorsport...WC2010P7P3Comment: 
Quali: P7 with a 17.868, wouldn't have been any higher even with my PB.

Race: Took my usual careful start, slightly more aggressive this time which allowed me to pass Atze, but I still lost a position to Rasmus.

After the first stint there I was a bit worried after I rejoined behind Atze and David, but luckily they didn't fight too much and after that I could do my own pace.

In the last stint I had to drive on the limit all the time without making mistakes, especially in the final sector since Ronny and Rasmus were less than a second behind me for the last 20 laps or so.

I had made my last stop 1 lap earlier than I planned, and of course 1 lap before the end of the race my left front tire was delamatated (below 12% wear, it was below 10% even).

Very hard racing in the last laps, but I managed to stay in front.

Congrats to Bono and Dennis.15View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-08-22Belgium Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium 2011 SB Motorsport...WC2010P5P3Comment: Quali: P5 with 43.6, very close to my PB. Very pleased with this.


The start and the opening laps were nice and safe. I made a mistake on lap 5 or so which luckily didn't cost me any positions. Eventually I caught back to the guys in front of me and then made a big mistake.

I decided to change my strategy to try to "play it safe" and instead made my race very difficult. I originally planned to do a 1 stopper, hadn't practiced a 2 stopper at all. And to add insult to injury I made a bad frontwing modification in the last pitstop which gave me huge understeer.

During the 2nd stint I had an incident with Mikkonen, but he let me back past before the finishline which was a nice gesture.

P3 is a nice result, but unlike in Hungary I didn't come even close to driving a perfect race.

Congrats to Bono and Dennis.15View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-09-05Italy Monza, Italy 2011 SB Motorsport...WC2010P12P13Comment: Qual: P12 with 21.3, pretty much what I expected.


Took a careful start and was battling for P10 on lap 4 or 5. I'm not sure who it was but when I went for a pass on the start-finishline they moved over on me and I lost my FW.

After that I was about 35 seconds behind the people in front and just tried to do my maximum. I didn't have anyone to give me a slipstream so I had to save a lot of engine during the whole race basicly.

I thought I had a chance to catch the group battling for the final points when my G25 double-downshifted in to Lesmo 1, rearend spun away and the engine broke when I hit the barriers.

R.I.P. Shoya Tomizawa0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-09-19Singapore Singapore, Singapore 2010 SB Motorsport...WC2010P11P12Comment: Q1: 36.900, PB


Took a careful start, managed to pass JES. However, soon I noticed that I didn't have a good feel for the car and started struggling badly. I knew I didn't have good pace here but based on my practice times I should've been able to battle for P8.

On lap 10 or so I hit the anticuts after the bridge and spun right on the racing line. I waited before the people behind me passed me and then hit the wall while trying to spin in the right direction again.

After that I was ~10s behind the battle for points but continued to struggle with the handling. Some time after my pitstop I started to have pain in my right leg. The pain eventually got worse and after hitting some walls by losing concentration, I decided to retire during my 2nd pit stop.

Two very frustrating races in a row now, hopefully things start getting better again. 

Congrats to Bono and Precision for the championships!0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-10-03Japan Suzuka, Japan 2011 Twister RacingWC2010P13P7Comment: Quali: P13 with 30.473, pretty satisfied with the time, not with the position.


Clean start, made a bad mistake on lap 4 or 5 and lost 5 seconds + many positions.

After that my race was pretty much decided, I knew I had good race pace but starting so far back and making such a mistake I knew at best I could get 6th.

Had a short battle with Jaakko in the final stages of the race, wasn't fast enough to keep him behind and ended up in 7th. Expecting more from Interlagos.6View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-10-17Brazil Interlagos, Brazil 2011 SB Motorsport...WC2010P6P5Comment: Qual: P6 with 1:08.798, did 4 PB's during quali so can't complain


I took it very easy on the formation lap because I was very worried about my tire wear for my planned 1 stop strategy. Because of this my tires were cooler than normal and with my usual careful start I lost a few positions on the first lap.

