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World Championship
P DriverCPts
1.D Alessandro Driver from ITA206
2.Simoncic Driver from SLO167
3.Brljak Driver from CRO157
4.Patel Driver from GBR156
5.Kiss Driver from HUN80

P DriverCPts
1.valeriano Driver from ITA183
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI179
3.van der Niet Driver from NED119
4.Mroczek Driver from POL107
5.Chiappini Driver from ITA104

P DriverCPts
1.Leonov Driver from BUL159
2.Oldenmenger Driver from NED152
3.Rodger Driver from SCO134
4.BRIONI Driver from ITA132
5.D Amelio Driver from ITA129

P DriverCPts
1.Spoljaric Driver from CRO349
2.Fields Driver from NEZ244
3.Niza Driver from SPA169
4.Gray Driver from ENG150
5.Bubicic Driver from CRO133

P DriverCPts
1.Veselý Driver from CZE70
2.Wheway Driver from GBR34
3.Burkhard Driver from GER25
4.Vicentijevic Driver from SER20
5.Galati Driver from ITA15

World Trophy
No official races found

P DriverCPts
.Tuson Driver from GBR0
.Simoncic Driver from SLO0
.Leonov Driver from BUL0
.Manousakis Driver from GRI0
.Cobb Driver from USA0

Winter Series
P DriverCPts
1.Hoyer Driver from GER138
2.Lukas Schmidt Driver from SWI125
3.Puschke Driver from GER102
4.Maguire Driver from IRE78
5.Leonov Driver from BUL75

Special Events
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Classic Series
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Date: 2018-10-07 18:36:41
League: World Championship
Track: Round 12: Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace

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 rFactor: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium 2008 overview

