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World Championship
P DriverCPts
1.D Alessandro Driver from ITA206
2.Simoncic Driver from SLO167
3.Brljak Driver from CRO157
4.Patel Driver from GBR156
5.Kiss Driver from HUN80

P DriverCPts
1.valeriano Driver from ITA183
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI179
3.van der Niet Driver from NED119
4.Mroczek Driver from POL107
5.Ivanov Driver from BUL104

P DriverCPts
1.Leonov Driver from BUL159
2.Oldenmenger Driver from NED152
3.Rodger Driver from SCO134
4.BRIONI Driver from ITA132
5.D Amelio Driver from ITA129

P DriverCPts
1.Spoljaric Driver from CRO349
2.Fields Driver from NEZ244
3.Niza Driver from SPA169
4.Gray Driver from ENG150
5.Bubicic Driver from CRO133

P DriverCPts
1.Veselý Driver from CZE70
2.Wheway Driver from GBR34
3.Burkhard Driver from GER25
4.Vicentijevic Driver from SER20
5.Galati Driver from ITA15

World Trophy
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P DriverCPts
. Driver from 0
. Driver from 0
. Driver from 0
.Disley Driver from AUS0
.Paling Driver from ENG0

Winter Series
P DriverCPts
1.Hoyer Driver from GER138
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI125
3.Puschke Driver from GER102
4.Maguire Driver from IRE78
5.Leonov Driver from BUL75

Special Events
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Classic Series
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Date: 2018-10-07 18:36:41
League: World Championship
Track: Round 12: Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace

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Event Information
Track:Silverstone, Great Britain 2006Track map Silverstone, Great Britain 2006 - No track picture yet
Country:Grand Prix of  
Event league:World Championship
Event season:2006
Point system:Default
Final result:Yes (confirmed)
Official event:Yes
Separate classes:No (all drivers in one class)
Event date:2006-06-18 19:31:59
Qualifying minutes:15 minutes
Event laps:60
Event distance:308.460 km
Pole-Position:Roy Kolbe
Race winner:Roy Kolbe

  1. Line-up   5. Comments
  2. Results   6. Server Log
  3. Road to the Grid   7. Verification Results
  4. Race Lapchart   8. Report & Replay

Driver Comments
Driver:Roy Kolbe
Country:Driver originates from GER
Race position:1
Team:Coca-Cola Kiwi Virtual
Date:2006-06-18 23:09:38
"Great victory!:) I hope Coca Cola & Red Bull aren´t unhappy, when I take some other drinks now, are you? lol

Nice weekend for me, starting from Pole Position and winning the race. Seems I had not the fastest car in race, because Patrick de Wit drove the fastest lap. I couldn´t drive a testrace here, so some things in race trim I leaved untested. However, after seeing Hirrle retire with a technical problem, I think it was the right desicion to go safe with Radiator Size 3 and Brake Duct 3. I had no major problem the whole race, just sometimes the framerate dropped down dramatically. But I could adapt my driving of the framerate and went no unnecessary risk. All these things slowed me down a little but why complain - 10 points, I´m really happy!;)

Driver:Bruno Marques
Country:Driver originates from POR
Race position:2
Team:Diamond Racing Team
Date:2006-06-18 23:37:49
"I am fairly happy with the second place , as I had many unexpected problems on the pits, always less fuel than expected. I had to slow down on the last laps as I didnt have enough fuel to finish , fortunately my gap to Sebastian was big enough so I could end the race in second. Anyway , all this is part of the races so I can only accept it."
Driver:Sebastian Schmalenbach
Country:Driver originates from GER
Race position:3
Team:Red Bull Kiwi Virtual
Date:2006-06-18 21:17:01
"First of all, I am very surprised to be on the podium here at Silverstone. Really, I didn't know that I was running in 3rd. The whole time I was really concentrated as I got pressure from behind. Then, I was racing against the Diamond Racing Team car infront of me. Well, when I crossed the finish line, I was a little bit disappointed about the 4th position, as I knew I could have done better. But then, everyone of the team gratulate me and I was like "What the hell?????!!!!". Of course it is a really great feeling to be here on the podium again after my home Grand Prix in Nürburgring. Thanks a lot to my team and my sponsors."
Driver:Patrick De Wit
Country:Driver originates from NED
Race position:4
Team:Twister Racing
Date:2006-06-18 21:27:27
"I did not really look forward to this race because i had difficult with pre testing on this track

But in the last weekend of testing i improved my setup a lot

And so i qualifyed 4th which was not bad but i could have done a little better

But i had a reasonable start and could hang on to 4th i was faster then my teammate and i passed him and then i was driving towards 2nd placed man marques which i could only follow him the differances were to little to make a move on him it was extremely difficult to be close to another car here(because of fast corners)

So i tried but i had no real chance here i was on a 3 stopper and he on a 2 stopper unfortunaly i spun twice 1 time a little spin in club.