After that I got locked in to a 30+ lap battle with Conti. I wasn't fast enough in the first stint to be able to pull away but neither was he. I was originally going to pit on lap 33, but I noticed that he was pulling in to the pitlane on the same lap while ahead of me so I decided to do one more lap. Despite my tires already getting delaminated I was able to pit one lap later and rejoin 2 seconds ahead of him, which is very unusual this year.

After that I did a very good second stint, consistant lap times with just a few small mistakes. I pushed as hard as possible but couldn't keep Huis & Tali behind me.

Happy with 5th, congrats to the podium.10View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2010-10-31United Arab Emirates Yas Marina, UAE 2011 SB Motorsport...WC2010P4P4Comment: Qual: 37.678, PB by 0.4 seconds. Fantastic!


Lost a position to Dennis in T1, I knew the guys in front of me had much better pace so I just focused on keeping Tali behind me.

Tali followed me for almost the whole first stint, I was sure he was saving a lot of engine behind me and would then easily pass me and pull away at some stage of the race.

After the pitstop however I could pull away from him and there was no longer any danger. 4th place in the end after Atze's problems.

Thanks to Bruno Marques for the setup work, great way to end the season for our team. Now it's time to hibernate...12View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2011-04-03Bahrain Sakhir, Bahrain 2011 GT Omega RacingWC2011P8P5Comment: Q1: 27.899, very relieved with this, was worried about making the top 10
Q2: 29.469, terrible lap, 'nuff said...


I had a good reaction time to the lights, took it easy in to T1 and lost some positions. During the first lap a lot of people were going off in front of me, I went from 9 or 10th to 6th.

I knew my pace was ok, but I also knew I probably couldn't challenge the guys in front of me, so I just focused on keeping a steady rhythm and saving the car.

I had a lot of issues with braking on this track, so I 'm very happy with finishing 5th in the end with holding off Atze basicly the entire race.

Congrats to Bono and the rest of the podium.10View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2011-04-10Australia Melbourne, Australia 2011 GT Omega RacingWC2011P8P6Comment: Q1: 1:21.820, pretty satisfied with this.
Q2: 1:22.558, not too satisfied with this.


I had a decent start, some people falling off ahead of me again. After that it was a pretty tough race, I tried pushing as hard as I was comfortable with, but couldn't really make any progress.

I hoped I could maybe gain a few positions with an early pit stop but I unfortunately got caught behind Lee for a lap which negated any gain I might've had.

I had a few close calls with my teammate, luckily we both managed to score points in the end.

Congrats to Bono again and the rest of the podium.8View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2011-05-01China Shanghai, China 2011 GT Omega RacingWC2011P3P3Comment: Q1: 32.2, PB with my first attempt.
Q2: 33.1, terrible again, somehow P3


I got a good reaction to the lights, got alongside Jaakko in T1 but decided to back off because I didn't want to risk such a high position.

I was able to follow Jaakko quite easily in the first stint. He pitted one lap earlier than me which created a 2s margin which I was not able to close up.

I was a bit slow in the beginning of the 2nd stint, so I was worried that Greco could catch me, but after a few laps the gap stayed the same and I could pretty much just do a relaxed rhythm until the end of the race.

Very nice team result for us, hopefully I can be a bit more competitive in Istanbul, which is one of my favourite tracks.15View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2011-05-15Turkey Istanbul, Turkey 2011 GT Omega RacingWC2011P4P5Comment: Q1: 23.6 on my first lap, was pretty convinced that it would get me through to Q2
Q2: 24.5, wasn't too thrilled with this, but got a surprising 4th place.


Had a safe start, was surprised to see that the guys in front of me didn't pull away more than they did.

Bono caught me quite quickly, and having noticed that he passed 5 guys before me, I didn't fight him very hard to avoid losing time.

After making my pitstop I rejoined right in front of Bruno, and he was able to pass me at the end of the lap. I tried to push hard to stay within his slipstream but failed in the end.

I'm pleased with 5th place however, much better start to the season than last year.

Congrats to Bono & the podium.10View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2011-05-22Malaysia Sepang, Malaysia 2011 GT Omega RacingWC2011P15P10Comment: Q1: 29.6, wasn't sure that I would make it in to Q2 this time and indeed I didn't.


