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World Championship
P DriverCPts
1.D Alessandro Driver from ITA206
2.Simoncic Driver from SLO167
3.Brljak Driver from CRO157
4.Patel Driver from GBR156
5.Kiss Driver from HUN80

P DriverCPts
1.valeriano Driver from ITA183
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI179
3.van der Niet Driver from NED119
4.Mroczek Driver from POL107
5.Ivanov Driver from BUL104

P DriverCPts
1.Leonov Driver from BUL159
2.Oldenmenger Driver from NED152
3.Rodger Driver from SCO134
4.BRIONI Driver from ITA132
5.D Amelio Driver from ITA129

P DriverCPts
1.Spoljaric Driver from CRO349
2.Fields Driver from NEZ244
3.Niza Driver from SPA169
4.Gray Driver from ENG150
5.Bubicic Driver from CRO133

P DriverCPts
1.VeselĂ˝ Driver from CZE70
2.Wheway Driver from GBR34
3.Burkhard Driver from GER25
4.Vicentijevic Driver from SER20
5.Galati Driver from ITA15

World Trophy
No official races found

P DriverCPts
.Hoyer Driver from GER0
.Reid Driver from ENG0
. Driver from 0
. Driver from 0
. Driver from 0

Winter Series
P DriverCPts
1.Hoyer Driver from GER138
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI125
3.Puschke Driver from GER102
4.Maguire Driver from IRE78
5.Leonov Driver from BUL75

Special Events
No official races found

Classic Series
No official races found

Completed official races

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Upcoming official races

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Last official comment

Date: 2018-10-07 18:36:41
League: World Championship
Track: Round 12: Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace

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Official Driver Standings in AMA League
No official active season at the moment.