And 1 time i spun going into bridge corner i was going to the gravel and my car had a big impact but i was lucky the car was damaged but just a little no real problems although the car feld strange the 1st few laps after the impact

But anyway i did my race i had a good car and i was setting good lap times

There was 1 good moment passing smalenbach on the outside of stowe

And i pushed the race all the way after my last pitstop i came ahead of greco but before my pitstop i was behind him so another place gained

I am in the end extremely happy with my 4th place after those incidents
It could have easily been 0 points again(not this time)"
Driver:David Greco
Country:Driver originates from ITA
Race position:5
Team:Coca-Cola Kiwi Virtual
No items found
Driver:Ferry Koek
Country:Driver originates from NED
Race position:6
Team:Faster Than Speed
Date:2006-06-18 21:15:14
"It was a very bad quali run from me only 16 7 pb was 0,8 sec faster and normaly i am close to my pb. but this time not.

So i started the race from P11 behind Laszlo on the right and Fausto right in front of me. I did a very good start, but Fausto didnt so i touched him from behind a little, a little damage on my car but no wing lost ore something like that. but i think i lost a few positions at the start with this. But after that it was going very good. A lot off guys were on a heavy car i supose, because i overtook a lot off guys in the first couple of laps. And after the first laps i started fighting to P6 with David Greco it was a very nice fight and i overtook him and he overtook me and that happend a few times. But i was almost sure he was on a 2 stop.

And after my first stint i was a few sec in front of him and was going in to the pits. And then i was driving on P11 a few laps till all the 2 stoppers were going in and then i was back on P7 behind Greco i overtook him very easy on the first lap he was out. He was with more fuel. so i was driving away from him a little, but i knew David was not the person i could get with my 3 stopper he was almost on same speed.

So i kept on pushing till my final stop and then i was back on track on my last stint with 2 sec in front off Denis Kiriakopoulos. He was closing the gap with a tenth every lap. And with one lap to go he was right behind me. And the final lap was the perfect lap from me fastest lap from the race also 16 1. and that was my race. finished on P6.

And i could say i was one off my best races ever was pushing like hell. thats something i normaly not do. but i like it a lot and promise to you all to repeat it the next few races. "
Driver:Denis Kiriakopoulos
Country:Driver originates from SWI
Race position:7 Racing Team
Date:2006-06-19 13:34:24
"This track is one of my favorites. The layout really suits to me, and with not too much practice I was able to do quite fast laps.

My quals went fine, but with only 2 thenths faster i would have been 4 or 5 positions better.

At the start, I lost some valuable positions due to the pressure and also to a bug (with max visible vehicles). After that, I was 13th behind Kasimatis.
I started to have a slow rythm, and I couldn't go faster. I could overtake Marconi in pits in lap 20 with an amazing pit-in.

I had to wait final stint and ferry koek in front of me to finally achieve good laps. he was 2s in front with 15 laps to go and 1-2 thenths gained per lap...
5 last lap worth all my season sofar, in term of fun. I was very close to him and I thought I could try an overtake in lap 59 or 60...but he could drive very fast despite the pressure (especially last lap) and made no mistake (even we were both at the limit, with the car sliding a bit sometimes...close to a spin!)

Thanks ferry for this nice battle, and the team (Fred, Rogerio) for the help/support."
Driver:Laszlo Bilibok
Country:Driver originates from ROM
Race position:8
Team:F1 Racing Kiwi Virtual
Date:2006-06-18 21:57:18
"Silverstone was the first race where my F1 Racing Team gave me the opportunity to compete in the World Championship event. I want to thank our sponsor, F1 Racing, for the support and trust. My goal was set and it was pretty clear: finish and bring points, and also stay clear of trouble.

This was the track where my pace was the best so far this season. I’ve managed to get a top 10 qualifying lap, even though my test were concentrated around race setups and not fast-laps. The 1.15.7 was just a bit slower than my fastest lap so far on this track.

I’ve made a good start, I was 8th in T1 but I was unlucky because Dominik (7th) just spun off right in front of me. I had to brake very hard exiting T1, just to avoid him. Obviously I’ve lost a place right away, but I’ve managed to avoid Dom just when I was convinced I’m going to hit him very hard.

I was trying to avoid collisions so I was braking earlier than usual, just not to hit anybody. Because of that (I was maybe too cautious) I’ve lost 2 places entering the slow section of the track – in the Priory curve. I was back to 10th place.

From that moment on, I was just keeping out of trouble. There were a couple of cars just a bit slower than me, right ahead, but I couldn’t overtake them. After my 1st pit-stop I’ve realized that many people are on 2 stops, unlike me (3). I was driving 13th J many laps but after the 3rd stop I got out in 10th, right behind Marconi.