I was perhaps a bit too cautious at the start, lost some positions in the first corners. At the end of the 1st or 2nd lap, I was looking in the mirror while exiting the final corner when I noticed Karol beached on the curb ahead of me. I had to make a fast evasive manouver and lost a lot of time there.

A lap or so later I made a mistake while following Parisis in the 2nd to last corner and was 19th.

After that I was pushing as hard as I could but had to rely on people spinning out in front of me to gain any positions.

I managed to leapfrog JES by pitting one lap ahead of him and after that it was a lonely race for 10th place.1View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2011-06-05Spain Catalunya, Spain 2011 GT Omega RacingWC2011P6P4Comment: Q1: 15.8, was a bit worried this would not be enough for Q2 but it was.
Q2: 16.725, P6, not bad but would've liked to have done a bit better.


I had a decent start, luckily for me the group in front all moved in to my line which gave me a great slipstream. However I was on the inside for T1 and Disley was able to pass me on the outside by braking later.

After that it was a pretty difficult race, following Disley for 45 laps without any chances to pass. Finally on lap 45 in T4 he was battling with De Wit and I managed to make a surprisingly easy pass on the outside.

After that I was battling with De Wit, had a couple of chances out of the final corner, but wasn't close enough. I was shocked to see him pit 10 laps later, giving me the position.

Then until the end I just pushed as hard as I felt comfortable, since I knew Atze was doing a very long stint in front of me. I thought that there was a chance that he would get a puncture, so I wanted to be as close as possible in the final lap, but in the end he made it to the finish.

P4 was a nice surprise on a track where I've always struggled, pace was decent as well. Now 2 week break before we arrive in hell...12View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2011-06-19Monaco Monte Carlo, Monaco 2011 GT Omega RacingWC2011P7P12Comment: Q1: 10.6, PB by 0.2s
Q2: 11.6, didn't think I was going to get to Q2 so P7 was very nice.


I took a decent start, almost passing Rouault before slotting in behind him.

Then after T1 it all started to go wrong. Morand lost traction in front of me, so I had to jump on the brakes, causing me to lose control and hit the barrier, causing damage and dropping to about 13th.

There was more contact before Casino where Conti and Tali crashed, with me getting tangled between the wall and them.

After this the car was basicly ruined, but the suspension arms were pretty straight still, I didn't think I needed to make a pitstop.

But then on the rundown to Tabac, I was in Room's slipstream when he suddenly moved left. In front of me I saw Rouault and Dominguez blocking the road after a crash. There was no chance to slow down fast enough and I made massive contact with Dominguez.

The car was now completely destroyed, with the front left suspension requiring a long (67 second) pitstop to repair damage.

I was now a lap down behind everyone in the top 10, but I was still willing to do my own race and see if some people might retire so that I could score a point.

I caught Jaakko and I assumed he would let me unlap myself sooner or later, but it happened sooner than I expected. His braking caught me off guard in to the Harbor chicane, causing me to jump on the brakes to avoid touching him. The rears locked, I was in the barrier and the race was over.

A shame after such a positive qualifying.0View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2011-07-03Canada Montreal, Canada 2011 GT Omega RacingWC2011P1P2Comment: Q1: P3 with 13.265, solidly inside the top 10
Q2: P1 with 13.765, a very surprising result considering I knew the strategies of Bono & Jaakko beforehand.


Starting from pole was great, first time in WC but I had some experiences in the lower divisions in 2008 and 2009.

Unfortunately the joy didn't last very long, before the first 3 laps were complete, I was down to 4th. For sure this is one area in my driving which I should improve in case I find myself starting from pole in the future.

After falling to 4th, I pretty much knew that Bono would win the race, since he was able to build a good gap before his first stop.

I pushed as hard as possible, resulting in a few mistakes but I believe I did a good race regardless.

After Bono's 2nd pitstop he was 4 seconds behind me, closing very fast. Like I mentioned before, I didn't believe I could hold him up for the last ~20 laps. A few laps after catching me, he was ahead and after that it was just about cruising to the end.

Congrats to Bono and Lee for his return to the podium.18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2011-07-17Great Britain Silverstone, Great Britain 2011 GT Omega RacingWC2011P1P7Comment: Q1: 28.8, made a mistake which cost me a spot in the top 10, 11th on the grid.