Driver Standings Season
P DriverCountryCountry: Malaysia
Track: Sepang, Malaysia 2007
Date: 2007-03-24
Country: Bahrain
Track: Sakhir, Bahrain 2007
Date: 2007-03-31
Country: Australia
Track: Melbourne, Australia 2007
Date: 2007-04-21
Country: Spain
Track: Catalunya, Spain 2007
Date: 2007-05-05
Country: Monaco
Track: Monte Carlo, Monaco 2007
Date: 2007-05-12
Country: Canada
Track: Montreal, Canada 2007
Date: 2007-06-02
...Country: Spain
Track: Valencia, Europe
Date: 2009-09-05
Country: Italy
Track: Monza, Italy
Date: 2009-09-19
Country: Japan
Track: Fuji Speedway, Pacific
Date: 2009-10-03
Country: Japan
Track: Suzuka, Japan
Date: 2009-10-10
Country: Canada
Track: Montreal, Canada
Date: 2009-10-24
Country: Brazil
Track: Interlagos, Brazil
Date: 2009-11-07
1.Antonio Perrone Driver from ITA0013...407
2.Borna Spoljaric Driver from CRO...289
3.Simon Adebisi Driver from AUS...286
4.Alessandro Marcelli Driver from ITA251813251821...266
5.Muhammed Patel Driver from GBR...1872156261
6.Malcolm Rice Driver from ENG0009130...202001237
.Pedro Melim Driver from POR...156015250237
8.Keith Doherty Driver from ENG2121182118...231
9.Stuart Fields Driver from NEZ...214
10.Mirko Lupini Driver from ITA...2156251315193
11.Teo Bubicic Driver from CRO...176
12.Brian Labode Driver from ENG015701515...172
13.Mattias Swenson Driver from SWE25...163
14.Ari Kesseli Driver from FIN...970057157
15.Giuseppe Pellegrino Driver from ITA...154
16.Alex Gerasimchik Driver from EST...144
17.Ivan Kaloyanov Driver from BUL...021309135
18.Benjamin Chong Driver from USA...250491121126
19.Orintas Stasiunas Driver from LIT...691140123
20.Luca Lupini Driver from ITA...0150211817108
21.Michael Theis Driver from USA0...104
22.Ivan Cantero Driver from ARG...100
23.Nick Oldenhuis Driver from NED...011398
.Priit Välja Driver from EST...11251353098
25. Driver from 009...96
26.Scott Beck Driver from USA1804072...92
.Laszlo Bilibok Driver from ROM01311...92
28.Corey Gabriel Driver from USA...91
29.Hendrich van Rensburg Driver from SAF09156...87
30.Juan Nicola Driver from ARG...0900885
31.Gregg Lawson Driver from ENG...1801800083
32.Ajibola Lawal Driver from ENG...01321111276
33.Martin Gosbee Driver from GBR...2518211175
.Jack Nicholls Driver from ENG...75
.Diego Cueto Driver from SPA...75
36.Phillip Estrada Driver from USA13133400...73
37.Camilo Andres Nińo Driver from COL1...5150670
38.Graham Dickinson Driver from USA...069
39.Mitchell Weirich Driver from USA...67
40.Danny Roberts Driver from USA...64
.Alberto De Juan Driver from SPA...4064
42.Rutger Vanhee Driver from BEL71574...62
43.Julian Hügl Driver from GER...59
44.Darren Johnston Driver from NEZ...1530451
.Dovydas Malinauskas Driver from LIT...01107451
46.Daniel Meier Driver from GER...48
47.Michael Senn Driver from ENG...046
.Jörn Hoormann Driver from GER018217...46
49.Tim Brook Driver from ENG...1322545
50.Leon du Preez Driver from ENG...34
.Nerijus Bartkevicius Driver from LIT000220...34
.Marius Van Wyk Driver from SAF159500...34
53.Riaan Wessie Driver from SAF6033...31
.Mickaël Folcher Driver from FRA...031
55.Johannes Kunkel Driver from GER6115...30
56.Fredrik Arbegard Driver from SWE...27
57.Jorg Soens Driver from BEL25...25
.Nick Rowland Driver from GBR...25
.Luis Fernando Laaff Driver from GER25...25
60.Stephen Sweetland Driver from GBR...24
61.Darran Taplin Driver from ENG9706...23
.Leon Coxen Driver from SAF...23
63.Thomas Hancock Driver from ENG...22
.Robin Fredriksson Driver from SWE...7022
.Tim Nott Driver from GBR...22
66.Jorge Maenen Driver from BEL21...21
.Jesper Öhrman Driver from SWE...21
68.Mike Schreiner Driver from USA001190...20
.Kjell Nielsen Driver from SWE...20
.Wolfgang Hügl Driver from GER...20
71.Heinz Vanderhoydonck Driver from BEL...019
72.Ben Phillips Driver from ENG0...18
.David Bárcena Driver from SPA...18
74.Tomas Marino Driver from ARG...00415
75.Jimmy Jones Driver from JAP...13
.Marco Vandenbroeck Driver from BEL...013
.Rolandas Idzelis Driver from LIT...13
78.Raino Rőőm Driver from EST...4062012
.Trevor Rooms Driver from ENG000...12
80.Anthony Herbert Driver from USA...011
.Gregor Kompara Driver from SLO0110...11
.Mark Mendonca Driver from USA110000...11
.Christian Baxmann Driver from GER1100...11
.Andre van Staden Driver from SAF...11
85.Marius Virsila Driver from LIT...10
.Jamie Rush Driver from ENG...7310
.Rizwan Sarwar Driver from ENG...0010
88.Alain Moody Driver from CAN...009
.Karolis Stankevicius Driver from LIT06000...9
90.Brent Amundrud Driver from USA...8
.Ken Hunter Driver from SAF...8
92.Luca Bisello Driver from ITA...7
.Tony Rice Driver from USA...7
.Adrian Greda Driver from GER...7
.Matt Huston Driver from USA...7
96.Peter Miller Driver from AUS00...6
.Boy de Wit Driver from NED...6
.Toni Hernández Driver from SPA...6
.Carlo Willemsen Driver from NED...06
