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World Championship
P DriverCPts
1.D Alessandro Driver from ITA206
2.Simoncic Driver from SLO167
3.Brljak Driver from CRO157
4.Patel Driver from GBR156
5.Kiss Driver from HUN80

P DriverCPts
1.valeriano Driver from ITA183
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI179
3.van der Niet Driver from NED119
4.Mroczek Driver from POL107
5.Chiappini Driver from ITA104

P DriverCPts
1.Leonov Driver from BUL159
2.Oldenmenger Driver from NED152
3.Rodger Driver from SCO134
4.BRIONI Driver from ITA132
5.D Amelio Driver from ITA129

P DriverCPts
1.Spoljaric Driver from CRO349
2.Fields Driver from NEZ244
3.Niza Driver from SPA169
4.Gray Driver from ENG150
5.Bubicic Driver from CRO133

P DriverCPts
1.Veselý Driver from CZE70
2.Wheway Driver from GBR34
3.Burkhard Driver from GER25
4.Vicentijevic Driver from SER20
5.Galati Driver from ITA15

World Trophy
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P DriverCPts
. Driver from 0
.Brewer Driver from ENG0
. Driver from 0
.Rodger Driver from SCO0
.Tuson Driver from GBR0

Winter Series
P DriverCPts
1.Hoyer Driver from GER138
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI125
3.Puschke Driver from GER102
4.Maguire Driver from IRE78
5.Leonov Driver from BUL75

Special Events
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Classic Series
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Completed official races

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Last official comment

Date: 2018-10-07 18:36:41
League: World Championship
Track: Round 12: Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace

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Event Information
Track:Istanbul, Turkey 2007Track map Istanbul, Turkey 2007 - No track picture yet
Country:Grand Prix of  
Event league:World Championship
Event season:2007
Point system:Default
Final result:Yes (confirmed)
Official event:Yes
Separate classes:No (all drivers in one class)
Event date:2007-09-02 20:16:15
Qualifying minutes:15 minutes
Event laps:58
Event distance:309.604 km
Pole-Position:Bruno Marques
Race winner:Patrick De Wit

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Driver Comments
Driver:Patrick De Wit
Country:Driver originates from NED
Race position:1
Team:Faster Than Speed
Date:2007-09-03 21:45:57
"WOW This is an historic day!!!
Not just to me but also for the team
We got our very 1st victory in the World Championship which is so hard to compete in.....

I had a bad qualify from my standards i was all weekend below 26 times on low fuel and when it mattered i could not get it together in qualfy very strange
But still p6 promoted to p4 after Marques/Kolbe penalties from last race

Then at the start from p4 Kuncman/Lapchin were battling for 2nd place but i got a very good exit out of turn 1 could pass Kuncman after t1 and going into t2/3 i passed Lapchin just managed it he had just enough space to be on track
so no harm done there then after that i was 2nd in race and tried to catch Greco but after few laps i realized he was on differant strategy cause he was faster not much but faster just had to make sure the gab not went bigger as 5 secs or so........and it did not then in lap 21 i pitted and managed just to stay ahead of Greco was leading the race again(last time was Montreal)but Greco was haunting me and i knew the guys behgind me were on 3 stops and i on 2 stops so i was not worried at all then Greco passed me in lap 27 and corners later Kuncman passed me and again corners later Lapchin passed me was nothing i could do i had heavier car and they had to pit anyway in few laps heheheh
Then after my 2nd pitstop i was 2nd behind Kuncman and he had to pit more time but Marques passed me and i was worried he gonna held me up for Kuncman but was not the case luckily:)!

Then when Kuncman pitted I knew i had great chances to get my 1st victory of my career!!I was worried Marques would not pit anymore lol......butt he did in the end and after that i was just cruising making sure engine lasted and brakes also and on last lap i was partying alrdy!!!
When i crossed finish line i went a little emotional
This is where we work so hard for

And finally 1st victory i want to thank my teammate for a delivering a great basic setup which we together improved after that we went our own ways,regarding setup.

