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World Championship
P DriverCPts
1.D Alessandro Driver from ITA206
2.Simoncic Driver from SLO167
3.Brljak Driver from CRO157
4.Patel Driver from GBR156
5.Kiss Driver from HUN80

P DriverCPts
1.valeriano Driver from ITA183
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI179
3.van der Niet Driver from NED119
4.Mroczek Driver from POL107
5.Chiappini Driver from ITA104

P DriverCPts
1.Leonov Driver from BUL159
2.Oldenmenger Driver from NED152
3.Rodger Driver from SCO134
4.BRIONI Driver from ITA132
5.D Amelio Driver from ITA129

P DriverCPts
1.Spoljaric Driver from CRO349
2.Fields Driver from NEZ244
3.Niza Driver from SPA169
4.Gray Driver from ENG150
5.Bubicic Driver from CRO133

P DriverCPts
1.Veselý Driver from CZE70
2.Wheway Driver from GBR34
3.Burkhard Driver from GER25
4.Vicentijevic Driver from SER20
5.Galati Driver from ITA15

World Trophy
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P DriverCPts
.Cobb Driver from USA0
.Winter Driver from GER0
.Nel Driver from SAF0
.Kappet Driver from EST0
. Driver from 0

Winter Series
P DriverCPts
1.Hoyer Driver from GER138
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI125
3.Puschke Driver from GER102
4.Maguire Driver from IRE78
5.Leonov Driver from BUL75

Special Events
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Classic Series
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Completed official races

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Date: 2018-10-07 18:36:41
League: World Championship
Track: Round 12: Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace

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Event Information
Track:Melbourne, Australia 2008Track map Melbourne, Australia 2008 - No track picture yet
Country:Grand Prix of  
Event league:World Championship
Event season:2008
Point system:Default
Final result:Yes (confirmed)
Official event:Yes
Separate classes:No (all drivers in one class)
Event date:2008-03-30 18:22:34
Qualifying minutes:15 minutes
Event laps:58
Event distance:307.574 km
Pole-Position:Stephane Rouault
Race winner:Bruno Marques

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Driver Comments
Driver:Bruno Marques
Country:Driver originates from POR
Race position:1
Team:GhostSpeed Racing Team
Date:2008-03-31 12:57:44
"Finally a season that starts well for me!
In qualify 1 it went well, did a safe lap to make sure I would be on q2 then I tried to practice for q2 but had to spend more time having to go out of line then trying to set a time. My mistake, it was next to useless. Then Q2 was not good despite the strong P2, but I am happy that my team mate Stephane did his first pole ever , stunning lap dude :).

Then race start and despite the bad start I was able to go to P1 before Turn 1 and went safely into the turn having no idea what was happening behind me. All my direct opponents had issues and that helped me for the whole race. I was careful all the time, not pushing at all as I had no need. Then before the 1st pit stop I had a pain on my leg muscle, was hard to endure it for an whole hour that was still to go but managed it fortunately.

I'm sorry for Stephane , he could have brought a possible podium on today's race.

Grats to my friend David for his strong 2nd position, not bad for someone who thought of a retirement :P. Also to Sergio for his podium debut.

Also thanks to PSRTV for the broadcast.