.Michael Pieneman Driver from NED...030116
.Anthony Rice Driver from USA6000...6
.Mindaugas Giedra Driver from LIT...00006
103.Bruno Castelló Driver from BRA...5
.Sasa Todorovic Driver from SLO...5
.Facundo Azcue Driver from ARG500...5
.Leandro Nowak Driver from ARG050...5
.Matt Gray Driver from ENG...5
.Courtenay Smith Driver from USA...5
109.David Bischoff Driver from ENG...4
.Bernard Szydlowski Driver from POL...4
.Matteo Keersmaekers Driver from BEL...4
112.Marko Hint Driver from EST...33
.Sergej Jevsejev Driver from LIT...3
.Giorgos Lappas Driver from GRI...3
.Justin Guerra Driver from FRA...3
.Santiago Niza Driver from SPA...3
117.Jack Keithley Driver from ENG...2
.Maurice Zondag Driver from NED...012
.Tom Aalders Driver from NED...002
.Alex Cooper Driver from ENG...00002
121.Elia Costa Driver from ITA...100001
.Antonio Arcidiacono Driver from ITA...1
.Sven Hesse Driver from GER...1
124. Driver from ...0
.Daniele Parodi Driver from ITA...0
.Riaan van der Westhuizen Driver from SAF...0
.Walter White Driver from USA00000...0
. Driver from ...0
.Miguel Silva Driver from POR...0
. Driver from ...0
.Ryan Field Driver from USA...0
.Jacob parry Driver from ENG...0000000
. Driver from ...0000000
.Stuart Speirs Driver from SCO...0
.Uriah Hill Driver from USA...00
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
.Sven Simon Driver from GER0...0
. Driver from ...00
. Driver from ...0
.Callum Knighton Driver from ALB...0
.Desmond Emmery Driver from NED...0
. Driver from ...0
.Niko Van Doren Driver from BEL...0
.Fran Miller Driver from SPA...0
.Marko Buhin Driver from CRO...0
.Tony Anania Driver from CAN...0
.Nils Simon Driver from GER0...0
.Patrick De Wit Driver from NED...0
.David Turner Driver from NEZ00...0
.Waliston Silva Driver from BRA...0
.Mike Dobrowney Driver from CAN...0
.Albu Tony Driver from ROM...0
.Graham Koppenhol Driver from ENG...0
.Mark Johnston Driver from ENG...0
.Erikas Kavaliauskas Driver from LIT...0
.Michael Seymour Driver from WAL...0
. Driver from 00...0
. Driver from ...00
.Craig Hume Driver from SAF...0
.farrel cody Driver from USA...0
.Will Wells Driver from USA...0
.Steven Wright Driver from NEZ...0
.Erik Brodin Driver from SWE...0
.Kazimieras Dambrauskis Driver from LIT...0
.Yasin Ates Driver from GER...0
.Algaci Tulio Jr Driver from BRA0...0
.Juan Diego Sánchez Driver from SPA...0
.Mikael Larsson Driver from SWE...0
.Eddie Matapayos Driver from SPA...0
.Borja Garcia Driver from SPA...0
. Driver from ...0
.jordan Driver from ENG...0
.Lukas Kvietkauskas Driver from LIT...0
.Marcel van Geresteijn Driver from NED00000...0
.David Fidock Driver from ENG...00
. Driver from ...0
.Paulius Grudzinskas Driver from LIT...0
.Matthias Linek Driver from GER...0
.Chris Phillips Driver from ENG...0
.Chris Knight Driver from ENG0000...000
. Driver from ...00
.Robert Crone Driver from NED...0
.Philipp Kollo Driver from GER...0
.Don Satterfield Driver from USA...0
.Roberto Corato Driver from ITA00...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
.Matthew Malecki Driver from USA...000
.Rodrigo Soria Driver from MEX...0
. Driver from ...0
. Driver from ...0
.Matthew Dodson Driver from USA...0
. Driver from ...0
.Marko Pielic Driver from CRO00...0
.Ed Williams Driver from AUS...0
.Bob van der Vleuten Driver from BEL0...0
.Simon Melhuish Driver from GBR...0
.Nuno Areias Driver from POR...0
.Matt Pigram Driver from CHI...0
. Driver from ...0
.Daniel Krautwurst Driver from GER...0
. Driver from 00000...0
.Calum MacDonald Driver from SCO...0
.Al Fried Driver from USA...0
.Holger Krause Driver from GER...0
.Michael Thorsson Driver from SWE...0
.Andrius Juozapaitis Driver from LIT...0
.Troy Haydt Driver from USA...0
.Alistair Brown Driver from ENG...0
.Donivan McKenzie Driver from USA...0
.Burak Akmaz Driver from TUR...0
.Jordi Surralles Driver from SPA...0000
.Andres Moya Driver from ARG...0
.Neil Peters Driver from ENG...0
.Ratang McColl Driver from SAF...0
.Paul Miller Driver from USA...0
.Ryan Goodman Driver from ENG0...0
. Driver from ...0000000
.Patrick Blumer Driver from SWI...0
.Joern Hoormann Driver from GER...0
.Montxo Gandia Driver from SPA...0
.Master1622 Driver from POL...0
. Driver from ...0
.Thijs Christiaans Driver from NED...00
.Toni Aleman Driver from SPA...0
. Driver from ...0
.Mike Philippo Driver from NED0...0
. Driver from 0...0
. Driver from ...0000000
.DGABrDriver Driver from BRA...0
.Justin Amundrud Driver from USA...0
.Alberto Garcia Driver from SPA...0
. Driver from ...0
.Alessandro Bettica Driver from ITA...0
. Driver from ...0
.Brian Fowler Driver from USA...00
. Driver from ...0
.Stasys Serys Driver from LIT...0
.Chris Albright Driver from USA0...0
. Driver from ...00000
. Driver from ...0
.Justin White Driver from USA...0
.Manuel Staggl Driver from AUT...0
.Damian Dainhumain Driver from SCO...0