Start was pretty tight, a lot of cars heading in to the sweeping corners in sector1, seemed to be quite clean though.

Heading in to the 2nd to last corner on lap 1, I braked as soon as the guys in front of me did, and the guys behind me took advantage, passing me and pushing me wide over the tall curb, dropping me to 13th.

After that I managed to pass Allar and Pat, both were quite tricky to pass because I had much higher wings than them.

I decided to pit 1 lap ahead of schedule to try to leapfrog some places, near the same time a few people retired from disconnections, and I was surprised to see myself in 6th places after the stops, closing in on 5th.

It was very difficult to pass De Matos though, at the same time I knew that I was asking a lot from my tires which were already on the limit even without the dirty air.

I started saving my tires after Dennis passed me, I also had to let Nilsson pass a few laps from the end because I was so concerned that my tires would not last.

Starting the last lap however I saw that I had just enough wear left that I could push as hard as I wanted on the last lap without fear of a puncture.

Starting the final sector I noticed Nilsson made a mistake, so I tried to take advantage. We had a hard fight for the last corners and I managed to pass him on the outside of the 2nd to last corner, which was a very nice feeling in the end.

Congrats to Atze for his 1st win and Bono for his great race, also a nice podium for Blair.6View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2011-08-14Germany Nurburgring, Germany 2011 GT Omega RacingWC2011P7P5Comment: Quali: was happy to make it back in to the top 10, 26.7 for 7th on the grid.


Managed to pass Disley at the start, lost a position to Jaakko however after losing traction in T4.

I got past Jaakko after he made a mistake in T2 on lap 5 or so, and then slowly caught Lee.

After following for quite a few laps, we had what seemed like a 2 lap wheel to wheel battle. I was finally able to make the pass stick and pull away before the pitstop.

In the 2nd stint I didn't have any confidence in the car, so Disley caught me and pressured me for the last 35 laps, fortunately I didn't make any big mistakes and came home in a satisfying 5th place.

Congrats to the podium.10View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2011-08-21Hungary Hungaroring, Hungary 2011 GT Omega RacingWC2011P12P2Comment: Quali: 15.3 in Q1, just enough for Q2. Made some mistakes on my Q2 lap so I aborted it in the second sector to take P10.


I had a very good reaction off the line, noticed I was pulling alongside Blair in front of me. I was able to pass him under braking for T1, then pass DDM and another car in T2. Atze also spun in T2 so I was 6th before the first sector was done.

I knew that my pace was really poor so I felt that a 6th place would already be like winning the lottery.

About 10 laps in to the race however, I noticed that Pat was most likely on soft tires because he had fallen from pole to 4th and was struggling a lot in the corner entrys.

David spun in front of me while following Pat, then a few laps later I managed to pass Pat with a late braking move in to T1.

I wasn't paying much attention to the people around me so I pitted on lap 19 like I had originally planned. To my surprise Room spun right in front of me in the pitentry and I was suddenly in 3rd place.

It's hard to describe what I was feeling at this stage, but needless to say: sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

I had Blair and DDM following me within 0.5-1s for the last 51 laps, which were quite tense since I knew any mistake would most likely cost me 2 positions.

In the end however, I kept my nerves and finished in a shocking 3rd place. In terms of pace I probably should've been 10th or so, but I'll take any result I can get.

Congrats to Bono for clinching the championship, most dominant season ever in FSR. Congrats to Morgan as well for his first podium.18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2011-09-04Belgium Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium 2011 GT Omega RacingWC2011P6P3Comment: Quali: 43.5 in Q1, 44.1 in Q2 for P6 on the grid.


Average start, didn't lose any positions and managed to pass Dennis on the run to Les Combes.

First stint was quite hectic, a lot of tight battles going around. Managed to pass Jaakko on lap 10 or so and then I was right behind Bono & Morgan.

Made a mistake on about lap 15 when following Morgan in to T1, misjudged his entry and I climbed up on his rear wheel, losing a lot of momentum and a position to Stoffel.

Decided to pit after I saw Dennis pit behind me, rejoined behind him.