See you on Sepang!!"
Driver:David Greco
Country:Driver originates from ITA
Race position:2
Team:Roaldo Racing
Date:2008-03-31 12:44:39
"What a start!
Best result I could have wished for sure. Qual went ok, 6th, I wasn't expecting anything special, but the race, wow! I had a very good start, but in T1 I hit slightly Roy Kolbe. Here I would like to show my POV. As I hit Roy, and here is my fault 100%, Roy can, however control the car at first, so I say to myself, "phew, no accident, what a luck", but then moments after, must have been all this in less than a second, even thought it felt like hours to me, i see my car accelerating from nothing, without me pressing on the right pedal. What was it? Was Patrick De Wit dive bombing and pushing me against Roy, whom, this time, unfortunately cannot control the car. Too bad for this start, but I think it was a race accident.
After, I had a very safe race, and just in the end I had some problems as i was running out of fuel! Anyway, a better start was impossible for me.
Congrats to Bruno as usual! Well done mate!"
Driver:Sergio Casalins
Country:Driver originates from SPA
Race position:3
Team:Faster Than Speed
Date:2008-03-31 00:20:42
"Very good weekend for me. After a very disappointing qualifying session, I was able to start in p8, that wasn´t really bad.
I made a good start and take p2 in the first corner where some people had problems, then I was behind Greco during all my first stint, pushing hard and trying to open a gap with the rest of the drivers. I was driving avoiding problems and not pushing the engine till the finish, when I was finally lucky because of Kuncman and Patrick problems who gave me the 3rd place.
Im really happy not only for me, specially for Faster Than Speed for the confidence when I signed the contract and all the members of the team (specially Diego Cueto and my girlfriend =), helping me during the race, thanks!) who really worked hard and gave me the opportunity to have a very good car during the weekend. I will continue working hard to have a very good pace in Malaysia too."
Driver:Yannick Lapchin
Country:Driver originates from FRA
Race position:4
Team:Ash Racing
Date:2008-04-11 00:58:59
"Great result for me I really am lucky to get this 4th place finally. Well everything started bad because I was late. Came in the middle of the qual, sorry guys for the trouble. Anyway I was far away my pb and could only manage the 14th position. Well I started from the back. So I decided to keep my 2 stops strategy but to change to a later first pit stop. Anyway I could not not aim for the podium. The start went well, and I got 11th after some turns, as everyone was in trouble. Was reducing the gap with my team mate in front of me and then he let me pass. Then I had a good fight with Petter, sorry that you got into the gravel but I thought you were 100¨% behind so that I could take the normal race line. Anyway I was now behind Danny and keeping a constant gap. I have been quite surprised to see he was on 1 stop. Good pace ! Anyway everything went well till the end of the race though I was more than 0.5 of a second slower than in my practice, and that I have been a bit blocked by Patrick and Ondrej, as I had much less fuel than them. Good result for the team, really happy to see people enthousiastic in Ash !

Thanks for the race again. See you in Sepang"
Driver:Andreas Spengler
Country:Driver originates from GER
Race position:5
Team:Torrent Motorsports - IPForge
Date:2008-03-30 23:55:46
"In the end, we can be very happy with the result. Although our pace was not as good as expected, we could manage to finish with 3 of 4 cars in the points.
My qualifying was not really good, I could only manage a 1:24,0 and was way slower than my personal best. So, I had to watch the second qualifying session and started the race from P13.
My start was pretty good and I could gain lots of positions. After first corner I received some touches and got minor damages. In the beginning of the stint, the balance of my car was pretty good. But in the middle of the stint it was getting more bad. We have to check why this happened. Maybe it was because the damage.
After my first pitstop I lost a few spots, because I pitted earlier than my competitors. I thought my 8th place was pretty save as I was 8 seconds ahead of my teammate Petter. But he had a very heavy car at this time and could do a very late pitstop. He came out just behind me and I really had to push to stay in front of him. In the last laps we could benefit from few DNFs and got a very good team result for the start of the season.
Many thanks to the team and our sponsor Osiris."
Driver:Petter Kaasa
Country:Driver originates from NOR
Race position:6
Date:2008-03-31 01:15:53
"finaly the season is underway :D
I must admit this result it way over what I was expecting, as I didnt find a setup that I got confortable with, but luckly I found Andy's setup 1-2 hours before the qual, and made some changes on that and then made a qual setup out of it, just 15 min before the qual, and even got 12th. in the start Andy had a awsome start and I got back to 13th, but got back up to 9th in the first laps after some accidents.
I had one scary moment when I and Yannick was going side by side in the whole fast chikane, but without contact, but at the next turn I got no space and ended in the gravle, and lost 2 places, but got one back just a few laps later when Blair made a mistake in the same turn later.
At the end of the 2nd stint, I was 8 sec behind Andy, and I knowed I had more laps to go when Andy pitted, and pushed hard to try to minimize the gap, but made a few small mistakes and got out from my pit just 2 sec behind, but on the first 2 laps I got it down to just 0.6, and thinked I could pass him, but after that, I just could not go faster like I did the my other stints, so I got a bit dissaponted do not get my fastest lap when I had almost just the half of the fuel as normal, but on final lap I desided to go for it, as I saw 7th place was lapped by Bruno, so I turned the boost up to 10, and hoped to catch Andy and to make my fastest lap, but then the engine failed at the 1st split, but I didnt lost any places on it as I was the final car on the lap.