40 of the total of 52 event results not displayed due to the configured limit of 20 visible event results.

Driver Standings Class All
Driver Standings Class WS Amateur
P DriverCPoints
1. Antonio Perrone Driver from ITA396
2. Alessandro Marcelli Driver from ITA266
3. Keith Doherty Driver from ENG231
4. Simon Adebisi Driver from AUS207
5. Stuart Fields Driver from NEZ181
6. Brian Labode Driver from ENG172
7. Mattias Swenson Driver from SWE163
8. Malcolm Rice Driver from ENG157
9. Giuseppe Pellegrino Driver from ITA154
10. Alex Gerasimchik Driver from EST119
11.  Driver from 96
12. Hendrich van Rensburg Driver from SAF87
13. Scott Beck Driver from USA86
14. Orintas Stasiunas Driver from LIT84
15. Diego Cueto Driver from SPA75
. Jack Nicholls Driver from ENG75
17. Phillip Estrada Driver from USA73
18. Mitchell Weirich Driver from USA67
19. Danny Roberts Driver from USA64
20. Michael Theis Driver from USA62
. Rutger Vanhee Driver from BEL62
22. Ari Kesseli Driver from FIN61
23. Julian Hügl Driver from GER59
24. Graham Dickinson Driver from USA52
25. Corey Gabriel Driver from USA50
26. Daniel Meier Driver from GER48
27. Marius Van Wyk Driver from SAF34
. Leon du Preez Driver from ENG34
29. Riaan Wessie Driver from SAF31
30. Luis Fernando Laaff Driver from GER25
. Nick Rowland Driver from GBR25
32. Stephen Sweetland Driver from GBR24
33. Darran Taplin Driver from ENG23
34. Laszlo Bilibok Driver from ROM21
35. Mike Schreiner Driver from USA20
. Tim Nott Driver from GBR20
37. Juan Nicola Driver from ARG13
. Johannes Kunkel Driver from GER13
. Heinz Vanderhoydonck Driver from BEL13
. Jimmy Jones Driver from JAP13
41. Trevor Rooms Driver from ENG12
. Nerijus Bartkevicius Driver from LIT12
43. Andre van Staden Driver from SAF11
. Mark Mendonca Driver from USA11
45. Leon Coxen Driver from SAF10
46. Ivan Cantero Driver from ARG9
. Thomas Hancock Driver from ENG9
. Rolandas Idzelis Driver from LIT9
. Teo Bubicic Driver from CRO9
50. Alain Moody Driver from CAN8
. Brent Amundrud Driver from USA8
. Ken Hunter Driver from SAF8
53. Jörn Hoormann Driver from GER7
. Tony Rice Driver from USA7
. Luca Bisello Driver from ITA7
56. Anthony Rice Driver from USA6
. Peter Miller Driver from AUS6
. Boy de Wit Driver from NED6
. Camilo Andres Nińo Driver from COL6
60. Matt Gray Driver from ENG5
61. Luca Lupini Driver from ITA4
62. Karolis Stankevicius Driver from LIT3
. Bruno Castelló Driver from BRA3
. Justin Guerra Driver from FRA3
. Jesper Öhrman Driver from SWE3
. Sergej Jevsejev Driver from LIT3
67. Matt Huston Driver from USA2
. Mindaugas Giedra Driver from LIT2
69. Antonio Arcidiacono Driver from ITA1
. Anthony Herbert Driver from USA1
71. Troy Haydt Driver from USA0
. Ed Williams Driver from AUS0
. Walter White Driver from USA0
. Stuart Speirs Driver from SCO0
. Matteo Keersmaekers Driver from BEL0
. David Turner Driver from NEZ0
. Miguel Silva Driver from POR0
. Simon Melhuish Driver from GBR0
. Algaci Tulio Jr Driver from BRA0
. Marko Pielic Driver from CRO0
. Don Satterfield Driver from USA0
.  Driver from 0
. Andres Moya Driver from ARG0
. Eddie Matapayos Driver from SPA0
. Daniele Parodi Driver from ITA0
. Graham Koppenhol Driver from ENG0
. Donivan McKenzie Driver from USA0
. Daniel Krautwurst Driver from GER0
. Ratang McColl Driver from SAF0
. Justin White Driver from USA0
. Uriah Hill Driver from USA0
. Ryan Field Driver from USA0
. Lukas Kvietkauskas Driver from LIT0