Got up to P3 after Morgan spun, after that it was a tough race because DDM was faster than me, but wasn't quite able to catch me in the remaining laps.

4th podium of the season and a decent gap to Fred & Atze in the championship, happy with the result.

Congrats to Bono & Denny for the other podium spots, nice day for Precision & Mak-Corp with 1, 2, 3 ,4.15View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2011-09-18Italy Monza, Italy 2011 GT Omega RacingWC2011P1P3Comment: Q1: Big struggle, didn't think I would get in to Q2 but just made it in P9
Q2: Solid lap, nothing special but pole position!


Good start, easily kept my lead. Lead for 10 laps until Bono passed me. Was stuck behind him while he was doing god knows what and slowing us down for about 10 laps after finally pulling away.

After that I kept pushing, trying to keep a gap to Jaakko & Morgan behind.

During the pitstop I had a dejavu of Silverstone last year when Jaakko pulled right in front of my pitbox. Had to make a quick decision and manouver around him right next to the garage walls.

The 2nd stint was going fine until the 3rd to last lap, made a mistake in the middle of the 1st Lesmo which allowed Jaakko to get in my slipstream.

In the final lap he managed to pass me with a bit of a questionable move in the first chicane.

Very frustrating race after Q2, but a decent result for the championship regardless.15View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2011-10-02Japan Suzuka, Japan 2011 GT Omega RacingWC2011P2P2Comment: Q1: Quite difficult again, definitely not my biggest strength. P10
Q2: Solid lap again like in Monza, P2


I was surprised to not see Bono lining up for the grid, I assumed he had gone over the timelimit to get on the grid. After the race I heard he had an rFactor crash though, shame for him since he had the best pace clearly.

After that I just tried to focus on doing my own race, took a clean start and lead for the first stint with Denny & Morgan about 3s behind me.

I decided to pit 2 laps after Morgan because I was pretty sure Denny would pit 1 lap after him, so I didn't want to risk blocking him in our pitbox.

Exiting the pits I rejoined about 0.8s in front of Morgan and was pulling away slightly until I caught Rouault. Took quite long to pass him despite the tire advantage, and after this Morgan was in my slipstream and was able to pass me quite easily since I had chosen to run more downforce.

I managed to pass him once in to T1, but I made a mistake in the Spoon corner, nearly ending my race but in the end just lost one position.

I made another mistake in the Spoon some laps later which allowed Denny to pass me, but he let me back through on the main straight, thanks for that :).

Had a few more close battles with Morgan afterwards in to the final chicane and in to T1, but I was not able to time the slipstream right to get past.

With about 7 laps to go I noticed my fuel was quite critical, I tried to save for a few laps and then tried to make one last push again. But for the final lap I noticed the fuel was way too low, and I had to cruise quite heavily to avoid running out. After a lap full of coasting my engine started to cough exiting the final chicane, so I barely made it thanks to my last lap efforts.

Congrats to Morgan for his first win, I'm still happy with my own result, wasn't expecting much from this race.18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2011-10-23United Arab Emirates Yas Marina, UAE 2011 GT Omega RacingWC2011P5P4Comment: Q1: easier than normal, P5.
Q2: not the best lap, P5.


Solid start, got a run on Denny out of T1 but backed off.

1st stint was going quite well, 2 stoppers pitted in front of me, but then on my pit-in lap my rFactor suddenly dropped to desktop. I have no idea why it happened, it took be a few moments to get my mouse and get back in to the game. Luckily I didn't get any damage but I lost plenty of time.

After that I completely failed at driving. Was ~1s per lap off the pace and couldn't do anything about it.

Somehow it was enough for P4, but the race is really irrelevant when thinking about the events of today.

R.I.P. #5812View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2011-11-06Brazil Interlagos, Brazil 2011 GT Omega RacingWC2011P2P2Comment: Q1: P1 with 7.356, very good laptime
Q2: P2 with 8.084, good laptime, couldn't match Bono


Bono had a bit of a slow reaction to the lights which allowed me to take the lead. We had a very nice battle for the first stint, he'd often pass me in to T1 and I'd retake the position in T4, T6 or the beginning of the next lap.