Then it was Hirrle in trouble (engine) and I was approaching Marconi (about 2 sec) but he also ran in trouble (he hit the kerbs in Stowe and spun out), so I was right there to collect 1 point in 8th.

It was a good race for me, I’ve brought home the last point for the team, as a decent result in my only WC race so far this season. A big thanks again to our sponsor, F1 Racing, and also to every team-member of the Kiwi-Virtual.
Driver:Giuseppe Marconi
Country:Driver originates from ITA
Race position:9
Date:2006-06-19 10:36:40
"Bad race for me....i was 0.6s faster in practise both in qual and in race....i don't know why online i can't do better. I had only a great start and i gained 9 position in first lap (from 16th to 7th).....but two big mistake bring me out of points.....very very disappointed......i need much practice....too many fast drivers here."
Driver:Dennis Hirrle
Country:Driver originates from GER
Race position:10
Team:Twister Racing
Date:2006-06-18 21:08:16
"If you are on the same pace of the leader or even faster, lying in second position, of course you are disappointed if your engine blows short before the end. But I’m too long around as to get furious about that. We had the same engine settings as always, and they're supposed to be safe, so I don’t really know what happened. Today we absolutely had the pace, just in the beginning I lost the missing 3 seconds after Kolbe’s last pitstop because I didn’t have the best start, lost position to Bruno and had to let my teammate through due to different strategies. That cost me the time in the end. But to be honest I find it remarkable what we, the team, are doing this season. Considering the circumstances, not having the best pc hardware, weaker wheels and pedals, earning absolutely no money for racing unlike others, we are doing fantastic I think, especially here. Patrick and my fastest laps were both quicker than Roy’s, at least until I was out. Nevertheless this is not meant to take any respect away for those who actually win the races, today it was Roy and he did no mistakes, also Bruno was very fast but I was told he had a fuel rig problem, I think it is fantastic to have a competitive field and I believe we can just congratulate each other for that.
So despite this frustrating result I believe we are in great shape and I’m sure we will have some fun in the rest of the season.
Driver:Steve Kasimatis
Country:Driver originates from GRI
Race position:11
Team:Diamond Racing Team
Date:2006-06-19 18:52:18
"Nice race :-), congrats to Roy and Bruno!!! For my point of view nice first half part of the race, bad second half, i lost the entry of turn 10 and that was all race over for me, lol anyway i hope for better result next race."
Driver:Martin Dyrlund
Country:Driver originates from DEN
Race position:12
Team:Roaldo Racing
Date:2006-06-18 21:07:27
"Nothing to say... Exept people were driving insane in the start!"
Driver:Geoffrey Veenings
Country:Driver originates from NED
Race position:13
Team:Ash Racing
Date:2006-06-19 14:35:29
"My qualifying was pretty bad, I should have driven a 1.16.x, but not this weekend :(
The race was not good either, after the start I collided with some one and my car was bended (again) my rhythm was not bad until I got lapped. I kept on pushing with my bended car, it was kind of difficult, coming out of Becketts I touched the grass and spung off, lost the wings and my race was over.
I am looking forward for next race, we have now got the new engine specks, which should be great for Montreal."
Driver:Fausto Pappalardo
Country:Driver originates from ITA
Race position:14
Date:2006-06-18 23:02:23
"Nothing to say, crash to desktop this time. No practice even this time so I was quite happy with the race. I was fighting for the 8th place with a few more laps in my 2nd stint.. but we'll never know if I would have won the 8th place because a fatal error with rFactor sent me directly to the desktop, so.... better luck next time. Congrats Kolbe!"
Driver:Dennis Johansen
Country:Driver originates from DEN
Race position:15
Team:Faster Than Speed
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Driver:Emanuel Gaczella
Country:Driver originates from ROM
Race position:16
Team:Roaldo Racing
No items found
Driver:Dominik Binz
Country:Driver originates from GER
Race position:17
Team:Red Bull Kiwi Virtual
Date:2006-06-18 21:36:50
"I'm pissed of today. My qual was bad while I could have battled for pole. Contrary to my opponents I do no start with the pit limiter, so I lost 1 position. In T1 I had to go over the right curb to avoid contact as there were just too many cars which resulted in a 360. I could go on as 16th, overtook 2 cars in the 1st lap and in the 2nd lap I lost control in Beckets due to the ridiculously overdone sudden loss of downforce when driving close behind which also destroyed my race in Melbourne."
Driver:Marc van Huffelen
Country:Driver originates from NED
Race position:18
Team:Ash Racing
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Country:Driver originates from
Race position:19
Team:Team FSR
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