. Marcel van Geresteijn Driver from NED0
. Nuno Areias Driver from POR0
. Matthias Linek Driver from GER0
. Chris Knight Driver from ENG0
. Yasin Ates Driver from GER0
. Bob van der Vleuten Driver from BEL0
. Holger Krause Driver from GER0
. Andrius Juozapaitis Driver from LIT0
. Justin Amundrud Driver from USA0
. Borna Spoljaric Driver from CRO0
. Gregg Lawson Driver from ENG0
. Manuel Staggl Driver from AUT0
. Michael Seymour Driver from WAL0
. Calum MacDonald Driver from SCO0
. Roberto Corato Driver from ITA0
Driver Standings Class WS Ace
P DriverCPoints
1. Laszlo Bilibok Driver from ROM60
2. Ivan Cantero Driver from ARG22
3. Ben Phillips Driver from ENG18
4. Borna Spoljaric Driver from CRO8
5.  Driver from 0
. Chris Phillips Driver from ENG0
. Michael Seymour Driver from WAL0
.  Driver from 0
. Darren Johnston Driver from NEZ0
. Marcel van Geresteijn Driver from NED0
Driver Standings Class WS Pro
Driver Standings Class WC
P DriverCPoints
1. Jesper Öhrman Driver from SWE18
2. Laszlo Bilibok Driver from ROM11
3. Patrick De Wit Driver from NED0
. Paulius Grudzinskas Driver from LIT0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
Driver Standings Class FSR General Car
P DriverCPoints
1. Stuart Fields Driver from NEZ33
2. Alberto De Juan Driver from SPA18
. David Bárcena Driver from SPA18
4. Thomas Hancock Driver from ENG13
5. Teo Bubicic Driver from CRO11
6. Marius Virsila Driver from LIT10
7. Matt Huston Driver from USA5
8. Rolandas Idzelis Driver from LIT4
9. Santiago Niza Driver from SPA3
. Kjell Nielsen Driver from SWE3
11. Alessandro Bettica Driver from ITA0
. Mikael Larsson Driver from SWE0
. Anthony Herbert Driver from USA0
. Mark Johnston Driver from ENG0
. Burak Akmaz Driver from TUR0
.  Driver from 0
. Leon du Preez Driver from ENG0
. Mindaugas Giedra Driver from LIT0
. Niko Van Doren Driver from BEL0
.  Driver from 0
. Master1622 Driver from POL0
. Matt Pigram Driver from CHI0
. Neil Peters Driver from ENG0
. Alberto Garcia Driver from SPA0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Al Fried Driver from USA0
. Montxo Gandia Driver from SPA0
. Callum Knighton Driver from ALB0
. jordan Driver from ENG0
. Lukas Kvietkauskas Driver from LIT0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Mike Dobrowney Driver from CAN0
. Orintas Stasiunas Driver from LIT0
. Darren Johnston Driver from NEZ0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Stasys Serys Driver from LIT0
. Desmond Emmery Driver from NED0
. Albu Tony Driver from ROM0
.  Driver from 0
. Kazimieras Dambrauskis Driver from LIT0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Erikas Kavaliauskas Driver from LIT0
. farrel cody Driver from USA0
. Ben Phillips Driver from ENG0
. DGABrDriver Driver from BRA0
. Fran Miller Driver from SPA0
. Marko Buhin Driver from CRO0
. Matthew Dodson Driver from USA0
. Michael Thorsson Driver from SWE0
. Patrick Blumer Driver from SWI0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Daniele Parodi Driver from ITA0
. Robert Crone Driver from NED0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
Driver Standings Class WS Advanced
P DriverCPoints
1. Darren Johnston Driver from NEZ4
2. Sven Hesse Driver from GER1
3. Ken Hunter Driver from SAF0
. Michael Senn Driver from ENG0
. Waliston Silva Driver from BRA0
.  Driver from 0
. Craig Hume Driver from SAF0
Driver Standings Class World Series AMA