And a big thanks for Faster Than Speed for having me in the 1st place in 2007!!!!!I mean i am so happy now i did something back to them!!
Sure we had pole position and 2 podiums but now this victory!!!!
Gonna enjoy this a long long time............ON TO MONZA"
Driver:Bruno Marques
Country:Driver originates from POR
Race position:2
Team:Diamond Racing Team
No items found
Driver:Ondrej Kuncman
Country:Driver originates from CZE
Race position:3
Team:Diamond Racing Team
Date:2007-09-03 00:31:15
"What a race! I really enjoyed it this time a lot. Qualification could have been better but 3rd place on the grid wasn`t bad. I had a better start than Lapchin but I went a bit wide and he could overtake me back together with De Wit. Later I overtook Lapchin but I stopped earlier. Still, I kept my position against other 3 stoppers. Unfortunately I came out close behind drivers with 2 stops strategy and with heavy car it was impossible to pass them so I had to wait. Same happened after the 2nd pit stop but when I had a free track I could push and get infront of these drivers. After the 3rd pit stop I got very closely infront of Disley. Last 15 laps I was fighting with Greco who obviously had tyres in a pretty bad condition. It was really hard fight but I did it and got to P3. Once again, perfect race even though strategy didn`t work perfectly this time. Congrats to Bruno for his incredible race and to De Wit for the first win. "
Driver:David Greco
Country:Driver originates from ITA
Race position:4
Team:Roaldo Racing
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Driver:Andreas Spengler
Country:Driver originates from GER
Race position:5
Team:Torrent Motorsports - IPForge
No items found
Driver:Roy Kolbe
Country:Driver originates from GER
Race position:6
Team:Twister Racing
Date:2007-09-03 13:25:51
"I must admit I´m very frustrated about our performance. This race was the hardest of my FSR history in terms of handling. It was even worse than in Indy. That was no car, that was race-boat. But the worst is, I don´t know why. I cannot understand how a driver can go 20kph faster through the chicane before the long straight. And this even in dirty air!! That´s not the difference in driving skills between Bruno and me, that´s kinda like a difference between a dry & a wet race:( The only thing I can do is to congratulate Diamond for developing such great setups. It´s a shame they are always in advantage, while we have still big problems to find the mechanical grip in low wing configuration. I will think about that and I will try new settings to do it better in Italy. Congrats to Patrick DeWit for his first victory as well to the VG guys for the best performance of the year!;)

Driver:Blair Disley
Country:Driver originates from AUS
Race position:7
Team:GhostSpeed Racing Team
Date:2007-09-07 09:30:41
"Blessed to finished in 8th and can't complain about that. I didn't put enough practise in for this race and obviously that hurt my race pace. Thankfully some others had problems and my strategy just worked out that I could finish in 8th place."
Driver:Steve Kasimatis
Country:Driver originates from GRI
Race position:8
Team:Silva Eagle Rex
No items found
Driver:Sebastian Schmalenbach
Country:Driver originates from GER
Race position:9
Team:Twister Racing
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Driver:Giuseppe Marconi
Country:Driver originates from ITA
Race position:10
Team:Faster Than Speed
Date:2007-09-02 23:00:51
"Bad qualify for me 0.7 over my pb.....for the race i had a good pace only 0.2-0.3 sec per lap over my training pace.....i could fight for last points but at 2nd lap Eric braked late at first corner and hitted me and i spun.....then i was last and i was able to reach only 11th points at all but very funny race.......GREAT M8.....You catch your opportunity.....great Win....great job! "
Driver:Klaus Kåg
Country:Driver originates from DEN
Race position:11
Team:Silva Eagle Rex
Date:2007-09-03 03:11:44
"YES! Finally.
8 races since I last completed a race. After a really disapointing race in the Ace serie, this was a nice way to complete the weekend with. A good qualifying where I surpricing got 7th grid spot after the penalties, everything was in the air for a very good result here.
And it became a good result for me - on its own style.
My start was not that good and lost several positions - did almost stall the engine here. However, after the first lap I was still running in 9th. On lap 2 I was hit my a GhostSpeed car and after this spin I was down to 20th and last. From that moment on I was only trying to catch up as much as possible. Nothing really happen before the last stint, where the fuel calculation was all wrong, or the ussage was higher in the race than in practice. This costed a 3rd pitstop.