After he passed me on lap 29 or so, he managed to pull a bit of a gap so I made a very late decision to pit. Unfortunately it was too late and I had to wait and lose some seconds while the pitcrew got ready.

When Bono pitted he had a healthy gap to me and there was no chance to fight him anymore.

I kept pushing hard since it was the last race of the season, giving it everything on every lap.

In the end, P2 in the championship is way higher than anything I expected before the season. Obviously Fredrik, Atze and Dennis didn't drive a full season, but I'll take it anyway.

Congrats to Bono again for a stunning season, but now it's time to hibernate.18View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2012-04-08Australia Melbourne, Australia 2013 Precision Mot...WC2012P18P9Comment: Q1: 24.6, shocking time, no excuses


Took a careful start, people were falling off the road quite frequently so I got up to 13th from 18th in a couple laps.

Managed to narrowly avoid a spinning Silverline on lap 1 T4. On the second lap in the final corner I came across a spinning GhostSpeed I think and tried to avoid but made light contact with my front left, didn't seem to pick up any damage though.

Lap 3 I was being careful not to get tangled up with the 2 Netrex and a MakCorp fighting in T3-4 and I lost a position to Jaakko.

Lap 15 I was following Jaakko in T1-2 when he lost traction behind another car and I touched his left rear with my right front. Unfortunately he lost some positions and my steering was bent. I decided not to repair it in the pits because I felt every second was crucial to try to get at least some points.

Lap 42 T1 I managed to pass Disley when he exited the pits, was my only positive from the race.

For the last ~5 laps I was struggling a lot, trying to keep my 8th position. I made a mistake in the final corner on lap 56, allowing Disley to take the place. 9th place in the end is better than nothing considering the struggle that this race has been.

Not expecting any better from Sepang, hopefully China will bring some improvements.2View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2012-04-22Malaysia Sepang, Malaysia 2012 Precision Mot...WC2012P15P8Comment: Q1: P15 with a 32.1, pretty much expected


I had a good reaction to the lights and manager to get a tow on Brljak in front and passed him under braking. Trouble started in T2 however, I was following Greco closely when someone made a mistake right in front of him, which cost him his FW and I didn't have a chance to avoid his car. We had contact and I had quite significant damage, costing me a lot of straight line speed and downforce, I believe even 0.3s per lap.

After that I struggled a lot for pace, but kept pushing, trying to at least score some points.

On lap 14 I was battling with JES and Parisis in the S2 hairpin when I lost traction quite suddenly. I almost took out Bono who was right behind me after his pitstop, so I quickly backed off and allowed him to take the position since there was no point in me fighting with him.

On lap 29 I came across Tali who was exiting the pits, and he unfortunately missed his braking spot in to T1 and collided quite heavily with me, causing more damage.

I gained one position on lap 41 thanks to Room having some kind of issue in S3.

Then I drove very hard in the final stint, I believe one of my best stints since joining FSR in 2008. I managed to catch Baldi on lap 51 and passed him with a late braking move in the last corner, it wasn't the prettiest pass of my career but it got me a couple more points.

In closing, during this past week I've spent a lot of time thinking, and I've decided that this was my last race in FSR. It's been a long 4+ years and I feel I need a break. I won't call it a retirement though, since plenty of drivers have made that mistake in the past and come back in a couple months time. So it's not a goodbye, but until we meet again...4View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2012-08-26Italy Monza, Italy 2013 Precision Mot...WC2012P8P5Comment: Q1: 23.3, was surprised to make it in the top 10
Q2: 23.8, too cautious, P7 after Philipp decided to remove his Q2 laptime


I took a careful start, P8 after the first lap. I knew that I would most likely struggle in the 1st stint against the 3 stoppers around me. My pace was not great either, took some time to settle in.

In the 2nd and 3rd stints I drove quite well in my opinion, whenever a 3 stopper caught me I would let them go to avoid losing any time while defending pointlessly.

5th place in the end, decent result. Not sure if I'll drive any more races this year, it was nice to drive again after a 7 race hiatus though.10View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result
2012-11-04Brazil Interlagos, Brazil 2012 Faster Than S...WC2012P7P8Comment: 4View Official Result Download PDF File of Official Result

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