P DriverCPoints
1. Muhammed Patel Driver from GBR261
2. Pedro Melim Driver from POR212
3. Mirko Lupini Driver from ITA149
4. Ivan Kaloyanov Driver from BUL135
5. Benjamin Chong Driver from USA126
6. Luca Lupini Driver from ITA101
7. Nick Oldenhuis Driver from NED98
8. Priit Välja Driver from EST83
. Gregg Lawson Driver from ENG83
10. Simon Adebisi Driver from AUS79
11. Ajibola Lawal Driver from ENG76
12. Martin Gosbee Driver from GBR75
13. Ari Kesseli Driver from FIN73
14. Juan Nicola Driver from ARG72
15. Camilo Andres Nińo Driver from COL64
16. Malcolm Rice Driver from ENG58
17. Dovydas Malinauskas Driver from LIT51
18. Darren Johnston Driver from NEZ47
19. Tim Brook Driver from ENG45
20. Michael Theis Driver from USA42
21. Corey Gabriel Driver from USA41
22. Orintas Stasiunas Driver from LIT39
23. Mickaël Folcher Driver from FRA31
24. Alberto De Juan Driver from SPA22
. Robin Fredriksson Driver from SWE22
26. Graham Dickinson Driver from USA17
27. Fredrik Arbegard Driver from SWE16
28. Tomas Marino Driver from ARG15
29. Marco Vandenbroeck Driver from BEL13
30. Raino Rőőm Driver from EST12
31. Rizwan Sarwar Driver from ENG10
. Jamie Rush Driver from ENG10
. Anthony Herbert Driver from USA10
34. Adrian Greda Driver from GER7
35. Heinz Vanderhoydonck Driver from BEL6
. Scott Beck Driver from USA6
. Carlo Willemsen Driver from NED6
. Michael Pieneman Driver from NED6
39. Sasa Todorovic Driver from SLO5
40. Mindaugas Giedra Driver from LIT4
. Bernard Szydlowski Driver from POL4
42. Giorgos Lappas Driver from GRI3
. Marko Hint Driver from EST3
44. Tom Aalders Driver from NED2
. Alex Cooper Driver from ENG2
. Maurice Zondag Driver from NED2
47. Alain Moody Driver from CAN1
. Elia Costa Driver from ITA1
49. Johannes Kunkel Driver from GER0
. Michael Senn Driver from ENG0
. Alessandro Marcelli Driver from ITA0
. Rodrigo Soria Driver from MEX0
. Uriah Hill Driver from USA0
. Simon Melhuish Driver from GBR0
. Joern Hoormann Driver from GER0
. Niko Van Doren Driver from BEL0
. Erik Brodin Driver from SWE0
. Toni Hernández Driver from SPA0
. Brian Fowler Driver from USA0
. Chris Knight Driver from ENG0
. Matthew Malecki Driver from USA0
. Alistair Brown Driver from ENG0
. David Fidock Driver from ENG0
. Juan Diego Sánchez Driver from SPA0
Driver Standings Class FSR General
P DriverCPoints
1. Toni Hernández Driver from SPA6
2. Jordi Surralles Driver from SPA0
. Toni Aleman Driver from SPA0
. Alistair Brown Driver from ENG0
. Borja Garcia Driver from SPA0
. Jacob parry Driver from ENG0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
.  Driver from 0
. Thijs Christiaans Driver from NED0
Driver Standings Class World Series ADV
P DriverCPoints
1. Mirko Lupini Driver from ITA39
2. Antonio Perrone Driver from ITA11
3. Luca Lupini Driver from ITA3
4.  Driver from 0
Driver Standings Class World Championship
P DriverCPoints
1. Pedro Melim Driver from POR25
2. Alberto De Juan Driver from SPA24
3. Priit Välja Driver from EST15
4. Toni Hernández Driver from SPA0
. Thomas Hancock Driver from ENG0
. Michael Senn Driver from ENG0
.  Driver from 0
. Fran Miller Driver from SPA0
Driver Standings Class World Series PRO
P DriverCPoints
. Michael Senn Driver from ENG0
Driver Standings Class World Series ACE
P DriverCPoints
.  Driver from 0
Driver Standings Class ies AMA
P DriverCPoints
1. Mirko Lupini Driver from ITA5

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