Anyway a great result for the team, and I have to thank the whole team and spesiely Andy for his setup and offcourse our sponsors Atmosphere."
Driver:Ondrej Kuncman
Country:Driver originates from CZE
Race position:7
Team:Roaldo Racing
Date:2008-03-31 00:55:22
"Disaster, what a horrible start to the season. First of all, I`m sorry to Darius eventhough I`m not sure whose mistake it was. I had the pace to fight for the win but everybody can say that after the race. My all race and qualifications were influenced a lot by lack of FPS, especially last sector was undrivable most of the time. I guess I have to buy new pc. Qualification went ok, on the start i lost some positions. I was very careful. In the end I was trying to push De Wit and overtake him, I was confident about it, unfortunately I crashed few laps before the end in the last sector. Spent 1 minute in the pits and for some reason I was lucky and finished 7th. Race to forget.. Congrats to standart winner. "
Driver:Shaun Stroud
Country:Driver originates from GBR
Race position:8
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Driver:Christian Smirnoff
Country:Driver originates from ARG
Race position:9
Team:Crown Seven Da Silva
Date:2008-03-31 02:25:39
"Even though I made my WC debut and scored back in 2004, my first race as official WC driver. Qualifying didn't go to plan as I should have been around 5 places higher on the grid but I managed to climb up to 15th in the chaos of the first lap.

I had Roy Kolbe attacking me for a few laps, which was unexpected, but the fight ended when he had an incident with Rouault behind me. I later had a battle with Blair Disley, but unfortunately lost out when we were lapped by Bruno, as he got a much better exit and passed into turn 3. I managed to stay side by side with him but had to back off before turn 5 as there was no space for both of us.

Car balance was good although I wasn't able to lap at my test pace. That, together with some bad luck, being lapped by the same leaders twice in a few laps due to pitstops, cost me a position in the points. 9th place feels a bit disappointing, just a position away from points, but it was a good experience.

Thanks to our sponsor Crown Seven, to Fabrizio, Ernesto and Diego for the opportunity to drive for the team and congratulations to Sergio on his podium finish for FTS!"
Driver:Blair Disley
Country:Driver originates from AUS
Race position:10
Team:Ash Racing
Date:2008-03-31 07:19:08
"I qualified 8th in Q1, then 10th in Q2. I had a little bit more fuel I thought so that was ok. During the start I may not have been aggressive enough, as a few guys went off but I was still in 10th or so. I got passed by Patrick de Witt, Yannick Lapchin got passed me as well, I wasn’t able to pass Petter Kasa so let Yannick have a go, and he did it!

Although Petter ended off the track then I got passed as well. Then I ran wide on the same corner, then got on the power to early and went into the wall. Cost me 36seconds for damage, and also the time lost from going into pits with no front wing.