In the end it was a faily good result for me, but could for sure have been better for Da Silva Racing, and my team Twister Racing. Hopefully we are back with more speed and luck for the next race at Monza."
Driver:John-Eric Saxen
Country:Driver originates from FIN
Race position:12
Team:Kiwi Virtual
No items found
Driver:Stephane Rouault
Country:Driver originates from NED
Race position:13
Team:GhostSpeed Racing Team
Date:2007-09-06 22:25:33
"I had done the ACE race, and in that race, my fastest lap was a 27,5. But, after the ACE race, my practice laps had been doubled. So I knew I should do better in the WC race.
Qualify was real hard. only a few tenths better, wouldve meant 5 positions difference. So competition is hard, luckily because of penalties, my starting position was 13th. I had a very exciting first lap, in which I gained a lot of positions. I overtook about 4 guys, and was on position 9 after the first lap. Ofcourse my adrenaline was pumping after that, and going into turn 1, I was surprised at the early braking of Klag, and went inside.. ofcourse he didnt expect this, closed the door, and we ended in the gravel. Luckily the cars werent damaged.. but we had to start all over again.
In the first stint, I again overtook about 4 cars.. I knew by then, I had to be lighter than the rest of the cars surrounding me. So after the first stint, my race became kind of lonely, except for the cars I came across during the pitstops.
All in all, it was a fun race to drive, I had a lot of action especially in the beginning, and I finished 2 races in one weekend. So I'm happy with that. My speed wasnt optimum of course, but I didnt expect to gain points, in such a competitive field, with nearly no practice."
Driver:Carlos López
Country:Driver originates from SPA
Race position:14 Racing Team
Date:2007-09-03 13:46:43
"Another bad race. With a very poor qualifying i hoped my 2 stops strategy would be the best. At the begining i have a very good performance wining 5 positions in the 1st lap, but in lap 3 or 4 De Angelis touched me and damage seriously the rear part of my car. It has been a lost oportunity for do a good race. The only positive is i can finish my 2nd race in Wc. Next time will be better..."
Driver:Sergio Casalins
Country:Driver originates from SPA
Race position:15 Racing Team
Date:2007-09-03 11:43:41
"Very disappointing weekend for me. Was expecting a top 5 qualy position and that´s what I was able to get. After that my aim was to finish and try to get some points for the team but was not possible. In the first lap I was overtaked by Schmalenbach who block me for 14 laps and that was very bad for my engine.
With a 2 stopper was surprised when all the drivers in front of me pitted very soon, except Patrick, who was on the same strategy as me. Thats when I realize that I could be in a very good position at the end despite of two silly mistakes, who cost me some seconds. I have still to learn a lot and continue improving the next races."
Driver:Bono Huis
Country:Driver originates from NED
Race position:16
Team:Silva Snake Rex
No items found
Driver:Darius Trinka
Country:Driver originates from LIT
Race position:17
Team:Kiwi Virtual
No items found
Driver:Petter Kaasa
Country:Driver originates from NOR
Race position:18
Team:Torrent Motorsports - IPForge
Date:2007-09-10 04:26:09
"no comments, unsept crappy engine..."
Driver:Ernesto De Angelis
Country:Driver originates from ITA
Race position:19
Team:Silva Snake Rex
Date:2007-09-03 20:57:25
"All my apologizes to Lopez, I was going to overtake him and tried to be close in the chicane leading to 2nd split straight; he braked much earlier than my usual braking point and I couldn't avoid touching him. I'm sorry, should have been more prudent and keep more distance, not knowing his braking attitude."
Driver:Yannick Lapchin
Country:Driver originates from FRA
Race position:20
Team:Roaldo Racing
No items found
Driver:Andrey Lovchy
Country:Driver originates from BEA
Race position:21
Team:Ash Racing
No items found
Country:Driver originates from
Race position:22
Team:Team FSR
No items found
Country:Driver originates from
Race position:23
Team:Team FSR
No items found
Driver:Mike Philippo
Country:Driver originates from NED
Race position:24
Team:Team FSR
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Audience comment
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Live Timing Comments
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