 P DriverCCar Time Avg BenchDDiff % DateN
 1. Joao BarbosaCountry: PORWS Ace 1m45.667 238.621km/h +0.000100.0% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:48
 2. Denis KiriakopoulosCountry: SWIWS Ace 1m45.697 238.554km/h +0.030100.0% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:49
 3. Andrey YakimenkoCountry: UKRWS Ace 1m45.722 238.497km/h +0.055100.1% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:48
 4. Hans-Bodo KohlCountry: AUTWS Ace 1m45.841 238.229km/h +0.174100.2% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:49
 5. Bruno MarquesCountry: PORWC 1m45.865 238.175km/h +0.198100.2% 2008-09-15Lap added on 2008-09-15 02:55:31
 6. Wayne WhiteCountry: USAWS Ace 1m46.076 237.701km/h +0.409100.4% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:49
 7. Wes RichardsCountry: USAWS Ace 1m46.079 237.695km/h +0.412100.4% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:49
 8. Blair DisleyCountry: AUSWC 1m46.162 237.509km/h +0.495100.5% 2008-09-15Lap added on 2008-09-15 02:55:32
 9. Laurent KeersmaekersCountry: BELWC 1m46.175 237.480km/h +0.508100.5% 2008-09-15Lap added on 2008-09-15 02:55:32
 10. Patrick De WitCountry: NEDWC 1m46.434 236.902km/h +0.767100.7% 2008-09-15Lap added on 2008-09-15 02:55:31
 11. Mikko PuumalainenCountry: FINWS Pro 1m46.483 236.793km/h +0.816100.8% 2008-09-14Lap added on 2008-09-14 01:04:12
 12. John-Eric SaxenCountry: FINWC 1m46.665 236.389km/h +0.998100.9% 2008-09-15Lap added on 2008-09-15 02:55:34
 13. Stefan KanitzCountry: GERWS Ace 1m46.709 236.291km/h +1.042101.0% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:47
 14. Andreas SpenglerCountry: GERWC 1m46.746 236.209km/h +1.079101.0% 2008-09-15Lap added on 2008-09-15 02:55:32
 15. John KramerCountry: ALBWS Ace 1m46.760 236.178km/h +1.093101.0% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:50
 16. Rickard HellstenCountry: SWEWS Ace 1m46.862 235.953km/h +1.195101.1% 2008-12-01Lap added on 2008-12-01 22:55:05
 17. Fred GoslingCountry: GBRWS Ace 1m46.933 235.796km/h +1.266101.2% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:48
 18. James AndansonCountry: FRAWS Ace 1m46.965 235.726km/h +1.298101.2% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:46
 19. Bono HuisCountry: NEDWS Ace 1m46.996 235.657km/h +1.329101.3% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:47
 20. Alex GerasimchikCountry: ESTWS Amateur 1m47.116 235.393km/h +1.449101.4% 2008-09-15Lap added on 2008-09-15 03:03:20
 21. Dimitri De MatosCountry: FRAWS Pro 1m47.132 235.358km/h +1.465101.4% 2008-09-14Lap added on 2008-09-14 01:04:14
 22. Pierre ManietteCountry: FRAWS Pro 1m47.401 234.769km/h +1.734101.6% 2008-09-14Lap added on 2008-09-14 01:04:12
 23. Luis Fernando LaaffCountry: GERWS Ace 1m47.422 234.723km/h +1.755101.7% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:48
 24. Nebojsa TramosljikaCountry: GERWS Ace 1m47.459 234.642km/h +1.792101.7% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:47
 25. Teo BubicicCountry: CROWS Pro 1m47.578 234.382km/h +1.911101.8% 2008-09-15Lap added on 2008-09-15 03:03:20
 26. Nicholas LenardCountry: USAWS Ace 1m47.627 234.276km/h +1.960101.9% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:50
 27. Karol PoniatowskiCountry: GERWS Ace 1m47.628 234.274km/h +1.961101.9% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:50
 28. Nick RowlandCountry: GBRWS Amateur 1m47.694 234.130km/h +2.027101.9% 2008-09-15Lap added on 2008-09-15 03:03:21
 29. Cyril WerdmullerCountry: NEDWS Ace 1m47.740 234.030km/h +2.073102.0% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:49
 30. Simon AdebisiCountry: AUSWS Amateur 1m47.792 233.917km/h +2.125102.0% 2008-09-15Lap added on 2008-09-15 03:03:21
 31. Patrice BritzCountry: FRAFSR General Car 1m47.888 233.709km/h +2.221102.1% 2008-09-14Lap added on 2008-09-14 01:04:34
 32. Ludovic RéfaloCountry: FRAFSR General Car 1m47.982 233.506km/h +2.315102.2% 2008-09-14Lap added on 2008-09-14 01:04:14
 33. Karim WezenbergCountry: NEDWS Pro 1m48.095 233.261km/h +2.428102.3% 2008-09-14Lap added on 2008-09-14 01:04:12
 34. Mindaugas KlumbisCountry: LITWS Pro 1m48.223 232.986km/h +2.556102.4% 2008-09-14Lap added on 2008-09-14 01:04:11
 35. Borna SpoljaricCountry: CROWS Pro 1m48.253 232.921km/h +2.586102.4% 2008-09-15Lap added on 2008-09-15 03:03:21
 36. Stuart FieldsCountry: NEZWS Amateur 1m48.272 232.880km/h +2.605102.5% 2008-09-15Lap added on 2008-09-15 03:03:20
 37. Juan NicolaCountry: ARGWS Amateur 1m48.420 232.562km/h +2.753102.6% 2008-09-15Lap added on 2008-09-15 03:03:23
 38. Orintas StasiunasCountry: LITWS Amateur 1m48.651 232.068km/h +2.984102.8% 2008-09-15Lap added on 2008-09-15 03:03:21
 38. Dave Carr-SmithCountry: GBRWS Pro 1m48.651 232.068km/h +2.984102.8% 2008-09-14Lap added on 2008-09-14 01:04:12
 40. Gabriel MontanesCountry: URUWS Ace 1m48.695 231.974km/h +3.028102.9% 2008-09-23Lap added on 2008-09-23 21:01:50
 41. Malcolm RiceCountry: ENGWS Amateur 1m48.963 231.403km/h +3.296103.1% 2008-09-15Lap added on 2008-09-15 03:03:22
 42. Job van der GeestCountry: NEDWS Pro 1m49.039 231.242km/h +3.372103.2% 2008-09-14Lap added on 2008-09-14 01:04:13
 43. Danny LubbersCountry: NEDWS Pro 1m49.298 230.694km/h +3.631103.4% 2008-09-14Lap added on 2008-09-14 01:04:14
 44. Leon du PreezCountry: ENGWS Amateur 1m49.772 229.698km/h +4.105103.9% 2008-09-15Lap added on 2008-09-15 03:03:22

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