Later I had some battles through the field with Christian Smirnoff, Piotr Karasiewicz and Shaun Stround. Congrats to Yannick on 4th from last, an excellent result! Want to thank him for his setup help too."
Driver:Patrick De Wit
Country:Driver originates from NED
Race position:11
Team:Bracciano Racing
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Driver:Marcin Malinski
Country:Driver originates from POL
Race position:12
Team:Precision Motorsports
No items found
Driver:Danny Davison
Country:Driver originates from AUS
Race position:13
Team:Diamond Racing Team
No items found
Driver:Piotr Karasiewicz
Country:Driver originates from POL
Race position:14
Team:Precision Motorsports
No items found
Driver:Stefan Kanitz
Country:Driver originates from GER
Race position:15
Team:Twister Racing
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Driver:Roy Kolbe
Country:Driver originates from GER
Race position:16
Team:Twister Racing
Date:2008-03-31 00:12:04
"What a bad start into the season. First David hit me T1 and I broke my suspension. I was sure my pit crew cannot repair it, so I stayed on track and tried to adapt as best as I can. Car did strange moves all the time and I had big problems to keep control. On finish straight I couldn´t keep the car straight and touched the gras. Thought Stephane would give me the outside, but he crossed my line again and then I had no space to avoid the crash. Don´t understand me wrong, was my fault of course. So I can only say sorry, that I destroyed his race. Well, went in pit, but I had to wait 25sec behind my teammate, which resulted into the worst case. Some drivers could lap me and due to the blue flag rule, I was forced to let even more drivers pass. Then a guy in front of me lost control, when I was already in the braking zone. It was too late for me to slow down even more. Again heavy damage. Being 2 laps back and having a dangerous car, I decided to give up my race. Once you are lapped, you have no chance to regain positions, due to the blue flags. In such a competitive field, you cannot pull away 3sec in 3 corners to avoid the 3rd blue flag. Well, grats to Bruno, brilliant performance – as always. But nevertheless a big thanks to my team! Everyone was really encouraged and did his job. Unfortunately without success, but our pace is not so bad, so I’m confident we can strike back soon. "
Driver:Giuseppe Marconi
Country:Driver originates from ITA
Race position:17
Team:Faster Than Speed
Date:2008-03-31 14:33:08
"Unfortunately this last week i had too enough time to practice and i wasn't able to solve my trouble's hot rear tyres that it caused my spin and my race ended early. However, i will be there to fight to some points for FTS. Congratulation to Sergio who took his first podium, great job m8!"
Driver:Darius Trinka
Country:Driver originates from LIT
Race position:18
Team:Diamond Racing Team
No items found
Driver:Stephane Rouault
Country:Driver originates from NED
Race position:19
Team:GhostSpeed Racing Team
Date:2008-03-31 13:01:10
""This race was one big dissapointment. Feels bad, because qualify went so well, my first WC pole position. But then at the start something went wrong, and I dropped way back. In turn 2, De Wit did a crazy move. He tried to take over me and 3 other guys in this 1 turn. He braked 6 car lengths behind me, and of course then bumped into me, which caused me to go off track, and continue at the back of the pack. Then I overtook Roy, but later in turn 1, he lost it and took me with him into the wall in turn 1. Its just such a big shame. This effectively put a stop to my race.

I just wanna say, well done Bruno. Brilliant drive. ""
Driver:Ernesto De Angelis
Country:Driver originates from ITA
Race position:20
Team:Bracciano Racing
Date:2008-03-31 12:27:50
"What to say if not that bad luck seems to follow me a bit in World Championship? I had a very safe start to avoid any problem but then was hit by a car exiting first corner and was flipped into the wall.
It's a pity 'cause I could have surely brought home many points, which is also the bright side of the story but, on the other hand, I wasn't too happy with my pace.
My car in qualifying was ok and I was able to keep up with the fastest guy on low fuel load but we in Bracciano will have to find a better balancement for the car in race conditions.
Congratulations to my friends Bruno and David and to Casalins for a great podium."
Driver:John-Eric Saxen
Country:Driver originates from FIN
Race position:21
Team:Torrent Motorsports - IPForge
Date:2008-04-02 16:17:34
"Quoting Ondrej and Roy, what a disastrous start into the season. Last year P21 P19, this year P16 P21, my worst WC results and both on the same track. Still, I was expecting better after thorough preparations and our team's strong result showed we were indeed doing something right, thanks to the testing crew and sponsors. In q1 I was struggling with FPS which is quite incredible considering my hardware. But even with that I should have been able to easily drive into top 10, which I indeed did on my final lap, but it was just on the edge of being driven too late, according to the majority who naturally didn't want me there to mess around in q2. On top of that I gave my wrong 2nd best lap time to admin, so I started 16th instead of 12th. This meant being in the middle of the pack, where the probabilities are very much against of not crashing. I made it to turn 2, but eny came with a damaged car and with slightly too much speed into the corner - just enough to kick me into a spin and the rest I took care of."
Country:Driver originates from
Race position:22
Team:Team FSR
No items found
Driver:Nebojsa Tramosljika
Country:Driver originates from GER
Race position:23
Team:SB Motorsports - Twister-Racing
No items found
Country:Driver originates from
Race position:24
Team:Team FSR
No items found
Driver:Burak Akmaz
Country:Driver originates from TUR
Race position:25
Team:Team FSR
No items found
Driver:Mike Philippo
Country:Driver originates from NED
Race position:26
Team:Team FSR
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